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I Work As A Healer In Another World’s Labyrinth City - Chapter 62


Chapter 62


It's been a few minutes since the succubus got away. After the saint finishes giving instructions to the knights, she calls out to me.

「Shiki-sama, today was a magnificent success. Though I knew of it in advance, for you to be able to use such healing magic continuously... as a fellow user of healing magic, I was once again astonished.」

With a smile, the saint offers me praise. I guess in the end, there's a difference between knowing something and seeing it firsthand.

...Well, she was absolutely more astonished when I was manipulated by the succubus, though. The way she was all freaking out back then was amazing. And her smile was pretty stiff earlier, too.

But at this point, I don't sense any stiffness in her smile. While she was giving orders to the knights, it looks like she was somehow able to digest her surprise over the fact that I was manipulated by the succubus.

「We confirmed it some time ago, but it would seem there was not a single casualty this time. Fighting against that many monsters, with no losses. This could surely be called a miraculous outcome.」

「I see. Well, that's a relief.」

It seemed that way when I was watching from above, but there really were no deaths among the knights after all? Well, they were only low-grade monsters and all. And I was constantly invoking healing magic, so as long as we didn't have terrible luck, it wasn't a battle where anyone would die that quickly.

「This result as well was all thanks to your actions, Shiki-sama. I must express my sincerest gratitude.」

「Master, you're amazing!」

The saint and Yuel praise my achievements without restraint. But that's just it. I can accept that Yuel's praise is genuine, but I'm starting to feel like there's another side to all this flattery from the saint. Rather, as the saint was expressing her ’’sincerest gratitude’’, she grasped both of my hands and smiled sweetly. If only the saint's breasts were more average, I might have fallen just from that smile, that's how charming it was. Everything is too perfect, which conversely makes it somehow suspicious. And there's the matter of the shills as well.

「Well, it's because the knights worked so hard.」

For the time being, I'll continue the conversation while maintaining a moderate sense of distance.

「...Which reminds me, Shiki-sama, we have not yet discussed your reward. As for the knights and we members of the church, it could be said that protecting the cities is our professional duty, but Shiki-sama granted us the favor of participating out of kindness alone. Naturally, a reward is due. It follows that it would take place in a formal location at a later date, but... Shiki-sama, what type of reward do you wish for?」

Wrapping her hands around mine, the saint asks me that. Now that she mentions it, is everyone here but me connected to the lord, the knight brigade, or the church? There are no adventurer-looking civilians, either. Only Ruruka is different, but knowing her, she's probably having them give her separate compensation.

But man, a wish, huh?

「...If you ask me so suddenly, I can't think of anything right away.」

Since this is so abrupt, nothing in particular comes to mind. No, one thing does, but I probably can't say that I want to create a harem with all of the beautiful women in the world.

「If there is nothing in particular, then how would you feel about the position of archbishop in the Church of Medine? It so happens that a seat has recently opened up. If it's Shiki-sama, you would doubtless receive approval from the church. The position is based in the church right here in Merhatz, so I wonder if the circumstances would not be convenient for you in one way or another.」


Upon the saint's words, Eris yelps out in surprise from nearby.

...Her expression has me interested;there's the sense to it that her se*ual desires that were stirred up by the succubus are still smoldering a little. If I end up watching Eris now, I wouldn't put it past myself to remember various things and have an accidental situation occur. My memories from when I was being manipulated by the succubus remain clear and distinct, after all. I try to remove Eris from my consciousness as best I can and chew on the saint's words.

「...Archbishop, huh.」

I know that it's a highly eminent position within the church. But, other than the fact that it's distinguished, I don't really know much about it. Even if I'm offered the position all of a sudden, it doesn't feel real to me.

What's up with that? For now, I'll consider the benefits I currently know about. First, since my healing magic ability is already revealed, I get the feeling that having an official position in an organization somewhere would be prudent for the sake of self-preservation. In exchange for letting them make moderate use of my healing magic, I can be protected from those who would target me. Such a relationship may become necessary for my continued survival.

Even if I take the position of archbishop, I'd just be filling a hole that opened up, not kicking down an existing archbishop. And the followers of the previous archbishop were arrested across the board, so I wouldn't be making unnecessary waves either.

Also... if I'm distinguished, girls will approach me. That's the greatest benefit.

「...Or else, Shiki-sama, rather than a position, would you prefer a woman?」

As I'm envisioning it, the saint suggests exactly what was on my mind. I wonder how she reached that conclusion? Was it showing on my face? ...Wait, since I was manipulated by the succubus, does she think of me as someone who's loose with women? That's exactly right, though.

