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I Am Supreme - Chapter 89


“What is really going on?” Yun Yang wore the façade of a gossipmonger. “I remember now. Yun Zuiyue is Cirrus House’s madame isn’t she?”

“It’s not common knowledge, you see..” Dong Tianleng was triumphant, pleased that he held the upper hand. “There’s a secret within! A peculiarity!”

He glanced askance at Yun Yang. His was mischievous and practically screamed, “If you want to know, you’ll have to beg me for it!” He reveled in tempting people half-spoken stories.

“My, I feel so sleepy.” Yun Yang’s face suddenly fell, and he yawned. “I feel like sleeping, all of a sudden.”

“Excuse me?” Dong Tianleng was dumbfounded.

Big brother, why are you not behaving enthusiastically, as would a normal person?

“Please leave now.” Yun Yang laid back lazily on the chair and closed his eyes. “I remember I still have something to do tomorrow.”

“I’m not leaving!” Dong Tianleng grew teary-eyed. My lord, you’re too petty;it’s just a small matter and you’ve gotten angry. “Let me tell you, my lord. It’s fun…”

“I don’t want to hear it.” Yun Yang appeared listless. “I’m very sleepy. Leave, don’t come again next time. I don’t know you.”

“My lord!”

Dong Tianleng kneeled down with a look of despair. “I beg you, let me tell you about this bit of gossip.”

He slapped himself harshly. “Dong Tianleng, why can’t you change this despicable habit of yours?”

Yun Yang lifted his gaze lazily. “Are you still going to make me beg?”

“I swear to god!” Dong Tianleng made an oath, “I won’t make my lord beg me anymore! If there’s a next time, I shall be called the god of shamefulness!”

“Speak then,” Yun Yang sighed.

“This thing is outrageous.” Dong Tianleng had turned jolly once again. “This entire incident was due to’s absolutely hilarious!”

Yun Yang looked at him wordlessly.

“I had just won the wager. Happy, your father decided to treat these three rascals to a drink in Cirrus House!” Dong Tianleng said gleefuly, “We realized it’s really not bad a place when we got there. The girls are beautiful, the place is great and elegant! It suits graceful young masters like myself.”

“We ordered some side dishes and wine and watched the performance. Suddenly, someone began making noises… the voice was like a duck’s.” Dong Tianleng shrugged his shoulders. “When I heard the voice, I thought about the eunuchs in the stories and I wanted to take his pants off to look.”

Yun Yang sighed.Was it worth his time to listen to this?

“You said someone called out in a duck’s voice? What did the voice say? Are you sure it sounded like a duck?” Yun Yang noted down ‘duck voice’.

“A hundred percent. This guy called out ‘isn’t this Young Master Qiu?’.” Dong Tianleng continued, “He came to look for Qiu Yunsan.”

Yun Yang looked relaxed and lazy but his entire concentration was focused on the story.

He knew that this plot against Cirrus House and Yun Zuiyue began from this voice.

“This guy came sashaying over and your father smelled the lecherous scent… he should be a eunuch from the palace.” Dong Tianleng scrunched his nose. “There was still a middle-aged man beside him, tall and large. He knew Qiu Yunsan too, Qiu Yunsan calling that guy Keeper Mi… F*cking hell, there are actually people with family name Mi1… Tsk, tsk.”

“Obviously they were familiar with each other since they sat together at another table right beside us. Then I heard them starting to make a match out of drinking. After a while, the one with the family name Mi sighed, saying he had been courting Yun Zuiyue for a few years but has never succeeded. Things about longing and such…”

Dong Tianleng said, “I was listening by the side, wondering if it was that difficult. Then Qiu Yunsan looked at him with disgust and said he’d take at most half a month for whichever girl he laid his eyes on.”

“That man retorted by asking him not to bullsh*t. ‘This Yun Zuiyue, forget half a month. If you manage to get her within half a year, I’d run naked in Tiantang City from east to west’…”

Yun Yang sighed when he got to this part. This was an exclusive trap made for these noble young masters, the second generation who was not one of the families’ elites!

He had to say, even if the trap was roughly made, it was absolutely effective. To these second generations, their biggest joy was to gamble and toy with women. Using this as a wager was hitting the nail right on its head.

Dong Tianleng continued, “Qiu Yunsan’s eyes radiated then, saying ‘Are you serious!’. He was obviously moved… Not only him, we were as well… F*cking hell, court a woman and we get to see somebody run around naked in Tiantang City… Is this not f*cking thrilling?”

“Then the person said, ‘Young Master Qiu, this is no joke. My advice is not to provoke the woman, your looks will most probably fail you from the onset’.”

“Qiu Yun San replied, ‘If I can’t get her, I’ll do whatever you want me to do!’. Then he actually forced the man to clasp their hands together to seal their oath.”

Yun Yang sighed again.

Were these second generation members bad people? Obviously, they were not. However, their demeanor, sculpted by their environment since they were young, made it too easy for them to fall into people’s traps and become the scapegoat!

