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I Kinda Came To Another World, But Where’s The Way Home? - Chapter 54



Several days before Kitsune encountered, fought, and then lost against the hero, and got his built up bond teared apart, there was a certain thing that happened at a certain place.

That was the appearance of an existence with mighty prowess at the continent where human resided in. With imposing air, it calmly walked without anyone capable of hindering it.

On its path, it would mow down any appearing magical beasts with one swing of its hidden mighty prowess.

That swung power was, pure 'white'.

That glittering white light would draw a line of trace as if a pale comet, and one swing of its beautiful light would produce a torrent of tremendous destructive power.

Any magical beasts that was swallowed by it was dead before they even noticed of their own death, and anything around it, either it was trees or rocks, everything would be obliterated into nothingness by the shockwave.

One step, and another step, 'white' kept stepping its legs forward toward human's territory without stopping.

Before long it met the person that resided in that territory. And then, it finally decided to stop its legs with its own will.

The person asked it some question, like, why did it come there, what was its objective, or so, but without answering any of those questions, it simple kept on staring at that person as if to see through that person. After staring at that person for quite a while without moving, then, as if it had understood something, without using its prowess to kill that person, it simply walked and passed through that person.

Then it started walking again. Without any clear objective of where it would go next, it simply kept walking forward.

And then, after walking for quite a while, it encountered another people inside the forest. It was several of men.

They were people with occupation the so called bandit, and the moment 'white' approached them, they were enchanted by its beauty. They spontaneously moved their bodies, they kneeled on the ground and put their hands together as if praying. Along with tears that overflowed on its own accord, they felt as if their souls were being purified.

However, similarly like the previous person it met, it simply was staring at them. As if ascertaining of something, as if seeing through something, it kept on staring at them as if to peek at their souls.

The result, those several people who were kneeling on the ground, got their heads chopped off of their bodies.

With one swing of its light, it easily mowed down all of their lifes. Without they even noticed it, they were already dead. It literaly happened at light speed. A speed that could kill the moment they blinked their eyes without letting it to open again.

Their bodies that had lost its heads were collapsing on the ground before 'white'. That spectacle was as if, criminals that repented their sins before the god, and the shining 'white' was so divine as if a god that listened to their confession.

However, in the end it wasn't a god.

’’ purified.’’

Without bating an eye towara those corpses, 'white' started walking again. The murmured word wasn't heard by anyone, but it was echoing inside the forest.

And then, in several days until the time Kitsune's encounter and fight againts the hero, 'white' kept on walking without stopping.

Any people that saw it would say as such.

that was monster in human disguise. The moment it swing it prowess, numerous people died.

In the end, no one dared to obstruct this monster's path. No one dared to associate with this monster. If they were lucky they would stay alive, if they were unlucky then they would die without they even noticed it.

As long as they still valued their life, anyone would be careful with that monster.

No one knew when that dangerous light might strike

And then, 'white' finally arrived at a certain territory. It arrived at a territory where numerous people resided in, a territory that was also refered as a country.

And that country's name was Grandile Kingdom.

◇ ◇ ◇

’’Well then... for now we have to do something with the broken wall huh, that fake hero has gone somewhere, after all.’’

After letting Lulu-chan and Finia-chan to temporarily accompanying the fake hero's party, I decide to repair the broken wall which was destroyed when I was blown away before. That fake hero was the one that destroyed it, but since he has disappeared somewhere so we have no choice but to take the responsibility ourselves.

’’Eh~, we aren't the one that destroyed it, though? So we have no responsibility to do so, right?’’

’’Well, that sure is so, but... we've caused that much of ruskuss, so someone must take the responsibility, you see. And this time, we're the one that should take it.’’

Saying so to the reluctant Leila-chan, we return to the guild. When we re-enter the guild through the large hole on the broken wall, we can see that the adventurers have a displeasured expression and are knitting their brows. Runa-chan and the other receptionist are also similarly frowning while staring at us.

