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I Said Make My Abilities Average! - Chapter 114



「Wan wan!」 (10 years old little girl)

「Eh, Elsie ee~e~e!!」 (R.O)

「That's right, I'm Chelsie, the Low Breath Rider. I was sent by the lord as your reinforcement」


Mile, Pauline and Dr. were applying healing magic to Low Breath's left wing as Chelsie talked about herself.

Apparently the scholar magician (whose name had been forgotten) 's plan didn't go expected.

Although he said to the lord 「I want to go to the capital」, the lord refused instantly because

To think about it, it was natural.

It was the peoples and the soldiers of this territory that have suffered damage.

Even if the Lord let that magician go to the capital and worked for the royal palace, his territory won't get any benefit.

More than that, it's much better to have a wyvern and a tamer magician work for his territory.

In the first place, the lord had jurisdiction over the Wyvern and the tamer.

There was no reason why the lord must send them to the royal palace.

He could give whatever punishment he wanted in the territory. Like making the Wyvern work for the Lord and the magician tamer must disclose all the information relevant to taming and training the Wyvern.

That magician refused at first, but when the lords began to hint the word 「torture」,

He finally confessed the truth.

But his honest answer was「There is no training or taming method for Low Breath ...」

And finally the lord made the magician work for him, and the lord told him that his salary would be distributed to the victims, namely the villagers and soldiers.

Low Breath would also work in the Lord's Army as a fighting force of a single unit and its rider would be selected by the Lord, not the magician.

However, Low Breath disliked soldiers. When an adult male wearing weapons or armor was going to ride him, he would fly away.

With that, there was no soldier that would want to ride Low Breath.

Thus, the Lord had no choice but listened to the opinion of that magician.

「The one that Low Breath allowed to ride him is: someone who is light weight, doesn't wear armor, doesn't disobey orders, doesn't hate to ride Low breath and disposable」

And a little girl with such aptitude was chosen.

An orphan girl who was living in hunger and poverty in the slums.

「I didn't have a name, I was either called「Trash」or 「Garbage」

but Boonclift gave me a lovely name 「Chelsie」!

And then, Boonclift let me worked with Low Breath.

I was able to live happily while doing flight training and so on.

For as long as I could remember, this is the first time that I could have food to eat, a proper bed to sleep in, and I was given a lovely name.

Living together with Boonclift and Low Breath is just like a dream...」(Chelsie)

The girl is happy talking about it.

The most surprising thing is that this girl understands exactly the situation with that magician.

Maybe she heard it from the magician himself or another person or she could also conclude from other peoples' gossip.

But in any case, as a 10 years old girl from slums, she must have some abilities in order to survive.

And even though she understands that the magician isn't a good person, she still appreciates him as her benefactor. Even if she knew that she was just a disposable tool.

「But somehow he demanded me to add「Wan wan!」to any greetings or at the end of any sentences

... Why did he do that

... Am I treated less than a slave, like a dog or something?

Even so Boonclift still calls me cute ...」 (Chelsie)

「Ha ha ha ha ...」 (R.O)

The Red Oath laughed dryly.

However, 「Red oath」were all a little surprised.

The lord had sent proper reinforcement, maybe he isn't a bad person.

No, I wonder if it should be called 「prejudice」instead.

Anyway, even if Low Breath and Chelsie were sent to watch over us, but for an 「aristocrat」to gave out his greatest trump card was really a big deal.

Also, it seems that the lord still gave enough money for the magician and Chelsie to live properly. Even if they are a criminals and an orphan of the slums. However even if the lord only give them a minimum wage to live with, no one complained.

Rena mutters.

「Maybe the lord here is a good guy?」(Rena)

「Certainly, the payment from the last time was good ...」(Pauline)

Pauline's 「good people」 criteria seemed a little different from others.

Well, no matter what, everyone seems quite happy, it was good in the end.

After done talking, Low Breath's injury was also healed.

It is natural because Mile, Pauline and Dr. Kulereia kept healing him.

「Ah that's right, Dr. Kulereia and Chelsie, why don't you two return to the town first by riding Low Breath?

You must report to the guild and the Lord as soon as possible, or they will dispatch more soldiers and hunters」(Mile)

「E? Eee?」(Kulereia)

Dr. Kulereia is upset with Mile's proposal.

[I want to know more about Mile.

But I also want to fly in the sky! This is a once in a lifetime chance.

But, even if I want to fly in the sky, I am scared!

However, as I had received work, I have an obligation to report as soon as possible.

Before the Lords dispatch more troops or even ask the guild or the capital for more reinforcements...] (Kulereia)

She has various thoughts in her mind and she can't decide.

「But, but Low Breath-chan may not like me to ride him...」(Kulereia)

Somehow, Dr. Kulereia thinks for a reason to not return...

「Low Breath, is that okay? Are you willing to take her along?」(Mile)

As Mile said with a smile, Low Breath is repeatly nodding like a broken toy as desperate as he is.


Low Breath flew away with Chelsie and Dr. Kulereia while flapping his cured wings anxiously several times.

Before departure, Red Oath have already discussed with the doctor about 「how far we will report」

Three Ancient Dragons also silently listened to the girls from behind.

At least, they understood that Mile are trying to lower the probability of disputes with humans as much as possible.

There's a possibility that disputes with humans, elves and dwarves will occur someday, as long as the Ancient Dragons continue to investigate the ruins in various places using beastkins and devils.

But It will be good if this girl hunter party manage to do something.

Actually, the「Red oath」 doesn't have to go through all that trouble.

Because they haven't received orders for such work.

「Well, this time, we will really depart.「Red oath」have completed the request, let's return to the capital!」(Rena)

「Ohhh」(Mile + Pauline + Maevis)

Because Dr. Kulereia is missing this time, there's no-one late to reply to Rena' s voice this time.

And「Red oath」 departed for the capital, leaving the three Ancient Dragons that are silently looking from behind.

「Beldestes ...」 (Sherara)

「...What? 」(Beldetes)

Sherara muttered with confidence.

「... Following them isn't good, right?」(Sherara)

「Ha! What are you saying! 」 (Beldetes)

「I know that. I'm just asking」 (Sherara)

「...Really」 (Beldetes)

But Beldetes felt that he could understand why Sherara said so.

Because he also thought like that, although it was just a little bit, yes a little bit.

Why? Well, if he can be with those girls, he felt that it would be interesting and their days won't be boring anymore.

Yes, the Ancient Dragon haven't lived as long as the nanomachines, but from all of the the long-life races, it was a race who was spent their life with boredom.


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