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I Have A Mansion In The Post-apocalyptic World - Chapter 22


Chapter 22: Sanya Vacation

Translator: Min

Sanya, located at the southern tip of Hainan Island, was also known as Lu city. It was renowned

as the eastern Hawaii and the top tourist city in China. It possessed the most stunning views of

the ocean.

Beach, ocean, and bikinis. It was the haven for vacationers.

The slightly salty sea wind carried the fragrance of coconuts. Here, there was no worry about

toxic gas and no concern about smog. The city welcomed tourist with the pristine sky and the

aroma of nature. It was one of the cities with the best air quality in China.

He decided to go on this journey spontaneously.

Beach shirt, sun glasses, and an empty suitcase.

A smile emerged on his face as he saw the stretch of crystal clear sky. He stood in front of the

airport for a while before finally waving down a taxi. The driver diligently helped Jiang Chen

with the suitcase and respectfully opened the door for him.

The excellent service was because he made a reservation at Sheraton, which was the most

expensive mansion beside the beach.

The seven-day trip would cost him 220,000, which was enough for a down payment on a house.

He would have never experienced this luxury in the past. But now, his goal was to enjoy the

journey. The sooner he spent all his money, the earlier he could go back. [Is Sun Jiao okay now?]

Jiang Chen began to miss his hot ’’personal assistant’’. If she were with him right now, the

journey would be much more enjoyable. And Yao Yao, did she take care of herself?

He looked at the view that passed by him. Compared to the always occupied feeling in the city,

the island has a more relaxed vibe.

[Maybe I'll buy an island once I have money?]

He enjoyed the beautiful scenery and thought to himself. The car soon arrived at its destination.

The Sheraton!

It was a mansion located at the southernmost tip of the island, in the dragon bay, and it was

also a natural rain forest. The silver white sand extended along the shore. Coconuts and palm

trees decorated the beach. Everything a beach was supposed to have existed here.

The service at a world renowned 5-star hotel was indeed stellar. The server greeted Jiang Chen

as he stepped out of the car. With a smile on his face, he took Jiang Chen to his mansion.

’’If you need anything, sir, please use the terminal to let us know. We'll be here immediately. We

wish you have a great vacation and let Sheraton be a part of your delightful memory. With a

professional and charming smile, the server passed an iPad looking tablet to Jiang Chen. All the

functionality of the hotel could be controlled from this terminal.

He took a deep breath.


He threw off his annoying t-shirt and underwear and jumped into the hot spring.


Water splashed as Jiang Chen lied in the hot spring. He was savoring this moment of peace.

[How am I going to spend the next seven days?] He didn't plan anything. In his view, the

purpose of travel was to relax. The goal was not to do quests here. Since he had all the money

and time in the world, he was here to just have fun.

Without sunscreen, even Jiang Chen's improved condition couldn't handle direct exposure to

the summer sun. He stood up from the hot spring and dried himself with a towel.

After changing into a casual outfit, he walked to the balcony. The view directly overlooked the

entirety of Sheraton's beach. This mansion was the best sightseeing spot on the beach.

The beach was filled with attractive figures. Jiang Chen automatically filtered out all the dudes.

Conservative southeastern beauties, blond and blue-eyed foreigners, and even exquisite Middle

Eastern hotties. Some of them bathed in the sun, some of them were playing in the water, some

surfed, and some were playing beach volleyball. It was busy down there.

However, he got tired of the scene quite quickly. It was boring watching someone else play. He

grabbed a glass of wine and chugged it like beer. He tried to savor the noble taste of the wine,

but all he tasted was a sourness.

If Sheraton's manager heard Jiang Chen complain about the wine, the manager would probably

kick him out for his lack of taste.

Maybe he has seen too many crowded places in the city, and he all he wanted was peace here.

He rubbed sunscreen on himself and laid flat on a chair. The warm and cozy feeling was

delightful. It felt as if every single one of his pores were being massaged. His weariness was

also taken away gently by the light breeze of the sea wind.

Away from the noise, he was enjoying the southern kingdom's sunlight. There was also an

occasional crashing of the waves along the shoreline and the laughter from the beauties playing

beach volleyball. The noises lightly tingled his rigid ear drums and calmed his tightened nerves.

He closed his eyes and peacefully slept.

No wonder all the rich people enjoyed the beach and the ocean in the movie. Why didn't I do

this before?

Jiang Chen spent his afternoon in the sun. As the sun began setting in the east, he enjoyed the

orangey hue that stretched across the horizon before finally leaving the balcony.

It was already dinner time. Because of Jiang Chen's stronger body conditions, he was more

sensitive to hunger.

Although he could dine-in, he decided not to. It was his first time at a five-star hotel. He

wanted to explore the place. What's the point of eating take-out on vacation?

He used the tablet to read over the description of all the facilities in the hotel. It listed

everything from maps to the characteristics of each restaurant. Just as he was glancing through

each restaurant, the terminal vibrated. It signaled he had mail in front of his door.


He opened the door and found a box.

It was an invitation.

’’The Saudi Prince Mr. Yef... for his beloved princess... birthday party? What the hell is this?’’

The most luxurious restaurant at Sheraton was hosting a dinner tonight. It invited all the

celebrity and person of importance to attend. It was a birthday for a Saudi prince's princess.

Jiang Chen who lived in the most expensive room obviously received an invitation.

’’Hehe, since I already got the invitation, I'll see what's out there.’’

Jiang Chen's smiled as he displayed a glimpse of interest.

Of course, ’’see what's out there’’ was equivalent to ’’what was there to eat’’.


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