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I Work As A Healer In Another World’s Labyrinth City - Chapter 1


I Become Jobless

Labyrinth City Mel Hertz

As usual, I work hard in Eris Treatment House located on the outskirts of this city that is built spread out and centered around a labyrinth.

’’Whoa, did you not treat this wound properly? It's starting to fester you know. This will also need [Dis-Poison] to cure it. With [Heal], the total is 400 Zeni, ok?’’

In front of me is a sitting girl with a brilliant red hair that reaches her shoulders.

She is wearing a simple button-down shirt and short pants on her finely muscled body, the so called rough style.

She has a boyish character, huh?

On her left arm is a wound caused by getting scratched with a sharp object.

Contrary to these painful looking wounds, she answers me cheerfully like she doesn't particularly mind about it.

Seemingly, for this girl, this kind of cut is an everyday occurrence.

It's because she's an <Adventurer>.

When I apply [Healing Magic] to her hands, a dim light began to gather on the affected part, mending her wounds.

’’Yes, 400 hu~h? Shiki, can you please lower it just a little bit? My equipment are broken at the last exploration you see, so I don't have much money with me~’’

’’No can do. Because if I lowered the treatment's fee without permission, this time I'll surely be fired by Eris. It's hard to get employed here as a healing specialist you know.’’

I, Satou Shiki, was originally a Japan present-day college student.

One day, I suddenly arrived in another world.

I was stabbed by a slasher with a kitchen knife, when I thought that I would die, I don't know why or how, I was in this Labyrinth City.

Also, originally, I earned a small amount of money by working as a curio counterfeit appraisal expert, I worked hard to earn an income because founding a new religion of Psychic Healing Group needs a lot of money. I don't know if that situation has any influence or not, but in this world, I learned the skills [Appraisal] and [Healing Magic].

After that, to make a living in this other world, I began to work at Eris Medical Institute after many twists and turns. With today, I have been working in this place for three months.

’’Yeah~, it's fine you kno~w, they won't know about it. It's fine if it's only for the [Dis-Poison] part! I beg you~’’


T/N: O_o!? -indra13

The hand of the red haired girl that had just been mended was being tightly put together with her other hand.

*stare* From above her I looked at her huge boobs that she pushed up, it's something that I cannot imagine coming from someone that has a boyish character.

This is dangerous

It's dangerous in various ways.

Because she is not wearing her labyrinth exploration business equipment, the only thing that is covering her huge breasts is a piece of a simple button-down shirt.

She is indeed wearing underwear, but in this other world, underwear doesn't include an unromantic1 thing like a wire for fixation2.

The abundant pair of hills cannot be contained by the thin underwear, it's *jiggle* shaking around.


1. According to Oo-chan'sister, it's because with underwire in the bra, ’’it’’ won't bouncing around LOL - indra13

2. Apparently, Oo-chan said it's called Underwire - indra13

’’Bu, but.’’

Eris, the Chief Administrator of this treatment house.

As soon as I came to this other world, I went to look for a job. At the time when I went to search for a job...

In the town, I accidentally caught sight of her wearing tight clothes and was immediately charmed by her bursting huge breasts. I stalked her for a while until I came to thistreatment house.

And then, I decided to work in here.

T/N: Dammit, that is your twist and turn!? I thought you were doing a hard quest in the labyrinth or something - indra13

E/N: Boobs contain men's dreams you know. Chase your dreams. - OodlesOfNoodles

However, honestly, the environment is not good.

First, there are few clients that come here, probably because of the far-off location of thetreatment house from the center of the town, the labyrinth.

Because clients rarely come, it's the kind of place that makes its treatment house charge unreasonably cheap to attract clients from other places.

Because of that kind of management, it's needless to say that this treatment house doesn't have any money, for a treatment house it has a low payroll.

Honestly, I do not really care about the wages since I work to become a live in employee, but....

T/N: so that you can live together with Eris right? - indra13

With this treatment house's management like that, if I do something like discounting the treatment fees, will I get called by Eris?

No... if I do that, she will become really angry with me and say ’’If you do it again next time, you're going to get fired.’’

And also, how many times have I already done that, huh?

T/N: tsk tsk tsk, a repeat offender aren't we? - indra13

E/N: ’’we’’, you just confessed your crimes. - OodlesOfNoodles

T/N: Oops, wrong word, I mean ’’you’’, ahahahaha - indra13

However, most of the <Adventurer>are really money mongers, huh? To especially come to this treatment house that is far from the labyrinth, what sly old dogs those warriors are.

’’He~y, it's fine if you touch it a bit you kno~w?’’

T/N: Imagine a red haired girl with a big breast, pushing up her big breast, and telling you to touch it with an alluring voice..... I just got a nose bleed - indra13

E/N: Must... grab... dreams. - OodlesOfNoodles

I have been made to reduce the treatment fee every time, it's useless to resist in front of their(female's) superior negotiation skills.

It's all god's fault to have created such sinful fruits.

Ah, since I was also the founder of a new religious group and was worshipped like a god in Japan, then it could also be said that I am also at fault here.

’’It cannot be helpe~d. Well then. [Dis-Poison] plus [Heal] will be just 200 Zeni!’’

’’Yay~ thank you! Well then, just a little bit, ok?’’

T/N: Gulp!? - indra13

The red haired girl puffed out her chest, that huge pair of hills is being thrusted out.

