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I Decided To Not Compete And Quietly Create Dolls Instead - Volume 1 - Chapter 5


Chapter 5

Hearing about the whole story, turns out it was just my needless worry or should I say, boys are just idiots, and I am even more of an idiot. It is not something that can just go with saying sorry.

Although I didn't know about it, the knight dolls have some kind of an order of the round table between them. Its for discussing about various day to day activities or so.(TL: Lol so cute.)

The topic last night was [what we can do to entertain the visiting Rozerem duke].

(TL: here they use'wareware' as 'us' in Jap.)

After putting out some opinions and having hot debates exchanged many times the selected choice was to personally pick up the duke.

In this country, it is proper etiquette that we go and pick up the guests as early as possible.

The order of the knights works fast. So when it was almost dawn, they left the mansion and went west.

Then they entered the Moat mountain, that was also the border between the nearby Duke Rosilez territory, and they was about to join with the duke's group who was having a break near the fountain.

Now then-

It was at this time that Elstat Rozerem who was standing a little far away from them started to brandish his sword. Looking at the surrounding trees as if they were enemies and saying [Lets decide it... with this one blow!] Or [This is my final move!] and so on as if he was pretending to be a one man hero or something.

I wonder just why is such a little boy pretending to fight with an imaginary enemy.

Well, anyway.

Seeing such an Elstat, the knight dolls thought of something ridiculous.

(We also used to do such things since a long time ago too.)

(Thats right-So nostalgic-)

(Playing pretend alone was fun but it was also quite lonely.)

(Yoshi, lets enter and be the villians!)

(Isn't that a good idea? Elstat-sama will surely be happy about it too.)

(Its that. Won't we get praised by princess just like yesterday when we caught that wild boar?)

(Yoshi, lets do it! Do it.)

(Yoshi, lets go guys.) TL: he said 'yarodomo' here.

Thus the members took their wooden swords and jumped at Elstat one after another.

Here, if they just said [lets-have-it] or [lets-play] then it won't be a problem but unfortunately the dolls didn't say anything.

And the result, the tragedy happened.

Elstat was mistaken that they were going at him for real.

Imagine it.

The knight dolls suddenly rushed in at you, won't you be scared? I'd cry if it were me. Run away when crying too.

However, Elstat just said this, it is easy to overcome your fear only when you are out on the battle stage.

On the contrary, he was excited and acted as if it was the attack of the mysterious enemy in the woods like in somekind of hero story, and increased the sharpness of his swords mercilessly cutting at the dolls.

Noticing the commotion and coming to see what was going on, the Rozerem duke, showing a totally delighted expression when he saw Elstat being able to fight evenly with the dolls lying limp on the mountain ground.

By the way, the dolls and the spirits don't feel pain or die, they just get their body scrapped. Or seeming a little tired though.

Well, that aside...... haa.

The knight dolls are quite mischeivious but I didn't think they'd go this far.

However, looking back calmly this much is only a little more than what I expected.

Just like yesterday, even though I said they can just go play, they went and caught a wild boar.

They wanted to be given a job.

I would have avoided the journey if I gave them some kind of work.

It was my mistake.

[Its difficult to stand above someone. Well, this time is probably a good chance for Alty to properly have a talk with the order of the knight dolls.

Just don't blame yourself too much. It seems like Elstat also had fun too.]

Thank you very much, father.

But this somehow looks like I attacked the dukes son. Won't it be a big problem?

[Waha-Altirea-kun is quite pessimistic isn't she?]

The Rozerem duke has a lion like features and a big body. And with a powerful voice that really fits him.

[Me and Solute also used to do crazy stuff too. We almost saw each other as sworn enemies. We even tried to seriously kill each other at times too.

Compared to that, it was cute, cute. The subordinates outburst?

It happens alot. Its better to deal with it than to regret it. Its the first time I saw my son with such a lively face. After the dolls get better, let them do it again, okay?]

are- is it not a problem?

[Err that, sorry....]

The 8 years old Elstat is like a dog rather than a wolf, and he looks a little upset ,probably becuase he is angry.

How should I say it, its like a little puppy unhappily hanging his tail and ears.

[I didn't notice they were just playing with me, and I did something mean.

Urm, is it okay if I help you heal those dolls?]

Ehh, what is this?

Somehow the flow of the conversation is going in an unexpected direction.


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