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I Have A Mansion In The Post-apocalyptic World - Chapter 60


Chapter 60: House Hunting

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Jiang Chen wrote the word ’’Jiang’’ on the contract, then raised his eyebrows mischievously as he dropped the pen. He smirked at Xiao Mengying's eager look.

’’If I haven't tried before, how will I know if it is actually good?’’

Xiao Mengying smiled charmingly, naturally understanding his meaning.

’’Which room does Mr. Jiang want to sample?’’

’’Whichever one Miss Sales Manager recommends.’’

’’Hehe, of course, words won't allow the gentleman to experience the design philosophy of the mansion. Please allow me to help you understand.’’ Xiao Mengying smiled teasingly at him as she turned around and walked towards the stairs with elegant strides.

The smooth curvature of her butt and body heated Jiang Chen's blood.

Although it was a new mansion, everything was already included... such as the bedsheets.

The bedroom door was slammed shut.

Xiao Mengying was prepared and did not resist Jiang Chen's invasive moves. Her leg curled around Jiang Chen's waist as both of her arms came up to surround his neck before she passionately kissed him.

Jiang Chen, of course, was delighted to accept Xiao Mengying's steamy invitation. He opened his mouth to let the small tongue twist and attack his own. Gripping the firm, attractive leg, he easily lifted Xiao Mengying with his 25 muscle strength. He pressed her up against the window, inducing a surprised yelp from her.

’’People are going to see.’’ Xiao Mengying said coquettishly as she gazed at him with pleading eyes. Despite her words, it was already wet where it mattered, and she didn't try to stop Jiang Chen. Instead, she lifted her gorgeous butt to fit Jiang Chen's positioning.

[Says no, but the body is truthful.]

Jiang Chen smirked as he pushed his ice cream inside.

With a mansion like this, it was impossible to see inside, since privacy was an important aspect of the design. The green vegetation surrounding the mansions made peeking impossible.

Xiao Mengying bit her soft, red lips as she willingly accepted Jiang Chen's furious acts. She twisted her body to match Jiang Chen's rhythm with eyes that gazed at Jiang Chen with tenderness and passion leaking out.

Since it was a transaction, Jiang Chen didn't need to concern himself with the girl's perspective;he freely went at his own pace to seek enjoyment. The monstrous thrusting motions did bring joy to Xiao Mengying, but after an hour, the pace became painful.

[Is it still not over...?]

Xiao Mengying pleaded with Jiang Chen with her eyes, but he did not slow down in the slightest.

’’Can you not take it anymore?’’ Jiang Chen adjusted his position to whisper into her ear.

’’Mhmm!’’ Xiao Mengying nodded, trying to gain his sympathy.

’’Do you want to get someone else then?’’ An evil smirk appeared on his face, and he belatedly realized that he was starting to act like Sun Jiao.

Xiao Mengying immediately shook her head and threw away her pitiful act. Her delicate waist began to respond again to the thrusting motion.

A two hundred million deal! This meant the commission alone was at least one million, which was her salary for the entire year! It was also difficult to sell these types of furnished mansions;if she succeeded, it would prove her competence.

The majority of real estate sales struggled to break the ten million mark, but this single deal was worth two hundred million! It would advance her career, and if she could enter management, she wouldn't have to worry about her youth.

[I don't care anymore.]

She ’’dreadfully’’ closed her eyes as she tried to respond to Jiang Chen's every action.

Money was not easy to make. Even a night with a celebrity was not worth millions. Either way, this deal was worth it to her. Her legs began to feel fragile and she felt as though she would be torn apart, but if she failed to satisfy Jiang Chen, all of her effort would go down the drain.

If she wasn't willing to bear the ’’pain,’’ there were plenty of others who would take it for her. Despite her colleagues' haughty attitudes, they were no doubt eyeing her sales manager position.

Results ruled at Wanhua Real Estate;whoever had the better sales record was the better fit for the sales manager position. The newcomer Fang Yuanyuan was no different in that she was willing to do anything. Xiao Mengying heard from an acquaintance that this girl participated in a party with the young master of a gang to sell a house and played with five people.

Who knew what this girl was thinking or what sort of emotions she had coming in to work. But she managed to sell the house worth ten million, successfully completing the sales requirement for the first year to continue working at headquarters.

Compared to her, at least this is a lot easier.

Xiao Mengying comforted herself, slightly frowned, and let Jiang Chen...

By the time they returned to the car, it was already dusk. The driver stood smoking beside the car, but when he saw the VIP and his boss come out, he immediately extinguished the cigarette butt before opening the door for him with a courteous smiled and bow.

Being in the industry for so long, he knew what happened in that mansion between the sales manager and Jiang Chen, but it was not up to an ordinary person like him to judge. It was better to keep his mouth shut. The real estate industry was not clean to begin with, especially for a major player like Wanhua Real Estate.

Jiang Chen got into the car first before Xiao Mengying elegantly sat beside him. The driver started the engine and returned on the same route.

In the car, Xiao Mengying called her manager, and when they arrived, he waited in front of the door with the sales staff to welcome them. Although Xiao Mengying was similarly a manager in name, her position of sales manager had been specifically made to motivate the staff. In terms of pay, the salary was the same as any other manager's, but in terms of responsibilities, they were no different from those of the regular sales staff.

As for the General Manager, that was another role entirely. He managed everything at headquarters from strategy to operations. Any deal over thirty million had to be completed by him, but of course, he didn't receive commission as his bonus was based on the total sales around this area.

Jiang Chen took the gold-gilded business card from the reverent General Manager and enjoyed the warm welcome from the sales staff that were lined up. His vanity was fulfilled as he happily entered the office together with the General Manager.


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