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I Shall Survive Using Potions! - Chapter 59


Chapter 59


A few days from then.

We moved southward from kingdom ’’Doriszate’’ and moved to the neighboring kingdom ’’Jusral’’

We have moved east from Balmoa, the starting place, to the Kingdom Brancott and then to kingdom Doriszate, but ...

... Well, the lower aristocrat might not know the exact information anyway.

As for the upper one, I think that it will be a matter of securing us like 《welcome to our country and enjoy your stay》instead of captivity,

but I want to withhold that kind of thing.

So, in order to get out of the domestic country early, our course was changed to the inland part of the continent, which is the direction of travel so far. And that isn't to the east, but to the south near the border.

This country, the kingdom Jusral, is a neighbor Doriszate,

and of course, it's also a neighbor of the Kingdom Brancott.

Well anyway, this country is safe because the pursues won't be able to reach us in this country.

『This time, we have a strategy change. We will go as described from the other day!』(Kaoru)

Yes, last time, I got a bad story setting because I must sudden think of it on spot things.

If I stayed in the inn, I wouldn't be friends with anyone.

Think about, even if I work somewhere, it's obviously unnatural that I could stay in a high-priced inn.

Usually, people like that would rent a cheap room or have live-in work.

Especially for me, who seems to be an underage girl...

Besides, at this age,...

No, it's not about my actual age, real age.

Anyhow at this age, a young girl should do simple work throughout the day mixed with real children.

I remembered it, so I am intrigued.

What would I do when I came to this world?

Yes, 《with the ’’cheat ability’’, I will have a happy and relaxed life》

And I decided to open a 《Potion shop》 back then.

As I knew that there was no magical medicine in this world, I gave up once, a dream potion shop.

However, as I have a history with this world for the past 4 and a half, I mentally become a 27-year-old lady, I get some common sense now.

So, instead of a shop selling 《drugs with miracle effect》, I can make a shop selling 《the medicine with average (normal) effect that people might sell normally》

There will be no problem at all.

A medicine store operated by a young girl and a lolita.

We will rent a small shop and sells medicines that work well within the range of common sense at a conscientious price.

Yes, 《Atelier Kaoru》or 《Kaoru Pharmacy》

I don't have to worry about the drugs because I can easily create it,

and the cost is zero.

No matter how long the shop operates, the cost is still 《eternal zero》

I can't lose to a rival shop.

Since we might be suspected that there is no purchase for materials,

I decide to give Emil and Bell the role ’’material collecting personnel’’

In addition to that, I will also request ordinary hunting, food collection, ordinary requests to them through from the guild.

As the requestor, it's average (normal) that I get a close, friendly relations with them.

I will make sure declaring our relationship at the hunter guild to spread the news.

As friends, it won't strange to have them stay at our shop.

Roland and Francette?

I do not know.

No, I'm sorry to say so but.

For now, they are unknown people to us

And if something happens, they will be hired as escorts.

They are just some expert hunters that usually stay in an inn.

That is the most natural.

The incident in the local city of Doriszate Kingdom isn't spread at all.

It was an event that happened at most tens of seconds.

And at most there were only more than ten witnesses who saw clearly in the vicinity.

Besides, the people back there can't move to this country earlier than us.

From the Kingdom Balmoa, Doriszate is still quite a close country so they might know.

But this Jusral Kingdom, it's a distant country, the big news about 《 the manifestation of the goddess》4 years ago was almost unheard.

And the info about the angel-like, which is a powerful card, wasn't wasn't spread to the citizen.

Only the upper part knows the fact and has many plans to get help...

So, the mistake this time, the rumor will most likely fade away soon because I already moved to the other country.

Even if the upper level heard of it, they would search for me in the Doriszate Kingdom or the eastern side which was our direction of travel back then.

... In other words, that was a diversion.


In this country, I can say that we are safe.

And tomorrow, we will finally arrive at the capital of this country, Litenia.

Yes, if I want to do a shop so that is inconspicuous, I will need somewhere with a large population and many miscellaneous people

The Capital is the best.

If I want to hide a leaf, the best place is in the forest which can make others confused.

The city with most citizens of a country is, of course, the Capital!

『Well, we really arrive tomorrow as expected!』(Kaoru)

『... Is it really okay?』(Roland)

『I am worried ...』(Francette)

Roland and Francette say so

Well, but this time it's okay!

『So persistent! It's okay

We will be able to sleep in a proper bed from tomorrow,

so this is the last time we camp, now, go sleep quickly』(Kaoru)

Roland and Francette were looking at me strangely.

