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I Am Supreme - Chapter 83


The entire Empire of Yutang was abuzz with excitement.

The Nine Supremes blessed the army with their presence, entirely decimating the enemy troops.

It was a mythical incident that had the makings of a legend;it was being narrated vividly by hundreds and thousands of men returning from the battlefield. It would undoubtedly cause a huge stir!

The swift steed was urged to gallop three thousand miles a day to deliver the good news. It pushed itself, neighing all along the way, completing its duty in just seven to eight days as the entire Empire of Yutang was bombarded with the news.

Victory was being celebrated on the battlefield, the empire’s land had been successfully defended. The mighty enemy had retreated, the nation was safe again. In such a war, the legend of the Nine Supremes was born.

In a restaurant, conversations were abuzz with the recent news.

“Do you know? The Nine Supremes sirs appeared again!”

“I only know from hearsay that the Nine Supremes sirs blessed us with their presence and defeated Dongxuan’s army.”

“Yes, yes. It was a fire that burned hundreds and thousands of Dongxuan’s mighty soldiers! They even made the continent’s top god of war, Han Sanhe, retreat in defeat. Oh, how gratifying!”

“It was all thanks to the Nine Supremes lords. Who knows what would have happened otherwise?”

“I know that kind people will be blessed with good returns. The Nine Supremes sirs must not have died yet!”

“I hear that they’re dead. They only blessed us with their presence this time.” someone said hesitantly.

Immediately, the merry atmosphere froze. A handful of people turned their heads towards the man who said that the Nine Supremes were dead, their expressions ugly.

The man was immediately panic-stricken. “I didn’t mean it that way…”

“Then what way do you mean?” Someone chided sternly, “You dare say the nine sirs are dead! Brothers, beat him up!”

A group of people stood up and made their way over.

“Shut up if you don’t know how to talk! F*ck you… The Nine Supremes sirs won’t die even when your whole family is dead!”

“Please, have mercy…”

The nation was brimming with celebration.

Tie Zheng’s report was one thick dossier of information.

“This official has sinned and almost failed. Your Majesty, please present the sentence and punishment…”

“This official has something to say. This official has seen handicapped veterans taking the initiative to enlist in this war. They have risked their lives to do battle. This official is immensely touched. On behalf of three hundred thousand warriors, this official asks that these veterans be rewarded! This official pleads for Your Majesty to be generous in pension distribution and honoring their glorious feat.”

“… one hundred thousand Steel Cavalry, thirty-seven thousand and five hundred have perished;approximately two hundred thousand men were left from the total of three hundred thousand. It was expected of our troops to sustain injuries and sacrifices but the veterans have enlisted in the army on their own initiative. A total of eighty-three thousand veterans have gathered from all over the nation, twenty-seven thousand three hundred and sixty people have perished! There were no wounded men. With such casualties, this official is ashamed.”

Half of Tie Zheng’s report was admitting mistakes while another half was asking for merits for the veterans. However, the entire dossier bore no mention of the two words – Nine Supremes.

In the morning assembly, His Majesty the emperor recited it with emotion.

“How many patriotic warriors does Yutang have? What does Yutang have to be afraid of with such citizens! It was I, who have mistreated these meritorious warriors all along!”

Old Marshal Qiu Jianhan and Leng Daoyin stepped forward at the same time.

“War erupted at the border. Retired soldiers and handicapped veterans from all over the nation spontaneously entered the war during the most critical moment of our military state. Several days after the war ended, our troops still have veterans from the outskirts who have formed squads to join the war.”

“Loyalty and patriotism burns in the souls of Yutang’s militants.”

“This old official has a joint letter here from the veterans. They have asked for this old one’s help to pass it to Your Majesty,” Qiu Jianhan said.

“Recite it!” His Majesty the emperor’s face was flushed from the waves of emotion he experienced as he spoke loudly, “Recite it. Recite it to our civil and military officials. Let all of us remember and teach officials of all ranks how to be considerate and caring!”


The old marshal agreed and took a letter out from his robe. Opening it to read out loud, he was dumbfounded as he glanced at the paper. His muscular build trembled as his otherwise stern eyes were rimmed red.

“There are only a few words.” The old marshal’s voice was trembling.

