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I Am Supreme - Chapter 66


Chapter 66: Say Not that the Martial Arts World is Distant, Say that the Worldly Realm is Far Away!

Translator: Whatsyourissue Editor: ICheah

The lightning-quick blow had caught Zhao Binglong completely by surprise.

When the two warm halves of his bloodied body separated at the center, Zhao Binglong watched the man's organs drop to the ground, feeling his legs giving up on him. He could not run even if he had wanted to.

On the other side of his body, the silhouette in black strolled across lightly;a saber in his hand. More than twenty lives had been lost in an instant.

He did not seem to have expended much effort, his physical skills were incredibly peculiar. He was obviously standing in front of one's eyes yet he seemed to possess no physical form. Only his saber shone cruelly in the dark night, each glint accompanied by the gleam of blood!

He was silently killing but his speed was no slower than that of the man in green.

Each strike of his saber elegantly and unhurriedly carved a life away.

Zhao Binglong had entirely lost his courage and soul by now. He scrambled to stand and run towards the backyard.

The man in green then laughed. ’’Still running away?’’

An icy ray sparkled in the night as a long sword ran right through Zhao Binglong's thigh and pinned his body to the ground!.


The strong mystical Qi on the sword exploded at once, numbing Zhao Binglong's entire body.

His body was trembling but he could not move any part of it;he could not even speak.

He stared wide-eyed at his prized janissaries and guards, his highly paid experts;all assistants who had been sent to him by the organization.

All of them had been slaughtered like vegetables under the kitchen knife!

It took only a few breaths, but the whole courtyard no longer contained a living person.

The masked man in green flew with a swoosh right into Zhao Binglong's residence while carrying his sword, the trail of light trailing behind looking like a soaring dragon with a radiance that pierced the very universe's being.

’’With a single order, no one from Zhao Binglong's family shall remain!’’

Cries and moans came from the backyard.

The man in black had already arrived to stand in front of Zhao Binglong, wielding his saber. Before the man could speak, he had knocked him out with his saber's grip and put him into a sack that he had retrieved from his person.

After that, he began to search the residence without restraint.

He seemed to be familiar with the Residence of Zhao as he chopped the thick steel wall to Zhao Binglong's secret treasure chamber open with just a single slash of his saber. Hopping in, he came out with a large sack in just a short period of rummaging.

The study met the same fate as well. While he was doing this, the man in green was completing his task of slaughtering in the backyard.

After a while, the man in black came out as the man in green, too, came back with a strong scent of murder, picking up the sack containing Zhao Binglong with one hand.

’’You didn't kill anyone you didn't have to, did you?’’

’’No, I only took Zhao Binglong's family.’’

’’A lot of his concubines were forced to serve, let them go.’’

’’Young master, those concubines weren't killed but Zhao Binglong's wife and son, along with the maids and guards whom he's close to, none of them remains!’’

’’Good. Let us leave!’’

The man in green nodded in agreement.

The man in black whom had been Yun Yang all along changed his mind. ’’It's not good if there wasn't a scapegoat to take the fall for such a dire event.’’

Fang Mofei lifted his head to look at his young master in shock.

He could only watch as Yun Yang picked up a piece of cloth and soaked it in blood before writing on the wall, ’’Say not that the martial arts world is distant, say that the worldly realm is far away;you who dared to pick on the tiger's might, a sword's strike sees the surge of blood!’’

His handwriting was of soft strokes but determined turns, the characters exuding an imposing aura.

After writing on the wall, he left with Fang Mofei.

Alarm bells arose from all over as the galloping of horses resounded along with the footsteps of soldiers. The trained troops of the capital city were fast approaching.

Flames rose high in the air.

When the officials arrived, all that welcomed them was a gory scene from hell!

There was not one living soul left in the Residence of Zhao's courtyard.

Zhao Binglong himself was missing. In the backyard, Zhao Binglong's direct family members as well as family guards and maids were all piled in a heap, leaving some thirty women huddled together in terror.

These were Zhao Binglong's concubines.

’’Seal off the scene immediately!’’ Someone shouted.

’’Tally the deaths, look for the murderer. Complete the questioning and send copies to each department!’’

’’There's a poem here!’’ Someone exclaimed in surprise.

’’Poem? Let me see.’’

’’Look at the words! Say not that the martial arts world is distant, say that the worldly realm is far away... could this have been done by Ling Xiaozui?’’


All of them exchanged looks of shock.


During the commotion at the Residence of Zhao, Yun Yang and Fang Mofei had quietly returned to the Residence of Yun.

Seeing that Yun Yang had returned, Lao Mei's gaze towards him was tinged slightly with jealousy. You used to make me come along with you for whatever you had to do;now that Fang Mofei is here, you now bring along Fang Mofei...

