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I Have A Mansion In The Post-apocalyptic World - Chapter 18


Chapter 18: Encountering an old friend

Translator: Min

The saline sea wind calmed Jiang Chen's irrationality. He looked at the people walking by him.

The scene of aged grandpas, couples, and tourists distracted him from reality for a second. He

rubbed his temples tiredly to get rid of the drowsy feeling. He was a bit tired.

After the extravagant spending spree, he blew two hundred thousand in just an afternoon. After

the moments of excitement, the wary feeling of an emotional roller-coaster remained.

He took a taxi to the beach; he just wanted to take a walk and feel the sea wind.

The beach was quite a famous sightseeing attraction in Wang Hai city. There was the marble

fence by the golden beach. The victorious comrade's famous remake engraved into the stone

statue, marking his longing legacy. Finally, the modern looking small hut filled the empty space

in the picture. Jiang Chen heard this place from a couple of his buddies, but they only talked

about how many hot girls there were.

They were right after all...

However, this was his first time here even though he's been in the city for four years already. He

never came because of two simple reasons. He had no money, and he had no one he could bring

along. But if he had the money, then there would always be someone. So him never going to the

beach was because of the first reason after all.

It felt lonely shopping alone, and he felt the same visiting the beach.

Though he was still alone, he no longer pondered about life.

He had the money. Although one million was nothing in Wang Hai city, there were plenty of

rich people in this city and he couldn't even buy an apartment, his mental state was drastically

different. He was not arrogant, but he was certain he was wealthier than Bill Gates.

The entire gold deposit of a commercial bank was at least a couple of billion. What would all the

gold in the apocalypse be worth?

Of course, he had to be careful in the sell-off strategy. A large amount of gold in the market

would depreciate the value of the gold significantly. Long term wise, he only planned to raid the

vault's gold. There were many other ways to make money.

There were more attractive markets available for him to profit off of. For example, the advanced

tech he could bring back. If he sold the full-sensory computer, the market cap of the company

would be in the trillions. The virtual reality education system. The hibernation chamber. These

were all trillion dollar ideas.

He must take a step at the time to build his empire. If he suddenly introduced the technology to

the market, the money would come, but so would the government. Maybe it would even be

intelligence agencies who are usually hidden in the dark. Thus, being bold would be unwise.

Once he acquired the gold, his initial capital would be ready. The planning and strategy would

ensue. Step by step, once he possessed enough stake to form a conglomerate, nobody would be

able to touch him.

For this one million, it was just for enjoyment purposes.

So Jiang Chen didn't feel odd as he stood by the shore. What before could only be achieved in his

dream were all within his reach. The stunning beauties, the magnificent mansion, and the

luxurious cars.

He burped as he threw his beer can into the garbage. He was a little tipsy, as he took another

breath of the saline filled sea wind.

’’Hey dude, do you want to join us?’’

A girl in a bikini smiled at him; her stunning figure was flourished with youth. Her hobby

reading magazines meant that she easily saw how expensive Jiang Chen's outfit was. The deep

but lost gaze made him appear as a powerful CEO that just went through a bad breakup.

People in the middle of a breakup were the weakest emotionally. Su Fei thought she possessed

the techniques of love. She first got rid of her best friend and approached Jiang Chen. Her smile

was as sweet as a freshly baked cupcake.

She didn't care how many relationships this guy went through, nor the fact that he might still

be in one. She was envious of her roommate because she has a sugar daddy which meant

countless amounts of money, LVs, and Hermes. She was jealous, as she thought her beauty was

comparable to her roommate's.

If she tried to flirt, she would also get a rich guy, and this guy looked much better compared to

her roommate's sugar daddy.

Su Fei's heart pumped faster as she imagined.

’’Hehe, no thank you.’’ To Su Fei's surprise, the man only looked at her once before rejecting her

with a smile.

’’Leave your youth to someone more meaningful.’’ Jiang Chen didn't turn his head as he walked

away. Su Fei stared blankly in place.

That girl must have thought I was mental. Jiang Chen hysterically laughed disregarding the

looks of passersby. He stumbled mindlessly along the beach. The gene vaccine also increased

his body's detoxification process. It made the alcohol process much faster in his body. He

enjoyed the slightly dizzy feeling, and he wanted it to last a bit longer.

He rejected the girl because he didn't have any desire. Although she was quite attractive, she

was still lackluster compared to Sun Jiao. As to the arrogant statement, he only said it because

he felt like it.

The night began to cast its shadow on top of the Metropolitan, but the life of the city only just

began. The crowded street made Jiang Chen irritable, and he wanted a moment of peace. It was

too noisy here.

’’Maybe it's time to go back.’’

He sobered up as he still mindlessly walked through the street. All the sudden, a familiar figure

caught his eye. He was slightly shocked as an odd expression appeared on his face.

Xia Shiyu graduated from Wang Hai University with a major in business administration. Her

stellar academic record along with a stunning appearance made everyone shower her with

praise and envy, and she graduated at the top of the class. Even though the graduated from the

same university, they lived completely different lives.

