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I Am Supreme - Chapter 67


Chapter 67: Supreme Lord Spring Frost

Translator: Whatsyourissue Editor: ICheah

Ignorant fellow. The person was already in front of you and you didn't even bother to observe and save the impression.

Yun Yang had also finally understood that Zhao Binglong was probably only an unimportant member that the Four Seasons Tower had temporarily recruited in going after the Nine Supremes.

He had long been discarded after being used, but had not known it himself!.

’’Why did you join the Four Seasons Tower?’’

’’The Four Seasons Tower... sent an Art of Immortality and a Copulation Scripture...’’ Zhao Binglong said timidly.

Yun Yang was shocked.

A Copulation Scripture... an infernal art of reducing Yin to nourish Yang could make you betray your country? Make you scheme against the country's warriors?

Could it make you an accomplice in plotting against your comrades?

’’Do you know that the information that went through you was lethally dangerous to the Nine Supremes?’’

Zhao Binglong's gaze gleamed with inner satisfaction.

’’Did you know that you were committing treason? Joining this conspiracy... Don't you feel the slightest bit of guilt or shame?’’ Yun Yang's anger was slowly rising.

’’I... I have, I am ashamed... I feel guilty...’’ Zhao Binglong said anxiously, ’’My heart suffers...’’


With a sharp strike, Yun Yang crushed Zhao Binglong's head.

He could no longer bear to listen to him nor look at him.

If it were not for the need for an interrogation, Yun Yang did not even wish to speak even a word to people like Zhao Binglong.

Even after killing him, Yun Yang was still shaking with anger.

Although Yun Yang was still enraged and resentful while facing people like Li Changqiu and Chu Tianlang, he could still be patient and go through the motions with them to acquire clues and new information.

Yun Yang could still withhold his rage for this.

However, it was exactly people like Zhao Binglong that Yun Yang could not bear to reign in his anger for even a minute.

What I loathe the most is a stab coming from the back!

Who I wanted to kill most are the traitors among comrades!

Although we were not on the same battlefield, we were still comrades after all! We were fighting for the same goal.

No matter what is it that you've betrayed your brothers for, you will never be forgiven!


Yun Yang exited the secret chamber exuding a murderous air.

His clues had stopped once more upon reaching Zhao Binglong.

With a turn, he went to Chu Tianlang. ’’Chu Tianlang, I believe I still have other discoveries from you.’’

Chu Tianlang had completely broken down, his eyes had lost all zest for life. ’’I really don't have anymore... You've tormented me enough for so many days... Please, I beg you, kill me now.’’

Yun Yang had an idea. ’’I'll bring you to see someone.’’

Lifting Chu Tianlang up, he exited and entered the secret chamber that held Li Changqiu.

’’Old Li, I've brought an old friend to see you.’’ Yun Yang said with a grin.

Li Changqiu whose entire body had been shackled turned his head with difficulty, his eyes suddenly glowed when he saw Chu Tianlang, who was near death and chortled with much delight. ’’Chu Tianlang, you idiot, you will have your day as well!’’

Chu Tianlang was equally resentful as he cursed, ’’Li Changqiu, you f*cker! You dare sell your father out! You won't die a noble death!’’

Both of them glared at each other as if they were in a cockfight, their eyes bloodshot as the resentment lying within made even Yun Yang, who was the mastermind behind this plot, shudder.

’’Humans... resentment is actually so terrifying...’’ Yun Yang sighed.

’’Both of you hold grudges against each other.’’ Yun Yang tied Chu Tianlang in front of Li Changqiu and sighed again, ’’So I'm putting the both of you together. I'm unable to make the decision of letting you go nor of killing you... so I'm giving a chance for you fellows to vent your anger.’’

Li Changqiu turned and said seriously, ’’Thank you.’’

At the same time, Chu Tianlang was also saying sincerely, ’’Thank you.’’

They glared at each other in sullen surprise.

Li Changqiu was thinking to himself, ’’Chu Tianlang betrayed me. Now that this young man is giving me the chance to curse him to death, of course, I have to thank him. But what is Chu Tianlang thanking him for?’’

Chu Tianlang pondered, ’’Li Changqiu, this fiend, plotted against me. Now that this young man has given me the chance to vent my rage, of course, I have to thank him. But what is Li Changqiu thanking him for?’’

’’What are you thanking him for?’’ Li Changqiu looked at Chu Tianlang with disgust. ’’Shameless contemptible trash!’’

Chu Tianlang swore, ’’Thank your f*cking mom! Li Changqiu your dad won't die a noble death!’’

He had no more hope for this life, he knew he was a dying man. Chu Tianlang was swearing as profusely as he possibly could.

After he had finished his swearing he could not help but feel gratified looking at Li Changqiu who was pale in the face and fuming in the eyes. He asked triumphantly, ’’What are you thanking him for?’’

Li Changqiu cursed aloud as well, ’’I'm thanking your f*cking mom too!’’


Chu Tianlang spat in Li Changqiu's face. Angered, Li Changqiu spat in return;a mouthful of phlegm landed precisely in-between Chu Tianlang's eyes!

Both of them could not move their limbs so they could only spit as their form of attack. Immediately, both their faces were full of spit as they kept going at each other back and forth - they looked absolutely humiliated!

’’Shameless contemptible scum!’’

’’Animal with no conscience!’’

