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I Reincarnated Into A Vending Machine - Chapter 67


Chapter 67

Plans from Now On

When one week since the beginning of the search, Ramis had gotten quite a bit more used to things and has become able to fight everything except corpse demons. Corpse demons look like that after all, so I well understand her reluctance to smash them with her fists.

I, who got attached to corpse demons from the previous matter, am also saved from not watching them get pulverized from point-blank range.

’’Leader, you've thought of how we'll deal with the Ghost King if we find it, ya?’’

Hyurumi, who has no part to play when it comes to battle and has recently always been in the wagon doing something or other, poked her head out and asked Leader so.

’’N, a-, well, yeah. I also want to ask a knowledgeable person like you, though;do you know what kind of monster the Ghost King is?’’

Care-freely walking next to the boar-drawn wagon, Leader turned just his head and returned her question with a question.

’’That guy, it's a jumbo-sized skeleton wearing a robe like its decked in gold, a dude with an grand-looking getup. Pretty sure people say it's the shadows of a former great sorcerer.’’

'Ou, that's the guy. Wielding a large amount of magic attributes, and possible of rapid-firing vastly powerful magic. Well, they say that in exchange, its body is fragile.’’

It's a completely magic-specialized type, na. Looks like you can win by hitting him with a big one, but it will be a fight to slip through his magic and get near, huh?

Ramis or Mishael would be the most suitable for defeating the enemy through destructive power, I suppose.

’’An'? Whatcha gonna do about that magic? This line up doesn't have a shield or wall. Maa, even if we did, we're going to be blasted with magic, so they won't be useful.’’

The shield and wall Hyurumi talked about isn't literal, it's the role that Hunters are assigned to. In other words, it's the person in the team who specializes in taking all of the enemies' attacks while their comrades defeat them.

’’Basically. But we've got a guy who can possibly withstand any sort of attack without letting it through, right?’’

The one saying that with a wink and a playful expression, throwing a glance over here, is a lazy bearded ossan.

A-, so it's like that. I get it;I've confirmed the reason they brought me along for the search.

’’E, is that about Hakkon?’’

’’Correct, Ramis. Hakkon's Barrier is an all-purpose shield that won't even let magic through, na. Even if you guys close the distance in an instance to defeat it but only manage to draw the enemy's attention, it won't matter.’’

’’That's dangerous ... or not. Hakkon has a track record of preventing Level Rulers' attacks. There's also how he defended against the guys aiming for Mishael ... the possibility's there...’’

Looks like Hyurumi's thinking it over while drumming a rhythm on her forehead with her fingers.

I have a surplus of points so I have confidence in blocking an enemy's attack. As for worrying about whether I'd be blown away by the force of an attack, I'll be carried by Ramis, so there's also the possibility that she'll be able to deal with it by bracing her legs against the ground.

Huh, is this, just possibly, a good idea?

’’What do you think, Hakkon? If you think it's impossible than we'll have to revise the plan, but how about it?’’ (Leader)

If you're asking whether it's possible or not, I suppose it is. It will expose Ramis to dangers, but if I protect her then it's a done deal. Hunters are ones who have chosen such dangerous work, so if you avoid it just because it's dangerous, then you won't get anywhere for your entire life.


’’O-, as expected of Hakkon. You're a real man.’’ (Hyurumi)

’’If Hakkon's fine with it, I don't mind either.’’ (Ramis)

Ramis has faith in me. If that's the case, then answering her expectations is what a man would do. Even though I've become a vending machine, I can't forget my true character.

’’Just like its name as a king, the Ghost King seems to bring forth a number of accompanying monsters. Leave the small fries for us to deal with.’’

The abilities of the Fools of Whimsy Brigade can't be doubted, and neither can Mishael's. The Big Eaters Brigade has it tough fighting corpse demons, but they're nimble so they won't get caught by them, and they're strong against the bone-types, so there's no problem.

From what I hear, we're ready to go.

’’But this is just what's on paper. Basically, play it by ear. If it gets bad then desert at full speed and throw my instructions out the window.’’

I don't dislike this style where, rather than fighting to the bitter end even if you die, fleeing is approved of. Whatever you say about the, the Fools of Whimsy Brigade places high importance on the lives of their comrades. That's why, why, even though they may have complaints, the brigade members like him.

’’Mind if I ask another question?’’

’’You can ask whatever you want, Hyurumi.’’

’’I think is plan ain't bad, but how did all the guys up 'til now defeat the Ghost King?’’

A, that's right. This is a plan thought up entirely based on my <Barrier>, but I am curious about how other Hunter Groups did it up until now.

But probing the plan like this with the other members on the other side of the mosquito net1, so to speak, she's sticking to the role of the questioner. Normally the Vice-Leader would also join in, but right now it's all Hyurumi.

’’Other guys, huh;this is only from what I know, but ... through violence and numbers, with many of them ending up as fodder. Or else, I've heard some challenge it with countermeasures completely against magic. For the latter, the plan is similar to ours.’’

That first group is the ones who made the absolute worst choice. Not knowing your opponent's abilities and challenging it with numbers isn't necessarily wrong, but just how many victims did they have to pay for it?

