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I Came From The Mortal World - Chapter 51


Chapter 51 - God of War

Dirty tricks weren't uncommon in such life and death battles, and people wouldn't consider this to be despicable. However, they never saw a candidate like Xu Yi, who launched his sneak attack by cheating the millions of spectators.




Waves of curses erupted from the stands, accompanied by the throwing of gold coins, bottles, lunch-boxes, blusher containers, jewel cases and more...The enraged spectators cast everything at their disposal towards Xu Yi.

Gao Pan was hit by a mixed feeling of indignation and grief, as he felt rather itchy to howl out his negative emotions. Actually, as an experienced fighter, he could understand Xu Yi's sneak attack, but he couldn't tolerate Xu Yi's interruption when he was about to summon up millions of spectators to cheer for him. He had been so eager to experience that triumphant feeling.

Certainly, Xu Yi wouldn't care much about Gao Pan's feeling. The only thing he was interested in right now was that, anyone who would take the initiative, would lead the direction of this fight.

Nevertheless, Gao Pan, an eight-time consecutive winner, wasn't this easy to defeat. Despite his panic, he still managed to throw his defenses up in a mere second.

’’Nasty villain, you dare to sneak attack me! I will make you die like a dog!’’ Gao Pan tilted his chin, giving vent to a torrent of abuses.

With his formidable willpower, Xu Yi wasn't distracted by the abusing and the throwing of objects by the spectators, on the contrary, this spurred him to fight even fiercer. Therefore, he attentively focused on his fist and waved them in Gao Pan's direction.

Receiving no reply from Xu Yi, Gao Pan's anger hit the roof, ’’Bastard, you plan to compete with me for strength? Bring it on!’’

Judging from the sizes of their bodies, Gao Pan was twice the size of Xu Yi. He lived up to his reputation as a heavyweight fighter in the cultivating world.

In his eight previous fights, Gao Pan had only used the silver spear for three of them, while most of the time he had merely used his pair of fists. Now, he furiously wielded his fists in the air, glaring at Xu Yi with eyes full hostility. The spectators couldn't help but shout, ’’Punch him to death! Punch him to death!’’

Gao Pan was in a state of ecstasy, when he heard the millions of his supporters shouting and cursing at Xu Yi.

- Boom! -

Hardly had Gao Pan realised what had happened, or his chest was hit by Xu Yi's palm. The cracking sound inside his chest indicated that the he had just been hit by an immense power. However, Gao Pan stood steadily, not even so much as quivering.

Xu Yi was taken aback by Gao Pan's overwhelming defensiveness, but quickly figured out that the golden cassock, that was being worn by Gao Pan, must be something unusual.

’’Despicable roach, look, you cannot even cause an injury on me. Now, it's my turn!’’

With a thud, Gao Pan waved his fists and exclaimed, ’’Armor-Breaking Fist!’’

Amazed by the momentum of the fist, Xu Yi decided not to directly launch a counterattack, instead he chose to dodge Gao Pan's attack.

- Boom! -

Eventually, the fist landed on the iron-made floor, leaving a shallow dent on the surface.

Cheering immediately exploded from the stands!

Gao Pan kept moving forward, in an attempt to retrieve his silver spear. However, hardly had he made any progress, or Xu Yi jumped in front of him, deterring his way towards the spear. Xu Yi threw another punch towards Gao Pan, but the cassock was almost unbreakable.

In response, Gao Pan exerted the Armor-Breaking Fist for the second time. Luckily, Xu Yi successfully escaped from it once again. Strangely, both of them seemed to be locked in a tangled fight, repeating the same movements time and time again. Whenever Gao Pan lifted his feet towards his silver spear, Xu Yi would stop him and steer the fighting scene away from the spear.

Never had Gao Pan encountered such a roguish fight, he felt extremely depressed and annoyed by Xu Yi's repeated attacks and defenses.

The spectators were further irritated by Xu Yi, they kept shouting, ’’Yi Xu, shame on you!’’

Whereas, Xu Yi was almost ignorant to the reactions from the stands, because he'd rather lose his face than his life.

The time-consuming way of attacking had severely damaged Gao Pan's physical strength, as the Armor-Breaking Fist required a great amount of power. Yet the stubborn Gao Pan decided to fight with Xu Yi this way, until there was a winner.

’’Motherf*ker! You want to exchange fists with me? Let's do it! Whoever quits in this fight due to a lack of strength, will be the loser!’’ Gao Pan challenged Xu Yi in an unfriendly voice.

Xu Yi nimbly waved his neck, before he threw his fist towards the chest of Gao Pan.

’’Here we go!’’ Xu Yi shouted.

- Bang! -

- Boom! -

Both Gao Pan and Xu Yi were simultaneously hit by each other. Gao Pan's golden cassock began to give out a shirking sound. While Xu Yi maintained his vigor throughout the fight, totally unaffected by the numerous fists he exerted.

’’You're wearing protective clothing, aren't you?’’ Gao Pan shot a suspicious look at Xu Yi, wondering how Xu Yi could stand the force of the Armor-Breaking Fist.

It suddenly struck Gao Pan, that this might be a trick: Xu Yi's mind-boggling speed provided him the chance to exchange short-ranged attacks, while his protective clothing prevented him from being injured. By dragging Gao Pan in this fight of endurance, Xu Yi aimed to take advantage of his strength and attack Gao Pan's weakness.

However, Gao Pan was not frightened by realising this;instead, he became more and more confident in defeating Xu Yi. He considered that, only incompetent cultivators would use dirty tricks to try and win their fights. Besides, he firmly believed, that any tricks would prove in vain against genuine power.

As for the protective clothing, the low-grade cassock costed 2,000 gold coins, it would certainly defend against Xu Yi's attack. As for the fists, Gao Pan was convinced that, in the peak state of a forged body, he should be the number one.

They continued fighting - sometimes palms collided with each other, while sometimes they landed on the other's chest. It was simply a competition of willpower and strength, which shocked many of the spectators. Without any fancy techniques, this fight became more and more barbaric, like two wild beasts were wrestling with each other, trying to determine who would get the prey.

After hundreds of rounds of fists, the spectators gradually got upset;they stood up cheering for Gao Pan, ’’God of War! Winner Gao!’’

The approval rating of Gao Pan was multiple times larger than Xu Yi's. On one hand, everyone was familiar with Gao Pan, who had already proved himself in various fights. While on the other hand, the sneak attack of Xu Yi had discouraged many people from supporting him again. Even those beautiful, yet innocent girls, who had originally cheered for him, had changed their minds.

Under the sunshine, Gao Pan's golden cassock reflected the light, gleaming with clinquant rays. Meanwhile, hooray sounding screams kept rising up from the stands, as Gao Pan was idolised as the God of War.

Yet, deep inside, Gao Pan was fretful and terrified. His strength was almost used up, while Xu Yi was still waving his fists agilely towards him.

’’God of War? I don't even care about this shitty title.’’ He thought to himself, because he was too exhausted to carry on.


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