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I Have A Mansion In The Post-apocalyptic World - Chapter 59


Chapter 59: Luxury

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The luxury car stopped in front of the community as the driver rolled the window down to scan the identification card before the bar slowly lifted up. Peering through the window, Jiang Chen noticed that all of the security staff were muscular and fit, equipped with electric rods. Although he didn't know the specifics of their ability, from the way they stood, he guessed that they must be retired soldiers.

His suspicions were correct;the fifty security guards within the community were all elite soldiers who retired without any infractions. The property management's high reputation was certainly justified.

Since the community's opening six years ago, many thieves set their eyes upon the property, but none were successful. The security team's scouting skills had been honed in the army. If thieves managed to bypass them on their watch, then they might as well reconsider their career as a special agent.

The luxury car drove smoothly into the wide driveway in the deepest part of the community which was shaped like a flipped bowl on top of a large, artificially-created hill. Jiang Chen's mansion was at the highest point of the bowl, overlooking the beautiful river scenery.

’’The people living here are either rich or respective. This way, not only will you get to enjoy the complex, but you'll also meet a lot of interesting neighbors.’’

Xiao Mengying was hinting that staying here would be beneficial for his career.

However, Jiang Chen didn't seem to receive her intentions as he flashed a smile at her carelessly. Career was one thing, but the living standard was more important. Without it, what was the point of having a high net worth?

Since he purchased the mansion for his own enjoyment, the first priority was comfort. As for the rich and respectable neighbors? He had a feeling that they would come knocking soon enough.

The car came to a smooth stop in front of the mansion door as Xiao Mengying quickly got out and opened the door for Jiang Chen. She scanned her card on the door, making the metal gate automatically slide open.

’’Once registration is complete, the mansion's security system will update. You can even use the app our company developed to open the door. Of course, I recommend the special electronic key.’’ Xiao Mengying smartly batted her eyelashes at him as she led the way into the mansion.

Behind the European-themed wall was another world.

The clean-cut grass field, straight stone-brick pathway, and the building that was a fusion between classical European and modern simplicity came together flawlessly without any contradiction to the two unique themes. The open French windows adorned the first floor of the mansion, completed by white, square blocks around the rest of the building. Elegant but open, the four-story building stood out among the other three-story mansions.

Jiang Chen was most satisfied with the oval-shaped swimming pool. Just as the document stated, with a press of a button, the dome retracted to the side, revealing an open swimming pool. The temperature of the pool could also be accurately increased to a specific range thanks to the heating equipment underneath the pool. Although these innovative designs were rather impractical, it fueled someone like Jiang Chen who thrived on the ’’coolness.’’

Xiao Mengying explained the high-end features within the mansion and led him inside.

The interior design pleased him even further.

Sample rooms were furnished for the sake of advertisement, and the company offered the option of refurbishing if the homebuyer was unhappy with the design.

But Jiang Chen was plenty satisfied with the decorations. The monochromatic living room was comforting, and the artistic furniture further enhanced the lively feel. The building itself had been built to perfection by a world-renowned architect. Even without knowing why it felt so right, Jiang Chen felt at peace here.

The dining room and kitchen were masterfully designed as well.

Xiao Mengying led him up the stairs to the second floor which had been designed purely for comfort.

The floor was mostly made up of bedrooms, but what shocked Jiang Chen was that every room was designed slightly differently. The intent was to allow the homebuyer to freely select a room based on their mood. One of the rooms was monochromatic with an emphasis on simplicity, while another was decorated with warm-tones to create an intimate atmosphere.

The third and fourth-floor flowed smoothly with the rest of the building's design. Each floor had washrooms and two extra bedrooms. There were also some empty rooms that could be converted into whatever the homebuyer wished, such as an office or a gym.

He stood on the top floor balcony and gazed out at the beautiful scenery in the light river breeze. Although it was still the middle of summer, the wind was slightly cool which could perhaps be attributed to the vegetation around the area;it was vastly different from the heat in the center of Wanghai City.

’’Not bad. This is a great place to live.’’ Jiang Chen nodded at Xiao Mengying with a satisfied expression.

The green vegetation, elegant environment, luxury, and comfortable design were more than worth the price.

It was certainly more ’’modern’’ than the mansion in the apocalypse world that had been designed with a retro feel it was the perfect environment for enjoying life.

And all for only two hundred million RMB.

Maybe because money came too easily for him, it was an obvious choice for Jiang Chen.

’’Although our company cannot provide a discount on these types of mansions, based on the agreement we signed with Maybach, we'll provide a brand new Maybach S600 for any home with a pricetag of one hundred million or above. This is a limited edition vehicle,’’ Xiao Mengying explained.

Jiang Chen had heard about the Maybach S600 before. The price overseas was around half a million USD, which was around three million RMB. Of course, people who owned one hundred million mansions would not lack this small amount of money, but it was a good gesture, and a gift seemed more natural rather than giving a discount as part of a sales strategy.


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