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I Am Supreme - Chapter 69


Chapter 69: Piercing Agony

Translator: Whatsyourissue Editor: ICheah



Whoosh! Whoosh!


In the royal study of His Majesty the emperor, countless items were being thrown and crushed by the infuriated leader!

Upon receiving the news, His Majesty the emperor had suddenly exploded like a berserk lion. He was hysterically destroying everything he could see, systematically tearing down the royal study.

His eyes were rimmed red.

Old Marshal Qiu watched the emperor fume in shock and with an agape mouth. It was expected that His Majesty would be enraged;the Old Marshal had guessed that the emperor would be immensely angered as well.

However, he had not expected that His Majesty the emperor's reaction would be this extreme. It was terribly unanticipated.

Sounds of crushing objects emanated endlessly from the royal study;all the eunuchs had been chased far away. Within several hundred meters, there was only the Old Marshal and His Majesty the emperor left.

After a long bout, His Majesty had finally calmed down. He sat down directly on the floor amidst the chaos with his royal yellow robe. With no regard to his image, he had covered his face with two hands and sobbed in a low voice, hot tears rolling down his cheeks.

He wanted terribly to hold his anguish in but he found that he could not.

Tears seeped from the gaps between his fingers.

Qiu Jianhan was dumbfounded.

Although he knew the emperor's reaction would be extreme, he would never imagine it to be this violent! Was this still His Majesty who had always been stoic in reigning his empire?

’’Your Majesty, you...’’ The Old Marshal was perplexed as he said carefully, ’’There are only clues, for now, it doesn't necessarily mean that it... involves... the two princes. Your Majesty?’’

His Majesty the emperor lifted his head to stare at Qiu Jianhan unblinkingly, not speaking for a long while. However, the hysterical hopelessness in his gaze brought despair to Qiu Jianhan.

After a brief interlude, the emperor said in a low voice, ’’Old Qiu. Did you know that, the eldest of the Nine Supremes... Supreme Earth... he was my son, the eldest prince?’’

To say his words were shocking was an understatement indeed.

Old Marshal Qiu Jianhan froze as if a thunder had struck him in the head;his eyes bulged as he looked at the emperor in disbelief.

’’That was my child...’’ The emperor puffed, his eyes reddened. ’’Old Qiu, Nine Supremes was so powerful. No matter how open minded I am, I would never have been comfortable allowing it to be handled by an outsider. How my son reacted to the descent of the Nine Heavens Demesne... How delighted I was!’’

The old marshal finally understood everything.

It explained why a Supreme Earth popped out after the descent of the Nine Heavens Demesne! A few months later, the eldest prince had suddenly passed away.

It explained how Supreme Earth could have secretly perfected the Nine Supremes' powers and His Majesty the emperor could be carefree without poking his nose in such a powerful existence that could manipulate the sovereignty of his empire.

It explained how the Nine Supremes could form so quickly and why the Nine Supremes had no restraints placed on them!


All these was because of Supreme Earth, the eldest of the Nine Supremes, the eldest prince. The moment the eldest prince had accepted this mission, his fate to renounce the throne was already sealed!

It was because, in the eyes of the public, he was as good as dead! He was no threat to the throne. No matter how powerful the Nine Supremes were, there would not be any danger which was why the emperor could give his trust so willingly!

He did not need to know everyone's identity, it was fine for them to go on being mysterious- because it was the eldest prince who was leading them!

Old Marshal Qiu had also understood at once why His Majesty's mask had slipped today.

’’My child... he was sensible and smart, sophisticated in intellectual matters and astute in warfare;he was resolute and straightforward, the cream of the cream. I was so sure that I would have someone to take over... but the descent of the Nine Heavens Demesne gave this entire empire hope. He had given up the throne for himself to build this intimidating force in secret.’’

’’He'd given up his all to build a safe future for this nation.’’

’’My child... he threw himself into battlefields and put his life at stake endlessly from then on... He contributed all he had and stayed loyal to Yutang. From being a royalty who could live a lavish life to a warrior who battled death daily. Ever since he received this mission he has not had a comfortable day.’’

’’Did you know, just last year on new year's eve, after the feast had ended, I summoned Supreme Earth of the Nine Supremes to discuss confidential matters.’’

’’Sigh,’’ The old marshal heaved a long breath.

How could he have known this? He had been absolutely dubious about the Emperor's actions;summoning Supreme Earth for a discussion on a new year's eve. Why would the emperor not even allow people a day's rest on new year's eve?

It was only now that he knew there had been no discussion after all. It was a father reuniting with his son on new year's eve!

’’That time... my child drank some wine and excitedly told me of the formation of the Nine Supremes and how their power was gradually getting stronger. He was very happy. But later on, he got drunk and wanted to sleep. He was kneeling in front of me then, cushioning his head on my legs and told me in a soft murmur.’’

His Majesty's tears streamed again. ’’My child said, 'Father, I'm so tired'.’’

Qiu Jianhan's heart gave a leap.

I'm so tired.

How could he not be?

He had to watch himself die despite being alive, witness his birthright be given to his brother, look at the throne that he had absolute no fate to sit on;yet he still had to endlessly battle with his life for this empire.

No matter how much he did, how big a sacrifice it was, he would forever be invisible.

’’On the first day of the new year, my child left, leading his brothers to complete their mission.’’ The emperor was drenched in tears. ’’Until the ninth day of the third month, when he was going for his mission, I still remember that it was the second day of the third month's night. He specifically made his way to the palace to meet me. Before he left, he hesitated before saying, 'Father, take care!'.’’

’’I was angry at that time and chided him, saying that he needed to keep his guard up whenever and wherever he was. He had to always remember that he could not call me father!’’ His Majesty looked at the sky in despair, his tears streaming endlessly. ’’I wouldn't have known then that it was actually the last time my child would call me father!’’

