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I Am Supreme - Chapter 88


“What should I do when I can solve it with my own ability?”

Yun Yang’s train of thought switched tracks as he mumbled, “Dong Tianleng should have won, why hasn’t he come to return his debt?”

He was just thinking about it when suddenly a voice rang out by the gate, “Lord! Is my lord in? Little brother is here to visit you!”

The voice was coquettish and cheap with a hint of inexplicable lewdness in it.

Yun Yang was stunned.

“The old saying is true.The people of Tiantang are bizarre. Speak of the devil…”

“Quick, come in!” Yun Yang said, raising his voice.

He had wished for this cheap thing to come so badly that he was actually a little thrilled when he heard Dong Tianleng’s voice. He’s here to deliver resources! Here to do dirty work!

Yun Yang’s welcoming courtesy was unnecessary as Dong Tianleng had already invited himself in, charging in the same way he had sneaked out.

Before he could meet Yun Yang’s eyes, the Double-headed Elysian Lion under Dong Tianleng’s robe had already rushed over to Yun Yang;its heads and tail shaking with joy.

“Have you changed your dressing today?” Yun Yang stared incredulously at him.

“I’ve won. Why would I still be dressed in green?” Dong Tianleng smiled triumphantly. “It’s those three who is dressed from head to toe in green now!”

Yun Yang scratched his head. “You’ve won?”

“I’ve won!” Dong Tianleng scurried over and knelt on the floor, almost worshipping Yun Yang with all his limbs on the ground. “Lord, you’re a man of god! Akin to immortals descended from heaven! My lord, my admiration for you is like Tianxuan’s great river, like the borderless ocean, like the majestic snowy mountain, like the divine mountain ranges. Oh, even the term Midas Touch would no longer suffice to describe you. Even manure could become gold if you touch it…”

Dong Tianleng was sincerely devout. “Oh my lord… I’m… I – I… I love you! I am in love with you...”


Yun Yang felt goosebumps erupt all over him, chills running through his body. He almost lost the ability to blink.

“The f*ck!”

These were the only two words that came from Yun Yang.

Supreme Cloud had always been gentle and graceful. Dong Tianleng was really talented to be able to force Supreme Cloud into spewing a curse.

“Dong Tianleng!” Yun Yang looked at him angrily. “You… You can’t be…”

“My lord!” Dong Tianleng felt like he was immensely wronged as he spoke indignantly, “I, Dong Tianleng, am still a descendant of a noble family. How could you accuse me of that? I still like women…”

Yun Yang looked at him doubtfully. “Really?”

“If you don’t believe me, I can take off my pants and show you!”

“Whatever for?” Yun Yang kicked out viciously. “You only wish to disgust me!”

“Thus is my admiration towards my lord.” Dong Tianleng was not the slightest bit angry at being kicked but felt rather proud as he said quite triumphantly, “A man of god like my god should be respected!”

Yun Yang palmed his forehead. “Why are you here alone today? Where are your guards?”

This question had touched Dong Tianleng’s sore spot;his long sigh briefly unnerved Yun Yang as he began to complain.

“My lord, you have no idea what kind of a life I have been living these days…” Dong Tianleng was almost tearful. “Since I’ve won, they swore that they would have me expose the expert behind this… But who am I. Dong Tianleng?”

“I, Dong Tianleng, have always been loyal to kin and justice, righteous and noble;I’d die for my friends and risk even my life for my brothers! How would I betray my friend?”

Dong Tianleng spoke vehemently, “So I didn’t say anything at all. They then grounded me, stalked me! Even when I go to the washroom… someone is always with me…”

“What kind of f*cking days are these…” Dong Tianleng was eager to get Yun Yang’s approval and sympathy, his narration vivid and teary.

“You obviously wish to have this victory to your own!” Yun Yang immediately saw through his subterfuge.

“Uh…” Dong Tianleng did not even feel embarrassed but switched immediately to exude a mien of benevolence. “My lord, who on this earth doesn’t want to have it all? Since we have such good resources, why share with others? Both of us make a huge fortune and let the others beg for their meals, how gratifying is that? Toss them a few copper coins when we feel like it and have them bark like a dog, isn’t that a wonderful feeling? This would be the ultimate achievement in life.”

Yun Yang was speechless.

This fellow’s life… Is that’s all he asks for?

“Stop all this nonsense!”

Yun Yang stretched his hand out. “Where is the wager you’ve won?”

Dong Tianleng froze. “My lord, why do we speak of wealth between us brothers…”

“You do not wish to hand it over?” Yun Yang was calm as he chuckled. “Then I don’t want it too.”

“No… It’s not that I don't want to..” Dong Tianleng panicked. He was here to send the gift, why did he carry on like he did earlier?

“Let me go to others and see if they would be more willing to give me some.”

“My lord, I’m begging you!” Dong Tianleng kneeled down again. “I won’t get up if you refuse to accept it!”

“How contemptible!” Yun Yang was speechless.

“I think so too…” Dong Tianleng was speechless as well. What is this if I’m not being contemptible?

This is not even being shameful, this is being f*cking shameful!