’’We've collected the information about the finer points of our opponent's traits and means of attack, so run your eyes over it. And then teach Ramis and Hakkon about it too.’’ (Leader)

’’Un, got it. Hakkon, let's study together later, ne.’’ (Ramis)


I can't read the words, so I'm counting on you, Ramis. After all this time, I want to learn the other worlds' letters, but I can't think of a way to learn.

The literacy rate of this world doesn't seem to be low, at least I haven't seen the figures of people troubled because they can't read at Seiryu Lake. I've somehow or other made out that the letters have a kind of disfigured alphabet feel to them, but it's difficult to memorize them on my own without a proper reference guide or someone to teach me.

’’And that's that. Everyone, properly study it-’’ (Leader)


The Brigade members and the Big Eaters Brigade raise their hands in the air. As always, they have a calming effect.

After this, I'll memorize it well. If I'm able to get my hands on information about the opponent, then I might be able to think of countermeasures from my functions.

’’An' that's that. Got it?’’ (Hyurumi)

’’Yes, Hyurumi-sensei.’’

Hyurumi, who for some reason was wearing glasses with a pointer in hand, gave everyone a detailed explanation about the information we had. Her had. Her words are rough in places, but fundamentally she's an attentive person, so she seems to be popular.

She rearranged the information in her head, huh?

When the Ghost King makes an appearance, a number of monsters will appear around him. The amount is random, and it seems that there has been a case where close to fifty of them appeared and surged forth. Let's make sure not to forget that it's an immediate retreat on the occasion that there are over thirty.

The main attacks of the Ghost King is magic and he uses the four main elements, fire, water, wind, and earth freely;he's also proficient in dark magic. He seems to dislike light magic, and also avoids bright places. It might be a possibility to make him flinch by firing off my light at the maximum intensity.

He's weak against physical attacks and strong against magic. Magical effects don't work well, so the main way to deal with him is through direct attacks, it seems.

And so, Ramis and I are only supposed to go after the Ghost King without minding the scraps. Ideally, taking the magic and repelling it with <Barrier>, we'll close the distance at an opportune moment and end him, but in the case that we can't do that it's fine for us to just take the enemy's magic attacks. Hearing it like this, it sounds simple enough, but unlike me, Ramis is a flesh-and-blood person. She's leaving the defenses to me, so I'll absolutely protect her with my full strength.

To be on the safe side, everyone is also given healing medicine, and it seems that just smearing a little on a wound will heal it. It helps that this part is fantasy-like.

With this, if we find the Ghost King and fight him, I'll have fought a Level Ruler three times, huh? What's with a vending machine having better achievements than a Hunter?

For an otherworld transportation story this would be the ideal development, but as a vending machine... No, this is a revolutionary plot line. Even if you're a vending machine, you can fully enjoy another world and find fulfilling happiness, huh?

And I'm not just some luggage, I'm useful. I can proudly boast about that, na.

’’We have the most important part, so let's do our best!’’


Of course, Ramis. I ended up stealing all the good parts with the previous Level Rulers, but this time we'll stylishly plunge in to defeat the Level Ruler together. I think Ramis I think Ramis should be evaluated esteemed as someone who has good abilities.

For me, it would be ideal if the me and Ramis combo became famous, though.

As she is now, after she's gotten used to this level's atmosphere and her fear has thinned out, I can have expectations for Ramis' participation. We can't become self-assured and negligent, but if we're able to play a participating role and participate in battles, then the danger to our comrades will go down.

’’Ramis, don't be gettin' too hyped. If, in the million-in-one chance one of us dies in battle, it ain't gonna be anyone's fault. Everyone agreed to this;don't ya forget that.’’

So saying, Hyurumi placed her hand on Ramis' head. Her battle power is nonexistent, but she's an indispensable existence when it comes to providing information and supporting the heart.

All the other members nodded their heads emphatically to those words. There isn't anyone who's thinking he wants to die, and no one intending to die. But they've at least prepared themselves for it, is what she means?

I don't want anyone to die, of course. Even a villain has human rights;whatever reasons you have, you shouldn't commit murder. I've never had that sort of desire. I've also never been tormented that unrelated people I don't know of may be dying in completely unknown places.

However, I don't want anyone who's used me even once to die. I understand that with people who do the Hunter job that goes hand-in-hand with danger, this is an unreasonable expectation.

Even so, I wish from the bottom of my heart that all of the people here, without missing a single one, will return to the community and buy my products once again.

’’Maa, what will happen will happen;first we have to find the Ghost King. Well then, to put some life in you, shall we drink that fizzy stuff?’’(Hyurumi)

’’I also fell in love with it after drinking it at the eating contest.’’ (Ramis)

At Hyurumi's words, cola was grandly sold, and the cola went to all members.

’’Then, should we toast -ssu?’’

’’Cheers! Open the top ... chee-rs!’’


All of the comrades gathered together in a circle, brought their plastic bottles of cola together, and smiling warmly at each other, they drank the contents.

It kind of has the feel of a certain type of cola's commercial that I've seen before. It wouldn't be bad if, after this search is over, everyone gathers again to give a toast with cola.


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