However, because of family reasons, she didn't pursue graduate studies. Instead, she chose to

work at a clothing store. Due to her outstanding performance, she was promoted to store

manager at an excellent location. This gave her the perfect platform to display her prowess.

Once Xia Shuyu was promoted, she immediately implemented a list of action plans which

increased the store's sales substantially. However, because of her strict performance measures,

she acquired the nickname of the ’’cold beauty’’ among male colleagues, and b*tch among

female workers. After all, everyone was envious and jealous of her, especially those of the same


Not only was she accomplished in her career, but she also had a boyfriend that loved her. Her

boyfriend always picked her up after work, even though it seemed like the overachieving

manager was never nice to him. Due to her personality, Jiang Chen has even made fun of her,

behind her back, about having a disruptive menstrual cycle because she always looked


So this was how the tragedy happened. It was rumored that Xia Shuyu heard it by coincidence.

She then investigated it and found the ’’mastermind’’ behind everything. Then, she used some

petty excuses to fire Jiang Chen from the place.

Jiang Chen still remembered the coldness and mockery on her face. After all, humans are

humans. Despite how righteous someone is, there may be times when they would act

irrationally due to their emotions. Jiang Chen didn't think he was wrong; it was only a joke

which made him lose his job. Who cared about these types of demeanor? However, Xia Shuyu

did not accept any of that. She was used to the praise of all the men. She could overlook the

judgment from the females, but not the ’’disrespect’’ from men.

That was her character weakness or flaw.

At that time, Jiang Chen even wanted to take revenge. Though after he had relieved his

frustration by drinking, he let it go because he thought it was not worth it. Life must continue,

this is an ordered society.

Xia Shuyu was still the manager, and the store would continue to operate without him. But

things felt different from that day on.

Ability is one thing, and academia is one thing, but opinion is another.

After the friendly Jiang Chen had been fired, his friends from work were enraged by the

decision. Everyone started to oppose the way Xia Shuyu managed. The constantly highpressure

environment brought short-term improvements but made the overall work

atmosphere was oppressive. She never was part of the team but asked the team to act according

to her standard. Maybe she was justified in her management, but she didn't consider the

human emotion.

When an average salary started to conflict with exceptionally high expectations, the complaints

only grew. These frustrations were reflected in the employee's work and ultimately impacted

the sales figure.

Although they were pleased with this top student's performance and her exceptional sales

record, upper management ultimately decided to let the relatively inexperienced store manager

and a few poor performing employees go. They replaced her with a backup talent.

She, who was appraised as the top student of the business school, actually lost her job in a

matter of one year.

She was in agony and didn't know what she did wrong. Or maybe as smart as she was, she

already knew what she did wrong. However, it was too late to fix everything. She still

remembered the guy she fired. It was after that that everyone began to look at her different. At

first, they were respectful, but soon it was dusted with a sliver of disdain. It also applied to the

male employees who used to praise her.

She also suffered in her relationship after she lost her job.

The boyfriend who used to do everything she said broke up with her. With the excuse ’’I spent so

many years with you, and you didn't even let me kiss you. Hehe, go be a virgin.’’ He left

immediately with his new girlfriend. Perhaps it because she couldn't support him financially.

The boyfriend didn't even bother to hide the fact that he cheated.

It was satirical. Xia Shuyu always thought he loved her. She thought it was a kind of

unconditional love. Only he persisted after her for the longest time, and he continued even after

graduation. She said yes because of that. She didn't love him, nor was she interested in any guy

that chased her. She knew she would have to marry one day. So in the most efficient manner,

she chose the one that persisted for the longest time.

But reality betrayed her. She almost fell in love with him. Was it because they didn't kiss? Or

have se*? Love couldn't even stand such a minuscule test? Xiao Shuyu was lost and confused.

She promised him that she would give everything of hers to him on the day they got married.

That was not what defeated her the most.

Maybe it was revenge. The guy used Xiao Shuyu's social ID as collateral for a loan and used the

money to pay for a car. Each month, she would spend half her paycheck to repay the loan, which

was okay until she lost her job.

A car worth 500 thousand was nothing in the past. If she worked for two more years, she could

easily afford it. However, she was now unemployed and the amount was a massive hole for her

to fill. Although with her ability it would not be difficult to find another job to repay the loan,

there were so many graduates each year that it would be a nightmare to standout in the labor

market. She already lost her competitive edge.

Also, all the offers were based on disgraceful conditions. Such as high salary in exchange for

se*ual favors. If the candidate did not comply, then they moved on to the next one.

In a country so populated, it was not difficult to find someone with ability.

The more satirical part was that she was not even the one that possessed the car.

She thought about calling the cops, but the loan was not from an ethical source to begin with,

which meant that they would not take it lightly either. There was no way she could deal with

the gang.

She fled from her original apartment and hid in temporary housing. She made a living working

part-time in hopes of solving the problem through legal means. At the same time, she

desperately maintained her hopes of finding an ideal job.

But her luck ran out.

A few maliciously looking guys surrounded the place she worked. They were clearly not there to



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