Well, even I said camp, I put out the 《baron's bed》 and sleeping with Riette-chan.

No, it's really helpful, this bed has a relationship for 4 and a half years with me...


『It's the Capital...』(Kaoru)

The next day, we arrived at the capital, ưe passed through the gate with the settings that I decided.

This is a different setting, a new setting,

I didn't have two couples Roland and Francette, Emil and Bell.

Because I felt like to take a separate room with Riette-chan and heard about the situation.

This setting was decided after entering the Capital.

Yeah, there's no need to carry unnecessary troubles.

After separating sufficiently from the passing gate, we separated into 3 groups.

After that, until ’’the decided event’’ happens, we will be just strangers.

Our accommodations should be different.

『I already told you about that ... why must why must we have the same accommodation?』(Kaoru)

『No, I just to choose the suitable inn that Kaoru happens to be there...』(Roland)

『... I'm also the same』(Emil)

Roland and Emil said so.

Apparently, it really looks like so.

Well, it's no wonder that they have a similar choice if we break up in the same place,

leave the place with a time lag, walk toward the center of the city on the same road and choose a suitable accommodation.

Everyone stayed in the inn that I had chosen...

Because more than half are young girls, I want to avoid inexpensive and dangerous accommodation.

I don't want places where the dishes taste bad.

It's a reasonable accommodation, a nice place to stay, the atmosphere is good, and when there's a accommodation like that, you will notice immediately ...

well, it's natural to choose the same place.

『 ’’it's no use crying over spilled milk’’, but until you (raise the flag) do the event ’’you know what’’,

we will be just strangers, so don't make any contact more than the same inn's guests』(Kaoru)

In a place where there was no employee of the inn and other guests, we had a secret conversation.

And I went back into my room with Riette-chan quickly.


4 days later.

I and Riette-chan were sitting at the store's counter.

Yeah, it's not a shop from somewhere.

It is our shop.

Drugstore 《Atelier Riette》

《Atelier Kaoru》might be easily found by ’’him’’ or someone like that.

And I might draw other attention using the name of the angel,

and above all, Riette-chan told me《 with Riette in the shop's name makes her become a family's member 》

There are also several other reasons, though.

Ah, a pharmacy means a drugstore, so《Pharmacy》may be more appropriate, but I chose 《Atelier》

It is a workshop of alchemy, and it sounds good.


I am concerned that will make the fans from another series ranting...

No, it's nothing.

Well, is the store preparing too quick?

How did I borrow?

No, it's a contemporary building, so there's no complicated procedure.

Residence card, seal stamp proof and guarantor aren't needed.

Just simply, deposit and prepayment of rent.

That's it.

If I pay enough the renting money, it renting money, it doesn't matter if I go bankrupt and try to hang my neck, escape at night or not.

... No, I will not run away from bankrupt, or hang myself!

And as I went around the real estate agencies.

The first agency was stupid, they looked down on me because I was a child,

as I was leaving, I showed the gold coins in my drawstring bag to them and made them broken.

The second agency properly served me as a customer, and we soon have an agreement.

It seems that this store was doing as a General Store before until they went bankrupt.

It's a 2-stories building, the first floor part is a store, warehouse, kitchen, bathroom, toilet etc.

The bathroom doesn't have shower and bathtub.

There is only a ’’Tarai’’ (basin-like), the place to bring boiled water from the kitchen and wipe the body.

The toilet doesn't have a flush toilet.

Vase ...

No, I do not want to say that!

Since there is an item box, there is no need for a warehouse,

But let's pretend that there's a little inventory for external use,

most of the remaining space will be used for something different, let's think about it later.

Unlike a general merchandise store, only a few display shelves are enough,

so I have a little wide space to put one table and four chairs.

And in the display shelf, in addition to the medicine, I arranged glass containers and figurines etc.

Of course, it was something made with my potion ability for sale.

It is purposely designed to drop quality.

The first floor serves as the shop with luggage and everything,

the second floor is a living space.

Now I'm alone with Riette-chan. Until Emily and Bell (raise the flag) do the decided event, their prepared room is vacant.

『Okay, I'll do it!

In this store, I will earn money, increase my acquaintance, look for a marriage partner!

For my happiness and for my Nagase clan's growth in this world!!』(Kaoru)

『... well ... I don't understand, but I am worried somehow ...』(Riette)

And Riette-chan muttered so

『I have to put my mind into it ...』(Riette?)

What's with that!!


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