「In that case... this may be audacious, but how about me? If choosing by lineage alone, I believe that I would be most suitable for Shiki-sama.

...Moreover, as the succubus' death is not yet confirmed, it would be preferable to have as many women around Shiki-sama as possible. So even if it means sharing you with Eris-sama, I have no objection.」

Then the saint continues speaking. Clutching my hands, she watches my face with her unchanging smile. What's this all about? I wasn't expecting her to try and market herself like this. Not to mention the harem approval. It doesn't appear to be something like ’’watching you fight the succubus was so moving’’, either. If anything, it'd be more natural for her to despise me for the way I got toyed with during the latter half. This totally reeks of politics.

「W-Wait a minute! That's, I-I... I, I'm...」

When Eris catches the saint's words she tries to say something, but she can't get it out.

Judging from my experience so far, she was probably about to say something like ’’Shiki and I aren't in that kind of relationship’’ by reflex, but then she was at a loss over whether to say it, that kind of mood. Does that mean she's not going to deny it? I wonder if that's what it means?

I'm extremely interested, but since earlier there's been a tugging sensation on my clothes from below that's telling me I need to put off this topic for now. Besides, if all of a sudden I'm offered someone with the status of a saint of all things, there's no way I can reply right away.

「H-Hold on a minute. I'll be troubled if you say something like that so suddenly! Besides, aren't you someone with the status of a saint? No matter how...」

The moment I try to say I'm not suited for her.

「You think there is a disparity? That is not so, Shiki-sama.」

As if she was anticipating my thoughts, the saint responds to them. Then, her gaze turns toward the cane I'm holding.

The cane? ...Oh right. I didn't have time to think about it while we were fighting the succubus, but when they saw this cane, Yuel and Eris, and even the succubus herself, were surprised.

-Suddenly, a certain line plays back in my head. It's what the succubus said when she was trying to approach me, after she saw this cane.

’’Again!? Summoned again!?’’

Certainly, the succubus did say that. What did she mean by it? By some chance, does the fact that the saint is trying to offer herself to me have some connection to that...?

Besides, back when the saint handed over that cane. Yuel and Eris both made a surprised expression when they were watching me wield it. As if they had realized something;that's the kind of face they were making.

How exactly did I look from the perspective of Yuel and Eris? Let me try looking at myself objectively.

In opposition to the forces of the succubus, a man holding a splendid cane.

「Oi, you can't be serious...」

That's it. I remember. I've seen that figure before.

Back when I was teaching Yuel healing magic, and tried reading the Bible. That scene from chapter three.

This is... completely the same as that illustration depicted in the Bible.

In the illustration, the man who was confronting the succubus was holding a splendid cane. The one that I currently have in my hands... no doubt about it. It's that cane, the very same one.

...Besides, since the illustration was in black and white I didn't pay it any heed, but now that I think about it, the man's hair in that illustration... it was black. Pure black, completely filled in. Jet black hair, just like mine and the saint's.

-I feel like I've figured it out.

The words ’’summoned again’’ that the succubus uttered. Their meaning.

I should have died in Japan. But before I realized it, I was here in this other world. I had no idea why. And I didn't think there was any way of knowing.

Thus far, I didn't know the reason why I was here in this world.

...If these thoughts are correct, they would explain it.

「Rather, there may be no woman in this world who is a match for you, Shiki-sama. Your ability with healing magic alone defies reason.

...Shiki-sama, have you perchance had the opportunity to read the Bible?」

The saint opens her mouth with that smile still intact.

The Bible. This cane that's the same one from the illustration. The word 'summoned'. And the black-haired man confronting the succubus in that illustration. Even without asking, I can pretty much already tell where she's going.

「When the evil god poses a threat to the world, the Goddess Medine sends her apostle from the otherworld... that's right, that was in a passage like that in the first chapter of the Bible.」

Eris murmurs to herself.

...Maybe I should have read a bit more of the Bible myself. The reason that I came to this world has always been written in a book I've held in my hands countless times already.

「From the moment I came to this city, I have always been searching for you. While a sealing jewel was being stolen from the church and the menace of the evil god was about to threaten the world once again, in this city, you performed what could only be called a miracle by the power of god.」

The saint strengthens her grip on my hands. There's a tangible fervor in her voice and in her palms. Then, just like that, the saint kneels on the ground and gazes up at me.

「Hailing from a distant world and granted the blessing of the Goddess Medine as the symbol of the power of god, our savior...」

And in a clear, unmistakable voice:



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