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I Decided To Not Compete And Quietly Create Dolls Instead - Volume 1 - Chapter 6


Chapter 6

Seems like the 8 years old Elstat is only living with the sword but not up to the point of wanting to die with the sword like in the future just yet.

The 15 years old Elstat who appeared in the game, had the desire to keep the ruined dream somewhere inside him, and showed the love pattern of being able to fall to ruin anywhere along with the heroine.

-I want to take you and run somewhere far away.

The happy end in his route was the scene of holding hands with him. Unlike the others, it was not not drawn in the epilogue. It probably was double suicide.

At least for now, he doesn't give off the decadent smell at all.

[Sorry, I won't do something like that anymore.]

The Elstat who I knew, wouldn't bother coming to my room and honestly apologizing at all. While passing by each other at the academy, he'd say[.....I won't show up in front of you again, beacause as long as I still have this curse of a dream, I'd still be doing the same thing again and again.] and saying even more self-contained lines.

[If there is anything I can do, please tell me.]

Far from the main him, he went straight to the point....... my heart is in a little mess.

I was totally swayed by his words and actions in the game, so as a revenge-

[......then I have one request.]

[Is just one fine?]

[Yes, its is a very big task.

Please think of me as the most important thing to you. Please throw away the sword so that this won't happen again.]

It was the first time that Elstat's facial expression changed so continously that I just wanted to take a photo.

Dazing out after hearing [the most important], and just as he became completely red, he was startled all at once and then-

[Throw away..... the sword....]

His gaze fell to the floor.

Both of his clasped hands were faintly shaking.

Lowering his eyes like that really looks like a Chihuahua abandoned under the rain.

Certainly, my second brother in my previous life was also like this when mom threw away his figures.

Seems like the tease was a big blow to him.

[Sorry, that was a joke.]

[Thats great.]

Elstat was smiling again like the sunny sky.

[Seems like you really love the sword. You seem on the verge of tears just then.]

[Wrong, I was thinking of which to choose next, the ax or the spear.]

What a strong will.

Well, thats as expected.

There is no way that his pride will allow him to cry in front of a girl.

Or should I say Elstat has been diligently apologizing, and it happened because I didn't manage the knights well so I'm not particularly upset.....

[I am sorry too. This time it was because of my clumsiness. The one who should lower their head is me. Please forgive me.]

[No no, don't mind it. It was a good lesson. I'm even grateful for it.]

[Thank you very much. Anyway, to be able to fight with that many doll knights, Elstat-sama is really like the hero in those stories.]

[Its no big deal. The others also hold back at me too.]

While saying that Elstat loosened his expression, seemingly a little proud.

[Anyway, Alty. Are you still angry? Somehow you look a little unfriendly. I think you called me Els before.]


This should be the first meeting between Altirea and Elstat like in the setting...... is that not true?

I don't remember it though......could it have been lost when I remembered my past life memory? Father Solute and duke Rozerem are good friends, so it isn't strange that they introduce their child to each other since childhood.

[Aa, sorry Els. Its been a long time that I can't quite grab the manner to talk with.]

Well, lets keep it at that.

[I wonder if you could help me fix the dolls.]

[Aah, I'm good with my hand, see?]

Els showed me his right hand. On his hand was a wood carving ring. On it was engraved a wedge-shaped pattern.

[I'm the one who made it. Its the same carving as the one for the first emperor Vault-sama.]

In my previous life, it would be like boys wearing the matching shoes and bag as the famous soccer or basketball players. Vault-sama is also called Flame Sword emperor.

E to.

Doesn't Els-kun just want to brag about this?

Anyway, its the quality that matters. It has several grooves on it with the same size of a few milimeters. And it was on the curved surface of the bracelet.

Then I guess its fine to let him take care of one or two dolls.


[Sorry Els. I have already finished sewing them.]

Please don't underestimate me who finished a wedding dress in only a week. Something like this is only a piece of cake.

[I see....but its good. You might get angry with this but-]

[What is it?]

[There was someone with different movements among the knights. It didn't give me the initial to move.]

[....a doll like that. I wonder if there is one.]

I don't remember though.

[I think he was an amazing expert.]

Whats that. Its scary.


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