’’Trash deserving to be chopped and slashed a thousand times!’’

’’Jerk confirmed to go to hell!’’

’’F*ck your father!’’

’’F*ck your grandmother!’’

Both of their curses became more savage as they got increasingly heated up, their faces flushed while they huffed and puffed, eyes glaring daggers at each other as they scavenged their mind for more vile words.

Failing to make an appropriate response would make them feel as if they had suffered a loss!

’’How dare you betray me! You sinner of an organization!’’

’’How dare you plot against me, you rotten bastard with sores on your head and pus on your feet!’’

’’Bullsh*t! Did I plot against you? If you didn't betray me, would I plot against you? You reap what you sow, God is watching what you do!’’

’’Bull-eighteen of your grandmother's continuous stinking-sh*t! Did I betray you? Even if your father is too free to the point that my scrotum starts to hurt, I won't degrade myself to sell you out! You're not worth it!’’ Chu Tianlang cursed.

However, just as he finished his tirade, both of them were stunned once more and they quieted down right away.

They simultaneously turned suspicious gazes upon Yun Yang.

Yun Yang had crossed his arms and was looking at the both of them with an amused grin.

Chu Tianlang blinked. ’’You said I betrayed you? When did I betray you?’’

Li Changqiu was stunned as he stuttered, ’’You're still not admitting to this? You think you can still walk out alive?’’

Chu Tianlang scolded out loud, ’’I wouldn't be lying now! What did I betray you about? Why doesn't your father know? You pig!’’

’’You... didn't you give your father's information to this boy?’’ Li Changqiu seemed to slowly comprehend the situation as his eyes gradually went from shock to rage. ’’And then have this child capture me?’’

Chu Tianlang exploded angrily. ’’Surname Li! Use your pea-sized brain and think, how big of a possibility if that? If I have sold you out... why am I here now? Would I sell you out so that you could plot against me in resentment? Just so that we could die together?’’

Chu Tianlang was in despair!

No wonder he was so unlucky. This fellow thought that he had betrayed him. What an incredibly inaccurate accusation! Could it be that this Li Changqiu had no brain left in his head? Was it all full of dung?

Li Changqiu's face paled as he turned his head slowly and looked at Chu Tianlang in disbelief, uttering each word slowly, ’’Chu Tianlang... didn't betray me?’’

Yun Yang looked at him while grinning but did not say anything.

’’It was all part of your conspiracy?’’ Li Changqiu asked hopelessly.

Yun Yang was still grinning as he asked, ’’Yes, Old Li. Does it feel gratifying?’’

His cheerful demeanor began to wane as he heaved a long sigh and said, gritting his teeth, ’’I don't know if you're gratified but I feel absolutely amazing! My brothers who had died under your conspiracy would feel gratified too!’’

With a loud cough, Li Changqiu spat blood and let out a bloodcurdling shout, ’’You have deceived me!’’

Suddenly, his eyes glared as he spat in the direction of Yun Yang's face.

It was impossible for Yun Yang to be targeted as he avoided the spit and with a tilt of his body, a slap landed harshly on Li Changqiu's face. He chided coldly, ’’Spit again and I'll keep you alive here for one more year!’’

Li Changqiu shuddered in fear as he glared at Yun Yang with hatred but he dared not spit another mouthful.

Alive for one more year!

Li Changqiu was clear about what it meant!

On the other side, Chu Tianlang collapsed like a deflated ball. He sighed woefully, opening his mouth as if wanted to speak but then closed it without a word.

Things had gotten to this stage, what else could he say?

Curse and swear?

It would only serve as an excuse for him to torment the two of them.

However, Li Changqiu seemed to have not realized this as he seemed to have lost his wits. The extreme humiliation and extreme resentment that stemmed from being played by Yun Yang, from wholeheartedly helping him to plot against his own people as a subservient captive had caused him to lose his mind.

He was immensely embarrassed and infuriated, how could he have been so stupid! He scolded menacingly, ’’Little bastard, little wicked plaything without descendants... Just you wait, our Supreme Lord Spring Frost will never ever let you go!’’

’’Shut up!’’ Chu Tianlang hollered.

Li Changqiu snapped his mouth close at once, his eyes were filled with terror. However, it was already too late.

He suddenly cried out as his eyes went wide. Both his eyeballs seemed to bulge from his eye sockets as all seven of his orifices bled at the same time.

He looked at Yun Yang and Chu Tianlang dumbfounded. Suddenly, with a loud cry, his entire body collapsed on itself.

Under the gaze of two pairs of eyes, blood-colored mist issued out from Li Changqiu's body as his entire being kept shrinking.

The bloody mist ceased. Both Yun Yang and Chu Tianlang shuddered simultaneously.

Within a single breath, Li Changqiu's well-built body had turned into a desiccated, dwarf-sized mummy.

All the blood, flesh and organs from his body had mysteriously disappeared.

There was only a layer of skin left wrapped around dried bones that seemed to have been exposed to the sun for three whole years.

Li Changqiu had died in a spectacular manner!

Chu Tianlang watched dumbfounded, terror evident in his eyes as his entire body trembled. Witnessing the bizarre scene, Yun Yang could not help sucking in a cold breath as well. He felt chilled to the core, his scalp going numb.

His eyes, however, radiated with triumph.

Supreme Lord Spring Frost!


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