*stare* When I watched her face intently, her cheeks blushed slightly, and *hmph* she is averting her face sideways.

This is it.

This is the kind of attitude.

The devilish gesture that makes a man roll in the palm of their hand.

A coaxing voice that bewilders man.

This girl does it every time.

When you see this kind of thing just once, you cannot help but to give her a discount.

It's not that my will is weak, it's that this girl's skills are dreadful.

T/N: Nah, it's just that you're a pervert - indra13

E/N: Your skills are inferior. - Master Yi

T/N: Who master Yi? - indra13

E/N: A champion from the game League of Legends. Taunt quote from this -OodlesOfNoodles

And then, I stretch my hands out toward the girl's breasts――

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’’What are you doing?’’

T/N: !? - indra13

An absolute zero voice.

It resounded throughout the treatment room.

’’Ah, um, I guess I should get going. Thank you very much for the treatment!’’


*dash* The boyish girl ran away.

As one would expect from an <Adventurer>.

It's a splendid move.

But even so, I have not rubbed it yet.

Or rather, I don't even receive the treatment fee.

Pay it oiii.

It's needless to say the reason for her running away.

A woman with golden hair that extends up to her waist is making a daunting pose at the treatment room entrance, Eris.

Although she is still 18 years old, she is administrating this treatment house all by herself, a woman with a slightly harsh personality.

She cross her arms to push up her voluptuous breast, too voluptuous that the boyish girl some time ago were being overshadowed, and she scowl at me sharply shooting me to death.

E/N: For daunting pose, imagine a blonde girl with her arms crossed emitting a dark aura with a hannya behind her. - OodlesOfNoodles

’’A, ahahahahaha’’

Secret arts of success in life number 1, when you are in trouble, laugh.

T/N: *write a note* - indra13

I already said it before, right? Do not reduce the price without permission. Again and again and again and again.

T/N: It's useless jyan! - indra13

There is no effect.

E/N: Healer uses laugh. It's not very effective... - OodlesOfNoodles

’’He, hey, that was, that you know. Ah! Chest! It looks like that her chest was injured you know, so I could not help but to treat it, right? Right?’’

Secret arts of success in life number 2, there was a justifiable reason in that.

T/N: *taking a note* - indra13

’’Hmmm, I wonder why it was necessary for you touch it when it was just to apply a [Healing Magic]? Moreover, I was watching it from the beginning you know.’’

T/N: *Gaaan* It's useless again jyan! - indra13

There is no effect.

’’A, a, I'm soo sorryyy~!’’

Secret arts of success in life number 3, kneeling down on the ground.

It's a perfect kneeling form that rode on the momentum.

Rubbing one's head against the floor, doing nothing but earnestly begging for forgiveness like this.

As expected, if the angry Eris looks at me in this pitiful state, she will probably give me forgiveness, right?

T/N: *taking a note earnestly* - indra13

E/N: ’’rode on the momentum’’ basically says that it matches the mood

’’.....Because you told me that you want to work here no matter what it takes, I finally let you work here, but you never listened to what I say.To me and even towards the clients, when there is an opening you would do sekuhara, sekuhara, and sekuhara. Despite doing that, you shrewdly eat up to two people's portion. I have endured all of it just because your [Healing Magic] skill is great but I can't take this, I can't take this anymore. You are fired. Please never show your face in here again.’’

T/N: -_- Useless jutsu *throws the notebook to shiki*. On another note, sekuhara means se*ual harassment, it's not because I'm too lazy to write that long that I didn't translate it you now, nu uh, not at all - indra13

Yes, It's useless.

It's three strikes and I'm out.

Although I have angered her many times, it's the first time for her to be this mad.

Before, at least she never said to not show my face ever again.

’’So, sorry, please look at me, I won't do it ever again. It will ruin your beautiful face if you become that angry, you know?’’


A~h, this is bad.

Eris-san is really pissed at me.

She is clicking her tongue implying ’’NO TIME’’ check[✓], eyes that are looking at me like some piece of garbage check[✓], I can grasp that she feels really disgusted with me.

T/N: Said by referee at the end of time out - indra13

Frankly, she is scary.

Really scary.

The times that I have seen the scary Eris up to now are when I accidentally saw her naked body in the bathroom yesterday and it ended with me accidentally slipping and falling towards her, there was also the time when I accidentally rubbed her breasts inside her yukata, and so on, and so on....

T/N: There are too many accidents in there, are you Rito!? - indra13

As expected, I went too far.

I have 5 seconds left before I seriously get fired.

Surely my next words will determine my future from here on.

I am turning the gears in my head.

T/N: Thinking really hard - indra13

E/N: Watch this for a visual representation. - OodlesOfNoodles

Thinking of the best words to say.

A miraculous word.

A pick up line that will make Eris blush in joy and shyness and say ’’Soo dreamy, hug me please!’’

’’Here, your baggage. Since I already gathered it up.’’

Time is up.

E/N: Listen to this while reading that. - OodlesOfNoodles

Eris throws a big jute bag towards me.

When I look inside of it, there are several pieces of men's clothes, and a bank card.

It's certainly my thing.

What a thorough preparation.

’’Errr.... Eris-san?’’

’’As I said a while ago. You are fired. Please leave already.’’

――Thus I was immediately driven out from Eris' Treatment House, and became an unemployed drifter.


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