Well, not just destroyed the wall, I even lost the duel, so it can't be helped that we aren't too welcomed here.

I do feel sorry, but all of it was that fake hero and wicked miko's fault. I didn't do anything wrong. That's why I should just act boldly. I'm not at fault here, after all.

’’Somehow, sorry. Don't worry, I'm reuctant but I'll take the responsibility and repair the wall.’’

So I say, since that hero was the one that perpetated everything in the first place, so I hope they would stop blaming me that much.

Thinking so, I start gathering the fragments of the broken wall. Rishe-chan is helping me out. Seems like Leila-chan is unwilling to help me. Well, she do look unfit to do chores and such trivial stuff, after all, moreover with her over selfish self that only does anything as she pleased, so it really can't be helped. And she's also following me on her whim in the first place, after all, so there no point on expecting something from her.

’’...lemme help ya, lil bro.’’


And then, the adventurers inside the guild are coming our way one after another, and start gathering the wall fragments together. I don't understand what happens here, when I look at them with question, they show me faint smile in return.

When I and Rishe-chan are bewildered and stop our hands, my shoulder is patted from behind. When I turn my face that way, Runa-chan is standing there.


’’Let me tell you... this country sure is referred as country with the law of the jungle, however... they have their own pride and manner in duel.’’


’’These adventurers who saw the duel just now are, filled with anger regarding it.’’

Runa-chan says so.

In this country, strengths wasn't necessarily meant prowess only. For adventurers who always tempered themselves in order to become stronger, they held pride and confidence in their own strength and satisfaction in dueling each other.

That was why, the held duel as something sacred.

Putting everything they've tempered,

Clashing might with might,

In duel where their blood and flesh pound,

They felt joy in their futher growth.

Once again, not yet. They could see their own further possibilities. And if they were able to achieve that possibility, a great feeling of joy was awaiting them in each duel.

Moreover, they wouldn't ever forget each formidable opponents who unlocked their possibilities. Surpassing their own limits, sharpening their mind and body to gain victory, the admiration of the opponent, those were what make duel was worth doing.

’’That's why, we won't accept a duel such as just now. That was nothing but bullying, plundering. A disgrace of our prided and aspired duel.’’

’’... I have no recollection ever accepting that duel, though.’’

’’I know it. That's why it was very irritating, one-sidedly trampling down someone who was weaker than him, it couldn't be called as duel at all. That's why everone were quite impressed by you, even though you lost that badly, you still had the courage to face him head on.’’

I see, I'm kinda happy to hear that. The miko was like that so I thought that everyone inside this country was also the same, but seems like I was mistaken.

As expected of adventurers their resolution and purpose regarding duel sure are something. Seems like the rot hasn't spreaded to the whole citizen.

’’Hey, stop talking and move your hands again.’’

One of several adventurers who are helping me collecting the wall fragment is calling out to me. Perhaps they heard what Runa-chan just said, they show a bright smile on their face.

’’Ahaha, sorry.’’

Seeing that smile, I apologize once and take off my gakuran before starting to continue repairing the wall again.

... hey there, Leila-chan, don't take my gakuran.

Several hours later, after we somehow finished repairing the wall, we're welcomed by numerous adventurers. It appears that someone among them has 'appraisal' skill, and seems like he once secretly peeked at my and the hero's statuses.

The told me that they were impressed that in spite of the overwhelming disparity, I kept on standing up and fought back.

’’Hahaha! So your name is Kitsune? What a strange name!’’

’’Well at least it sure isn't usual.’’

It doesn't feel bad, but I feel like I'm not in the mood to get on board with them.

Finia-chan, isn't by my side.

When I was reparing the wall I was focused on doing it, but at peaceful time like now when I don't have anything to do, I'll end up think about it.

My treasure, the mask from Shiori-chan that was always with me even before I dead, Finia-chan who was always smiling beside me, their presence have disappeared as if they've slipped out of my hand.

It feels as if there's a gaping hole on my chest. So this is the feeling of losing something, huh. It's my first time feeling such a thing, but, I don't think it's a feeling that I want to get used to.

