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I Can Speak With Animals And Demons - Chapter 17.2


Chapter 17.2

Chapter 17 Part 2 - Let's Make a Cave!


「This guy is bad.」While the Orc was saying something with a grump voice, I pointed my finger to all of the curent bells.

While the Orc was saying something in grumpy voice, I pointed my finger to all of the curent bells.


『Well, it is what it is! Jed is who I'm sticking to!』


Although I'm just a little unfamiliar with earth magic, I dislike small places because the effectiveness of magical power is not that great. Even with my pride as a Japanese did not allow me to compromise. Well, it can't be helped anyway.

『Oh well, just come in』

The Orc sighs, then it enters the cave.


Soon, the goblin and I resumed back to playing around with one another.

Bell and I continue after the Orc, with no permission from the Orc.

By the way, Gigi and Zab are currently catching food by themselves. Well, guessing that it isn't easy to take three moments of time away, the goblins have a life as well.

『Yeah, it's definitely okay. I wonder if we should keep this around as well.』

「I won't do it anymore.」

『That's it!』

Of course, there was no after-sales service.

『Oh, hello Jed.』

『Isn't it Jed? You're taking care of our refurbishments, thanks!』

As I went to the back, two of the Orc's wives came up to me with a greeting.

「Hello... No, since you guys are in trouble, I will lend a helping hand.」

It seems to be the goblin that I took without permission. Oh well, I do hope that it will be a good target for practicing magic.

『Oh yeah, go help each other.』

「You don't say.」

『Well then, can you make a big stand here?』

「What is the shape for?」

『Oh, well, it's for cooking. Wait, what shape is it?』

『You, didn't you say that the cooking table was shaped round?』

『It's useless. Because we asked for you to be here, you have to think about what you want to do with your room!』

『Oi, I understand.』

The unreliable owner's husband retracted pitifully to the back. Is the kitchen a woman's territory in the world of orcs?

『Sorry. My husband and I don't know cuisine and I don't know much at all.』

『I really won't be able to rely on that. Can I ask for a big round table?』

『I didn't use large stones until yesterday, because they were hard to use.』

The wife with a bit of gentle manner of speech puts her hand towards her face in a troubled manner.

It must be quite difficult to use a big stone. Even more difficult if you consider that the Orcs are giants.

「Well then, I'll try it anyways, as I can change the size to whatever you want it to be.」

『I'm saved』

『You're too good for a human.』


As they said so, it was shaped into a round table while the rocks could be seen.

『Well, it is amazing!』

『This is useful, is it not?』

『Can I get it a bit higher?』

「Oh, yeah yeah.」

『Can you make a little smoother, around here?』

「I'm not good at fine adjustments yet, but I will do my best.」

『If only we had magic... Ah, can the ground be smoother here as well? It's rugged and difficult to walk there.』


Like this, it really looks like I'm a renovation contractor.


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