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I Work As A Healer In Another World’s Labyrinth City - Chapter 64


Chapter 64


In a warm and unpleasant sweat, I open my eyes. The room is still dim. It looks like I woke up extremely early.

「Good morning, Master.」

「Yeah... morning.」

When I get up, Yuel is standing beside the window. She's awake even at a time like this? Apparently she really has been remaining vigilant for an attack by the succubus while I'm asleep.

「Aren't you tired?」

「I took a nap beforehand, so I'm fine.」

Most likely, Yuel is thinking that if the succubus does attack, she'll come through the window. The window is shut tight, and Yuel is glancing outside through it. But, maybe because summer is approaching, the air is stuffy and it's unsurprisingly hot. I walk up to Yuel, give her head a light pat, and open the window.

I peer through the open window, and the sun hasn't quite started to rise yet. As I thought, I woke up too early. I'm pretty sure the saint said yesterday that she'd visit my room early in the morning, but given the time, she must not have come by yet.

「Hm...? That's...」

As I'm gazing outside through the window, I suddenly spot a silhouette. It appears to be having a conversation of some sort with several of the knights acting as guards.

When I take a closer look- it's a woman.

Long, glossy hair that's a striking, deep red color. Wearing a dress with lots of exposure around the open chest region. And her tits are huge. A sensual-looking woman in her early twenties.

「...That person, she's been trying to get into this mansion for a while. But the knights don't seem to want to let her in, so I've been hearing them argue for a long time.」

As I'm gazing at that beauty, Yuel informs me.

...The fact that the knights aren't letting her pass means that she's someone the lord doesn't want to allow inside his mansion. Well, most likely she belongs to an antisocial organization, or is connected to one, something along those lines. Even her tits are antisocially avoiding each other, so that's probably it.

「Why so early, though... well, not like it has anything to do with me.」

I'm interested in the buxom beauty, but there's this feeling that if I stick my neck out it'll cause trouble. I'll just keep reading the Bible until the saint comes to my room.

As I'm thinking about it- suddenly, the woman's eyes meet mine. Then her expression lights up and she starts waving her hands at me.

「Master, that person is waving.」

「She sure is.」

The woman is waving her hand energetically, attracting my attention. Looks like she has some sort of business with me. But from the moment I saw her arguing with the knights, I knew it would cause trouble if I went over. I'll ignore her.

「Master, that person, her dress is waving around where here boobs are.」

「It sure is.」

The buxom babe, in order to purposefully create a gap between the dress material and her skin, is pinching her dress and pulling it apart. Maybe she's feeling hot. My gaze is drawn in a bit, but no, going down there would not be good. I need to wait here in this room for the saint to come.

「Master, that person, her thighs are peeking out through the slits in her dress.」

「They sure are.」

The beauty tugs on her skirt, exposing her bare legs underneath. Her white skin is radiant. It kinda feels like she's doing it on purpose.

...Could that possibly be her trying to invite me out?

But if that's what it is, it's a shallow attempt. I'm a man who managed to withstand the temptation of that apostle of the evil god, the succubus, by the skin of my teeth. There's no way a man like me would be so easily lured out by a mere slightly lewd big-breasted...

「M-Master. That person, she's crossing her arms and pushing up her breasts... t-they're jiggling.」

I hear a bit of a quiver within Yuel's voice.

「T-They sure are. Look at 'em jiggle.」

They jiggled. That beauty is making those huge tits of hers jiggle. I can really see her tits shaking and swaying through the wide-open neckline of her dress. Jiggle jiggle. They're jiggling. Since it's a dress, she may not be wearing anything underneath. They're jiggling all over the place.

I can't move my eyes away. Even though there's no sign at all that magic's being invoked like with the succubus, I'm being drawn in by all that jiggling. Yuel is likewise transfixed on them, with a look that's a mixture of grief and dismay.

This is no good. I'm gonna be lured out easily. I'm gonna feel like going to the mansion's gate to get a closer look at those heaving honkers.