’’Then...what are you going to do from now on?’’

Right now, the one who sits beside me and is calling out to me is a D rank adventurer. His name is Gurt-san, status-wise, he's quite a blessed person.

I always put my usual faint smile on, but as expected it seems like perhaps some depressed air is still leaking out of me, he keeps on cheerfully calling out to me. I sure am grateful, but as expected, seems like this feeling won't disappear anytime soon.

’’Let's see... either way, my level is a bit too low to operate at this country, after all... so I think I'm going to go to a country that could make me stronger.’’

The level at this county is too high so I can't keep up with them. That's why, I need to go to a country with more suitable level for me. Unlike Finia-chan and Leila-chan, my prowess isn't as high that would let me easely charge to any fight, after all, and I also have no enough strength to hold a weapon.

That means, there's only one battle style I can tread on.

’’I see... then, I think I know quite a good place for you.’’

’’A good place?’’

Then, Gurt-san says so to me.

’’Yup, it's a country named Rukusuhaido kingdom... among all countries, it's the most well regulated country. Grandile kingdom is referred as war country, but... in history we had launched twelve invasion to Rukusuhaido kingdom, but we'd never succeded even once.’’


’’It wasn't like our country's war potential was weaker than theirs, it even could be said that theirs was actually the one that was weaker. However, the king of that country was just too intelligent. He outwited us over and over again that led to our lost.’’

Among all countries, it seems like Rukusuhaido kingdom is quite excel at tactics and strategies.

And it's including military tactics, to the point that even Grandile Kingdom that possess strong war potential to be unable to defeat them. That means that this intelligent person is quite a charismatic one, and the armies are also excellent and bear a deep trust in that person.

’’Back in those waring days, we resented them very much, you see... but since we were unable to even close up the disparity between our war capabilities to the bitter end, in the end we were the one that declared our defeat. In this day we've made a treaty pact and on friendly term with them.’’

’’Hmm... quite an intelegent one huh, that king.’’

’’Well, yeah. Seems like nowdays he has retired and passed the throne down to his daughter, the princess, but... that princess, you see, it appears that she's a peerless geniuss who is even recognized by that king. Bloodline sure is frightening, huh.’’

’’Then, what do you mean that this country is a good place for me?’’

’’Ah, the adventurers there aren't too inclined to duel, but in the past there were two S rank adventurers who emerged from there, you see. I even have heard that they put quite an effort to nurture the newcomers, so isn't that very suitable for your need?’’

I see, it sure sounds pretty good. Well, since I want to become stronger as soon as possible then I have no time to be picky though. I have to take Finia-chan and Lulu-chan back as soon as possible after all, as long as I can become stronger then I won't say much about the way. Let's just check it out, this so called Rukusuhaido kingdom.

’’Kitsune, Leila has turned strange.’’

’’Ufufufufu... I'm wrapped by Kitsune's smell... ufufufu... ahaha... I feel like melting... my heart is pounding wildly....’’

’’You'll tear it apart, Leila-chan.’’

Even though I've finally made my decision about our future plan, just why must she's always so excel at ruining the mood. Moreover, she's still wearing my gakuran that I took off when I was repairing the wall... so you've been wearing it ever since I was repairing the wall, huh. She only wears a short dress inside so, the looks as if she's nude inside the gakuran is ironically alluring.

’’...haa, return it.’’


I take the gakuran off of the collapsing and drolling Leila-chan, and then wear it. Leila-chan lets out a very disappointed voice, but she's enjoyed it ever since I was repairing the wall so it should be the time for her to gets over it. Hey, don't just arbitrarily get horny as you pleased.

’’Good grief... hold yourself a bit.’’

Letting out a sigh, I say so.

And exactly at that moment


Me, the getting horny Leila-chan, Rishe-chan, the adventurers, and also the receptionist, everyone inside the guild is,

Attacked by a great wave of intimidating aura !!


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