’’He was Supreme Earth;he could sense things but he wouldn't know his fate, so he subconsciously asked me to take care. He worried about me... This is my child still being filial to me before he died.’’

’’But how silly I was! I still chided him during our last meeting. From then, we have been separated by heaven... My child... Father... father is so sorry!’’

His Majesty the emperor bawled loudly.

’’Now I know that those involved in the conspiracy against the Nine Supremes actually have people from the crown prince and the third prince.’’ The emperor howled in agony, a mouthful of blood suddenly gushed out from his mouth as he fainted.

’’Your Majesty!’’

’’The royal physician! Call for the royal physician!’’



Although His Majesty the emperor had quickly regained consciousness from suddenly spewing blood and fainting, he was still torpid. Old Marshal Qiu, who had entered the palace late last night to hold a discussion with the emperor became the subject of the crowd's accusations.

’’What happened?’’

’’Why did His Majesty suddenly faint?’’

’’What did you tell His Majesty?’’


The old marshal was anxious even as he was speechless, especially when facing the empress' cold, questioning gaze. He was even more helpless as he had his tongue-tied, unable to speak.

What I've told His Majesty... Can I tell you the same?

It was only until the emperor had awakened that Old Marshal Qiu would be saved from his anxiety.

When the emperor had regained consciousness, his gaze was icy as he weakly proclaimed his decree.

’’The crown prince is to reflect on his mistakes behind closed doors and grounded in his residence for three months.’’

’’The third prince, fourth prince, and fifth prince are not allowed to step outside! They are disallowed to contact any outsiders! Once caught, he should be relegated to peasantry;those he had come into contact with shall have nine familial exterminated!’’

Both decrees were bizarre and did not make any sense. However, looking at the hidden rage behind His Majesty's icy gaze, everyone was sure that once that rage was released, it was enough to burn everyone on the spot to ashes!

’’Zhao Binglong... conspiring against the state, collaborating with the enemy, sentenced to nine familial extermination! All of them are to be put to death under the penalty of a thousand cuts!’’

Old Marshal Qiu Jianhan stayed the whole night in the palace, returning to his residence only when it was dawn. Until he laid on his bed, his mind was still muddled.

He could only heave loud breaths.

What His Majesty had mentioned was like a thunderbolt.

He, too, was feeling the piercing agony that His Majesty was experiencing.

The emperor was not the only one suffering from the loss of his son.

’’It's not easy to be an emperor... But it's also not simple to be a prince.’’

The old marshal sighed.

He was about to sleep. From this entire day to His Majesty spewing blood and fainting, the old marshal could feel his exhaustion seeping in too.

’’Marshal! Emergency at the border!’’ Just as he was about to enter dreamland, a voice came from the outside.

Qiu Jianhan felt his head ache. Sitting up and withstanding the pain, he asked, ’’What is it? Border? Which side?’’

’’The east side!’’

A guard entered with brisk steps and delivered a wax-sealed letter.

’’Two hundred thousand soldiers of Dongxuan are lined at the border;war is about to erupt... Dongxuan's infantry and cavalry are all before Resilience Fortress...’’

The urgent situation at the border fortification chased all hints of sleep away from Qiu Jianhan.

As he picked himself up from his bed and got dressed, he sent his orders.

’’Send the information to the military immediately.’’

’’Prepare the horse! I'm entering the palace at once!’’

’’Send orders to each department of the military, prepare for war!’’

’’Find the treasurer, have him enter the palace!’’

’’Send orders to troops in all counties, mobilize food support and send it to the east!’’

The Old Marshal's residence was abuzz with activity;the Board of War was also in a commotion. All the higher-ranked officials in Empire of Yutang had been alerted!

The gray clouds of war loomed over the capital of Yutang. What an inappropriate time it was too.

How defenseless the nation was!


It had drizzled through the entire night;Yun Yang felt refreshed after cultivating. The mystical Qi in him had turned into vigorous waves of energy as they stormed through his meridians,

He seemed to be filled with endless power.

’’I shall charge for the third peak tonight, go take a look at the third heaven that I haven't seen in such a long time!’’

Yun Yang was in high spirits.

As for the little critters following behind him, their improvement was even faster.

Although the four Eclipse Panthers had no obvious changes in their appearance, they had all entered the fourth level.

Beyond his residence, the noise from the military troops and the rapid clatter from the warhorses were heard.

Yun Yang was stunned, his gaze suddenly became incredibly sharp.

That noise. It was all too familiar!

Usually, this meant that there would be an emergency at the border!

Was war impending?

Yun Yang stood by the door of his residence and watched the chaos taking place outside, his eyes in a daze. Last time, he would have already received notification by this time and he would already be gathering with his brothers. Before waiting for a response from the imperial court, they would already be out of the city and on their way within the hour.

They would fly forth on their steeds, their clothes black like ink;no one would speak then, all their eyes seemed to have looked past the scenery on their way and saw only the havoc on the battlefield...

Each time round, eldest brother Supreme Earth's voice would ring loudly in his ear.

’’Give all intel to Supreme Cloud! Supreme Cloud, hurry up and figure out the strategy.’’

’’We don't have much time to give you, we can only execute it once we get there after you have thought of it on the way!’’

’’Don't worry, big brother.’’ He would always answer the same, his young voice full of spirit. ’’This trip would be filled with dangers and obstacles but we would also definitely kill the enemy and return triumphant!’’

’’Ol'nine is ambitious!’’


Yun Yang stood by the Residence of Yun's doors, his gaze bleak.

War looms over Yutang once more;I still wish to fly forth to the battlefield with my brothers on our horses!

But, where are all of you?


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