-But even I have a sense of rationality. If I go readily here, I wouldn't put it past Yuel to harbor doubts about her master's human nature. I strain my meager amount of reason- and succeed in closing my eyes.

With the visual information cut off, my rationality surpasses my instincts. The jiggling that's seared onto my eyes gradually fades away.

...I'm okay now.

-And yet. I may have closed my eyes, but Yuel did not.

「Ah, aaahhh! That person, she started to bounce up and down! Th...they're shaking like crazy... like b-boing, boing! They're going boing-boing, Master!」

-Yuel abruptly blurts out in surprise.

Are they bouncing that much? Yuel's tone of voice is nearly a shriek. Then, as if she wants to share the spectacle with me, she pulls on my sleeve as well to get my attention.

「A-Amazing... Master, it's amazing... d-doesn't it hurt her boobs to go boing-boing so much...? A-Aren't they heavy...?」

Since Yuel is in a daze from the boing-boing spectacle, she most likely hasn't noticed that her master is clenching his eyes shut. She doesn't seem to have realized why I'm closing them, either.

「Amazing... it's boing-boing. Boing-boing. They're going boing-boing. S-Someday, will I have such big...?」

Sadness, envy, awe, curiosity. The complex mixture of emotions in Yuel's voice is unwittingly communicating to me just how shocking that spectacle is to her. Before I realize it, my tightly-shut eyes are opening.



「...Yuel, it seems like that person has some business with me. There was just a, what would you call it, a serious affair with the revival of the succubus. As she's trying to contact me so insistently, I can't dismiss the possibility that she came to visit over serious business that could influence the future of this city.

Why don't we head down for a bit and check it out?」

「H-Hello there, Sage-sama...」

「S-Sage-sama, why are you here!?」

When I go over to the mansion gate with Yuel, the knights on guard notice and greet me.

「Ah, it looked like there was some sort of dispute going on, so I was concerned.」

In that manner, I walk up to the buxom babe. When I do, the big-breasted beauty behaves like her breasts are bothering her (was making them boing-boing a little painful to them?) and opens her mouth.

「Black hair, and a dark elf slave. As I thought, you must be Shiki-sama.

...I knew you would come for me.」

Then the big-breasted beauty smiles when she sees Yuel, who draws close by my side. Just as I suspected, she seems to have some business with me.

「Yeah, so what are you here for?」

「A pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am Marianna, the daughter of the head of the Slave Merchant Union. I have come today to offer my greetings to Shiki-sama.」

The beauty before me introduces herself, and makes a deep bow. The daughter of the head of the Slave Merchant Union. The merchandise they deal in is that, but she's still the daughter of the head of a merchant association. Unexpectedly, she's someone with a solid identity.

...But I can't think of any reason for her to come greet me. I wonder why it's so necessary for the daughter of a merchant union to meet me, to the extent that she'd go that far to ardently appeal to me? As I'm feeling perplexed,

「O-Oi, what are we supposed to do in a situation like this?」

「We were told not to let anyone pass, but to think that Sage-sama would come here... should we stop him?」

「N-No, I heard that Sage-sama is extremely fond of women... yesterday, the knight that offended Sage-sama supposedly got her pay cut.」

「Oi oi, seriously...?」

from behind, I can hear the knights discussing in whispers. I'm not the one who handed out that punishment. But it looks like the sudden appearance of the existence known as the Sage is too much for the knights to know how to handle things. While the knights are still trying to figure out how to deal with me, the beauty in front of me, Marianna, advances the conversation.

「The previous archbishop, D'arnaud-sama, paid exceptional consideration to our Slave Merchant Union... consequently, as a candidate for the next archbishop, we would like Shiki-sama to give some consideration to our ongoing partnership in the event that you become the next archbishop.」


I don't really get it. I wonder if she means giving preferential treatment with EX Heal to injured slaves or something? When I tilt my head, the woman in front of me, who introduced herself as Marianna, takes a step towards me. Then, as if seeking a handshake, she takes my right hand.