“Long live Your Majesty. Your subjects are immensely fortunate to have this letter in Your Majesty’s hands. We lowly ones were officers in the military but due to our inadequate abilities, we lowly ones were handicapped in the battlefield and could no longer battle alongside our comrades in contributing to the empire. These lowly ones bear shame in our hearts…”

“Your Majesty distributes pensions annually, we receive them with much shame. Now that the empire faces a threat, we have taken the initiative to help fend off the enemy. It is what we ought to do, we do not ask for a reward. Once the war has ended, we will take off our armor and go home.”

“Our perished brothers in this battle have wives and children, old and young in their families. We plead that Your Majesty can be magnanimous in allowing them more pension. Our wish is then fulfilled, we have nothing else to ask for!”

“We were men in the army, we have patriotism in our hearts;whenever the nation needs us, we shall battle in the war once again.”

Although it was obvious that this letter by the veterans had been edited for better fluidity, the cohesion was still lacking as were the wordings. It was even a little all over the place, what was more, for flair.

However, the raging patriotism and earnest loyalty were clearly apparent!

Old Marshal Qiu Jianhan recited it without changing a single word;the entire imperial court was stunned into pin-drop silence.

“Great, great, great!” Quite a while later, His Majesty the emperor praised with hot tears brimming his eyes as he said loudly, “This is my people! This is Yutang’s people! I am deeply comforted, I am deeply moved!”

“Towards such patriotic souls, such resilient loyalty, if they are not awarded…”

Before His Majesty could finish, the old marshal had butted in, “Your Majesty, please halt your anger in allowing this old one to interrupt. These veterans have each gone back to their homes after the war ended. They are scattered everywhere now. I’m afraid it will be extremely difficult to gather them once more.”

It was utterly impolite to cut off the emperor’s speech but Old Marshal Qiu had to do so. If His Majesty spoke of awards or honors that called for ceremonies, it might become an awkward matter when it was so difficult to reassemble the men.

His Majesty the emperor was slightly disappointed. “Won’t I be mistreating these meritorious officers then?”

Leng Daoyin sighed and said, “This official can guess these brothers’ thoughts. They don’t believe that they have achieved anything meritorious but they think of it as an obligation.”

“Besides, they still think that they are in debt to those brothers whom they have set off together with but did not return alongside.” Leng Daoyin heaved a long sigh, “Your Majesty… all the people who survived the battlefield would think that being alive is already the greatest gift by the heavens!”

“No matter how bad things get or how hard life becomes, they are still much better and happier than those brothers who have fallen in the battlefield” Old Marshal Qiu understood the feeling as well.

His Majesty the emperor let out a loud sigh.

“If so, let the twenty-seven thousand three hundred and sixty veteran warriors who perished be given a heavy pension!” His Majesty announced seriously, “Ten gold taels for each family, the children at home to be sponsored to school.”

“Also, the supervision over this sum of pension must be strict. If there are those who misuse or abuse it…” His Majesty’s voice was cold when he continued, “Nine familial extermination!”

After the dismissal of morning assembly, everyone had left on their way.

Old Marshal Qiu was held behind by His Majesty the emperor who was rather impatient. “Is there news?”

Qiu Jianhan shook his head. “No.”

“No?” His Majesty looked at Old Marshal Qiu with doubt. “Tie Zheng didn’t tell you?”

Old Marshal Qiu laughed helplessly. “His letter is here.”

He retrieved it from his robe and passed it to the emperor.

His Majesty read it meticulously and his eyes widened in disbelief. “Tie Zheng is also saying that he was blessed with their presence?”

Old Marshal Qiu pulled a long face, he did not know what to say.

“Bastard!” The emperor could no longer hold it in as he stomped his foot in rage. “Do you believe it?”

Old Marshal Qiu pursed his lips. “I don’t believe it either.”

“Then who is Tie Zheng trying to fool?” The emperor was in an apoplectic rage. “Am I that foolish? Blessed presence? Does Tie Zheng wish to live a long life? Recall him! I shall punish him harshly!”

“Your Majesty, please hold on!” Old Marshal Qiu stopped him quickly and said sombrely, “This old official can understand Tie Zheng’s standpoint. Besides, it is indeed more appropriate to call their presence a blessing.”

His Majesty was huffing and puffing in anger but his mind had begun to work as well.

He was not dumb, his mind was only muddled with impatience and care. With Qiu Jianhan’s hint, he finally understood.