They were manipulated using their temperaments to achieve certain unspeakable goals!

A family, especially one with a thousand years of legacy, would definitely have innately genius elites;they would also have the pillars who silently worked hard, but there would also be popinjays like Qiu Yunsan and Dong Tianleng.

It was not that education had failed them;it was a must for a noble family’s development.

When these guys caused trouble and provoked people they should not, they could get away with an apology and punishment if matters were nothing serious. If it were serious, they could be thrown out to be slaughtered and no pain would be felt.

However, sometimes, when the elites could not make public appearances to stir trouble, they could use these popinjays to ignite the fire and derive benefit from the chaos it caused.

This was unavoidable.

All in all, they would act logically when logic was needed and they would be barbaric when sensibility was not needed. This was a way of life.

“Then they began betting. Qiu Yunsan had to successfully court Yun Zuiyue within a month. After some persuasion from the Mi, it became a three-month wager. Three of us were witnesses to the deal. Three of us had even wagered five hundred mystical stones each.”

Dong Tianleng was reveling in other people’s misery.

Yun Yang was speechless. You fellows are betting even on this sort of matter.

“Then Qiu Yunsan started his operation. Nothing could sway Yun Zuiyue indeed… It was agreed that no force could be used so this fellow had nowhere to begin with…”

Dong Tianleng chuckled and said, “We met a few days later at Cirrus House. Not only did he not progress, Yun Zuiyue would not even meet him!She did not even allow anyone to pass her messages… Qiu Yunsan was troubled while the one with surname Mi said that such a woman deserved to be cared for lovingly.”

“It’s fine to even marry her. Such a pure and self-loving woman could be married off with the help of a matchmaker…” Dong Tianleng continued, “This Mi began thinking of who could serve as the matchmaker and it triggered Qiu Yunsan. So this fellow began searching for connections with the intention to marry Yun Zuiyue as his concubine. He actually found quite a few people willing to help.”

“I’ve never realized it but this Qiu Yunsan’s background was rather far-reaching. He could actually call upon many influential figures, especially his aunty. If he hadn’t mentioned it, I would never have known that Qiu Yunsan’s uncle is actually Marshal Qiu Jianhan.”

Dong Tianleng’s look was impressed. “Qiu Family’s connection is indeed far and deep.”

As Yun Yang listened to him, he could already infer all that followed.

Dong Tianleng need not continue narrating.

The opposite party had long studied Qiu Yunsan and set him up as their target. Step by step, they lured Qiu Yunsan into their trap, putting him in a tough spot before using various connections to influence him.

The pressure on Cirrus House was from each and every direction.

Consequently, under that pressure, Cirrus House would definitely be like a drenched towel, expelling more water with every squeeze. One day, the water would all be forced out.

This was their ultimate goal!

Although Qiu Yunsan had failed and all the pressure was gone, half of their goal was still completed! At least, they had successfully pulled their real target, that was himself of course, into this mess without a choice to get away!

As long as they continued to play such tactics on Cirrus House, he would not be able to stay away. If he could not stay away, then this massive and secretive organization would one day find him.

This was certain!

He could not watch fifth brother’s love be bullied not matter what it took despite the other party not knowing this.

However, the connection was extremely clear.

From Dong Tianleng’s narration, Yun Yang took note of another two people.

A person who spoke with a duck’s voice, possibly a eunuch;another with the family name Mi and was called Keeper Mi.

These two people were definitely important members of this scheme.

In addition to Shui Yuehan from the crown prince’s residence and Fu Guansan, keeper of Plethora Gem Tower, Yun Yang had at least four people as his target.

Although Yun Yang could ask Dong Tianleng about the appearance of this duck voice and Mi, it would appear too obvious.

Yun Yang thought again before he said unhappily, “Say no more. I understand now. Dong Tianleng, you keep calling me your lord but you went drinking and had fun, even inviting people to Cirrus House but not me?”

Dong Tianleng was still clouded with excitement from his gossip but he grew sober when he saw Yun Yang’s long face.

He was shocked. “My lord, did you want to go too?”

Yun Yang rolled his eyes. “No, I do not! Since someone had the temerity to exclude me, why should I go?”

“I’ll invite you! Me, me, me! Absolutely!” Dong Tianleng patted his chest. “Shall we go now?”

“It’s too late…” Yun Yang said lazily, “You invited others first and I had to ask before you invited me. I shall not be humiliated this way. Leave now!”

Dong Tianleng dropped down to the floor without hesitation this time. “It is all this young brother’s fault. My lord, I beg you, let me buy you this meal. If you don’t go, I won’t get up!”

Yun Yang was chagrined. Has this fellow finally gotten the hint after so long?

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Translator Note:

1Mi (米 mǐ): used as a family name here;on its own, it could mean rice or meter, thus explaining Dong Tianleng’s mocking.

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