「Shiki-sama is extremely fond of women. Moreover, you appear to be unopposed to the existence of slaves. I do believe you will find building a relationship with us to be mutually beneficial.」

-As she says that, Marianna guides my hand to her huge breasts. She attaches my hand to one of them and places her own hand on top of it. Then, as if massaging her own breast, she begins moving her hand. Of course, between her hand and her breast, my hand is still there.

「Mmh... by partnership, I mean establishing a friendly relationship with Shiki-sama by any means necessary. As we are a worldwide organization, we should be able to accommodate Shiki-sama preferentially with beautiful women of all the varied races as well.」

Putting on a rough breathing act, Marianna offers that.

With her hand atop mine, Marianna makes it rub her breast even more forcefully. That's right, rubbing her huge, soft breast. She forcefully makes me rub her giant tit with nothing but a single layer of dress material in the way. Even though I'm not moving my hand at all right now, the sensation is as if I were massaging it.

This is bad.

I feel like I'm completely falling into a trap. And it's really bad. The softness is rapidly filling up my head.

「Additionally... if Shiki-sama desires it, I will carry out any order whatsoever for you? If it's for Shiki-sama, the Sage and a promising archbishop candidate, your wish is my command.」

She whispers sweet words into my ear. With those words, the delicate balance between my rationality and my instinct utterly collapses.

It's making me want to become friendly. I don't really understand why she's suddenly making me rub her breast, but it's making me want to become very friendly with the buxom babe in front of me.

...Most likely, if she asks me for a ’’favor’’ at this point, my non-functioning brain will agree to anything without really considering the details. But even though I realize it, that rationality simply melts away within my senses.

「If it's for Shiki-sama's sake, I will do anything.」

-And the instant I hear those words, I see the image of Eris superimposed over this big-breasted beauty in front of me.

...My memories from yesterday are revived. With the words ’’I will do anything’’ as the trigger, that scene I was trying not to remember plays back in my head. That's right, back during the succubus battle, what happened right after Eris told me she'd do whatever I wanted...

Sure, the buxom babe in front of me is good too, but... I'm pretty sure I felt the happiest when my head was buried in Eris' chest. In a mere moment, my head cools off. And the first thing it thinks about is the fact that Yuel is next to me.

...I glance over at her.


She's expressionless. With a blank face, Yuel is looking up at my hand as it rubs the chest of this beautiful woman. Is it because I announced the harem to her? She's not getting all teary-eyed like usual. But she's staring poker-faced from point-blank range at my hand as it massages this beauty's massive melon. Her emotions are unreadable.

-Suddenly, I notice something terrible. Yuel is holding a knife. The naked blade is glinting in the sunlight as Yuel grips the dangerous weapon in her hands. Making no expression whatsoever.

...Wait, calm down. This is probably that. Since I was suddenly approached by someone I'm meeting for the first time, she's likely holding the knife so she can immediately deal with even the unlikeliest of unexpected situations as my guard. But when Yuel makes such an expressionless face while holding a drawn blade, there's an indescribable intensity to her.

F-For now, I'll get away from this Marianna or whoever woman. A-And I'm setting a bad example, too.

「I-I'm not that enamored with women... t-t-that's not true. D-Doing such things at our first meeting is t-troublesome for me.」

Then, so that she won't approach me again, I bite back my heartbreak and utter some words of refusal. When I do, Marianna momentarily glances behind me.

「Oh my, I've been rejected. Well then... I will excuse myself for today. By all means, let us meet again, Shiki-sama.」

After that she bows deeply and departs from the gate. It was a dangerous situation, but I managed to get through it somehow.

...But I get the feeling that, at that last moment, Marianna wasn't looking at me.

She was looking at something behind me. What was it? And, when I turn around,

the saint is there.


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