“The Nine Supremes have always made their move with all nine of them together. But there was only Supreme Wind and Flame.” Old Marshal Qiu Jianhan’s expression was sad. “In addition, Tie Zheng’s secret letter says that he felt that Supreme Wind and Flame’s performance was much worse than what he remembers.”

His Majesty’s face fell.

“The battle at Tianxuan Cliff is definitely real. Even if someone from the Nine Supremes had survived out of poor luck, the rest probably did not.”

“It would be within expectation that their abilities were impaired.”

“There would be too many uncertainties in Tianxuan Cliff’s battle…” Old Marshal Qiu was hesitant, wording his speech carefully. “Why not assert this news of their blessed presence… then, … and so… and so…”

“Then the nation could regain its peace as the enemy will hesitate to act. Besides, the other empires would definitely be suspicious and in doubt, not daring to attack. This would give us a breather.”

“The Nine Supremes’ fall… let us put other empires and the martial arts world aside. Just within the imperial court itself, traitors among all ranks must be found. Otherwise, the aftereffect would be endless. They could cook up Tianxuan Cliff, could they not cook up another incident a second time?”

“If it comes to that, it would be imminent doom!” Old Marshal Qiu advised in earnest.

“As for Tie Zheng, the Fortress is Resilience is in ruins and in need of repair. Let him clean the place up. When the outside is slightly calmer and the Fortress of Resilience is rebuilt, when Dongxuan is confirmed to not be a threat anymore, Your Majesty can then summon Tie Zheng to the capital and have him report to Your Majesty in great detail. It won’t be too late.”

“Until then, Your Majesty only has to say it if he wants to beat or punish this child.” Old Marshal Qiu said.

“This is true.”

“But Tie Zheng has a request,” Old Marshal Qiu continued.

“What request?” The emperor asked curiously.

“He wants to hold a grand wedding and invite all his military brothers, including the warriors who have perished!”

Old Marshal Qiu’s expression was grim as he recounted the entire tale, explaining in detail about the cause and effect with a sigh.

His Majesty pursed his lips. “Tie Zheng… inviting so many people to drink? Does he have such a big fortune?”

Old Marshal Qiu coughed and did not speak.

Inviting a hundred thousand men and fallen brothers to drink… it would be an astronomical figure!

“Let me pay for this!” His Majesty gritted his teeth. “The treasury is empty but this wedding’s wine… must be spent.”

Old Marshal Qiu sighed, stopping himself despite wanting to speak.

All of the country’s wealth had been spent on the military and on pensions now that war was ongoing. The emperor had never been stingy in this aspect.

However, the nation was really out of pennies now.

This wedding’s wine would definitely cost an astronomical figure at that.

If the amount was spent, it would most probably cause a commotion or even be called misuse. The emperor would then face a huge amount of pressure – living was already difficult as it was and you’re spending so much fortune just to buy wine and pour them on graves?

If the emperor did not spend the sum… was he unable to fulfill even the last wish of thousands of heroic souls, a last wish so simple and small?

They only wanted to drink a toast of their marshal’s wedding wine!

The old marshal thought that it was really vexing to be His Majesty the emperor.

His Majesty was pacing around when he suddenly lowered his voice and asked, “Old Qiu, do you think that Supreme Wind and Flame are still alive? Could this be possible?”

Qiu Jianhan felt helpless. He had explained it so clearly just now. It’s best not to discuss this… why do you insist on asking this?

“This old official thinks that it is possible... ” Qiu Jianhan hesitated.

His Majesty was growing more excited. “Then do you think that if Supreme Wind and Flame are still alive, is it also possible that the other Supremes are also alive?”

The old marshal widened his eyes.

Are you thinking too much? It’s still hard to say about these two…

“Then my child…” The emperor was hopeful. “Is he also…”

His eyes were sparkling as he spoke. “…still alive?”


Old Marshal Qiu felt like he was going crazy.

Perhaps the others still stood the slimmest chance of possibly being alive but it was most unlikely for Supreme Earth. If Supreme Earth was still alive, even if he had a single breath left, His Majesty the emperor would be the first one to know about it!

“It is most unlikely.” The old marshal was brutally honest.

His Majesty stared wide-eyed, his rage fanning into a flame. “How bold, Qiu Jianhan! How dare you commit treason!”

The old marshal was speechless.

When did I commit treason? Even if you’re the emperor, you can’t simply accuse me of such a wild charge!

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