“So much?” Yun Yang looked at what Dong Tianleng had taken out.

“We wagered a high sum this time.” Dong Tianleng chuckled excitedly. “The total of the wager was a thousand and five hundred mystical crystals. I think these were too little so I’ve put in another five hundred mystical crystals myself to honor my lord.”

“That doesn’t sound right.” Yun Yang looked at Dong Tianleng suspiciously. “You said that each of you would bet a hundred mystical stones and one medicinal pill. In addition was the head to toe dressing rule and a round of beatings.”

“No matter how the calculation was made, it won’t add up to two thousand mystical crystals.”

Dong Tianleng scratched his head. “It’s like this… The wager this time, they’ve asked to hike the price since the time gap was so close;they wanted to win everything your father has… so the wager increased to two hundred mystical crystals each plus a meridian cleansing pill…”

Yun Yang coughed and rolled his eyes.

“They have counted all the chickens before the eggs hatched. They don’t have meridian cleansing pills in their families. Even if they do, it’d eons later when they finally get to get their hands on them. But my great grandfather is the top alchemist in the eight great families so my family would never run short of these meridian cleansing pills…”

Dong Tianleng was half gritting his teeth and half triumphant. “They wanted to scheme against me. I suggested to do battle and they wagered two hundred mystical crystals and a meridian cleansing pill each against me. These rascals indulged in their wishful thinking! They never planned to lose, they wanted to win all I had! So then they would each have mystical crystals and meridian cleansing pills, and they could beat me up!”

Yun Yang grinned. “They were obviously out to get you and yet you agreed?”

Dong Tianleng was abashed. “I was the one who suggested to do battle, how can I not agree with their conditions? I had to stay there even if I knew they were there to get me… I can’t possibly pull out after they had stated their wager when I was the one asking to bet. My lord, I can’t afford to lose my face like this…”

Yun Yang was speechless.

He looked that his despicable face and thought in his heart, “Just with this face… You can’t afford to lose it? Do you still even have half a face?”

Dong Tianleng began to get excited. “Even though I knew that they wanted to trick me, I was confident in you, my lord. You said I’d win, then so I shall! I wasn’t afraid at al, insisting on going head on with the challenge. You didn’t see it, big brother. Once those three fellows realized that they had lost, they looked like their mothers had died. How happy I was! Elated, really. I was so happy I was clapping the whole time!”

Yun Yang rolled his eyes. “Don’t be a bootlicker. How can I not know your intention, Dong Tianleng? I told you before, I’d bear all the cost if you lose… right? You dared to bet because you f*cking remember this, didn’t you?”

Dong Tianleng swore, “Boss, am I that type of person? Look at my honest face…”

Yun Yang scoffed.

Dong Tianleng was embarrassed then, chuckling dryly as his eyes glanced around. In actuality, this fellow was in that exact mind frame at that time. Yun Yang had said he would cover his loss – Hmph, if I had lost, I would blame it all on this fellow! At most, I’ll get beaten up... It wouldn’t be my first time anyway…

If I win though… he’s my god of fortune then.

Being exposed by Yun Yang, he was slightly embarrassed before forgetting everything about his honor, recovering right by swearing loudly.

“Forget it!” Yun Yang rolled his eyes. “That’s still not enough.”

“They didn’t even have meridian cleansing pills. Those three losers, this young master doesn’t want to force them as well, so it became three hundred mystical crystals each as a replacement.” Dong Tianleng whined, “Boss, I only speak the truth…”

Yun Yang scoffed. “Where are your guards?”

“The guards are at the tavern… I sneaked out.” Dong Tianleng beamed happily. “There’s something going on these days, those two rascals are totally occupied. It was only upon seeing that surname Qiu got out, that I could be free.”

“Surname Qiu?” Yun Yang was stunned.

“That popinjay from Qiu Family! Qiu Yunsan! That’s really one prodigal troublemaker…” Dong Tianleng was jolly and cheery. “We went to Cirrus House a few days ago and this fellow somehow made a bet with someone, saying that he would court Yun Zuiyue in three months and started the courtship right there and then.”

“In the end, this courtship sank the ship. This Yun Zuiyue has a really strong background. Not only did Qiu Yunsan lose the bet, he was beaten severely by his uncle. I’ve heard he almost got his nuts grounded too… He’s still lying half-dead in his uncle’s house now…”

Qiu Yunsan? Cirrus House? Yun Zuiyue?

Yun Yang’s eyes gleamed, putting on a delightfully interested front. “Now, this sounds interesting. Tell me quickly, I just love to listen to the misfortunes of others.”

Yun Yang’s sudden change in demeanor had Dong Tianleng feeling like he had met his soulmate. Slapping his thigh, he said, “Boss, you are really my lord. I revel in others’ downfall as well. Great minds think alike!”

Yun Yang had an inexplicably growing penchant for Dong Tianleng.

This guy is contemptible but he’s my lucky star.

When I lack resources, he sends me his winnings;when I lack news, he sends me information;when I lack hands to do the dirty work… it looks like there’s no problem in finding a few after all.

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