Young master, you've forgotten the old once you get someone new.

Yun Yang felt goosebumps all over for some unknown reason, looking at Lao Mei's gaze. The muscles on his face twitched as he said, ’’Next time...’’

Lao Mei's envious expression did not dissipate completely.

Yun Yang scratched his head, feeling slightly queasy and switched the topic. ’’Is Marquis Yun not at home?’’

’’No, don't know where he has gone to,’’ Lao Mei with feigned disinterest.

’’I see.’’

Yun Yang fled quickly, picking Zhao Binglong up and going straight to the secret chamber.

Fang Mofei had already changed and come out, standing in front of Lao Mei with a distant look.

’’Satisfying?’’ Lao Mei asked in an upset tone.

’’Gratifying!’’ Fang Mofei nodded happily. ’’Under the watch of the emperor in the capital, under broad daylight, striking recklessly...’’

Lao Mei was already walking away while rolling his eyes. ’’Under broad daylight... I think you have gone mad from the satisfaction... It's f*cking eleven in the night now...’’


Yun Yang entered the secret chamber and threw Zhao Binglong onto the floor, and left without a second glance at the prone body.

He had killed too many people today, a total of forty-nine souls claimed by his hand. In addition to the assassination of Ximen Wandai and his guard, the air of injustice he had accumulated in this period of time was ample indeed.

Retreating into his subconscious, he could not help but feel shocked. Emmie still looked the same, only a little wider and bigger but the second leaf was still...

That was odd.

The second leaf seemed to have grown a little as well but it was still far from becoming a full spread of lotus leaf.

The last time, he had only killed twelve people and the first leaf had appeared. Besides, ten people were enough to accomplish that. With the same calculation, the remaining two from prior events and fifty-one from this incident, that made a total of fifty-three people already.

Why had the second leaf not formed yet?

This was a tad strange.

Emmie waved its tendrils around, gesturing despicably in the air - if each leaf could be formed by only killing ten people, then won't you only need to kill a hundred sinners to become the supreme one of the universe?

Where would there be such a steal?

Yun Yang was dumbfounded.

He had wanted to obtain another leaf to make a gem but by the looks of it now, he had lost his chance. He did not have even the slightest idea when he could get his second gem.

Emmie waved about violently once more, its despise was thick and heavy.

It's already defying nature's laws by possessing one gem like that yet you actually wanted to obtain one with each piece of leaf? What are you thinking? You have a terribly good imagination!

That's an inherently ranked treasure.

Yun Yang was a little sheepish. Before he left, he warned Emmie fiercely, ’’Talk to me despicably like that once more, I won't let you eat anything ever again!’’

Emmie gave in right away, waving its tendrils to hug Yun Yang's legs. It behaved like a small girl who was pleading adorably - soft, innocent and cute.

Yun Yang instantly fell for its charm.


Since he wouldn't be able to level up, he would go to Zhao Binglong.

Yun Yang appeared at the secret chamber and hung the unconscious Zhao Binglong on all fours straightaway. Looking at the unconscious man, Yun Yang eyes were filled only with coldness.

Yun Yang would not be surprised that the enemy states or the Four Seasons Tower had gone against the Nine Supremes.

He would exact his revenge but he would not get angry.

However, why did Zhao Binglong, a general of Yutang, also wish to see the Nine Supremes dead?

It was this kind of people in particular that Yun Yang could not forgive!

Zhao Binglong was finally awake after being splashed with a basin of cold water. Just as he opened his eyes, he saw Yun Yang's face that was calm yet filled with murderous intensity. His icy orbs had Zhao Binglong feeling like he was being marked for a trip straight to hell.

’’General Zhao, we meet again.’’ Yun Yang said faintly, smiling humorlessly. ’’We are fated indeed. You can't wait to kill me while I have been waiting to have a chat like this with General Zhao for a very long time.’’

Zhao Binglong laughed menacingly, ’’Boy, don't be so arrogant. I am an important general of Yutang. Even the gods would be angered by the fact that you dare treat me this way;the law knows no mercy!’’

’’The law knows no mercy?’’

Yun Yang smirked and suddenly looked at him with a sharp gaze as he slowly asked, ’’When you have leaked information of the Nine Supremes and schemed against them, have you thought then that the law knows no mercy?’’

Zhao Binglong's eyes immediately went wide at once, looking at Yun Yang in disbelief and screamed as if he had seen a ghost. His voice was raspy, ’’Who... who are you? How did you know?’’

’’How did I know?’’ Yun Yang's expression was upset and glum as if near to tears. ’’Don't do something if you don't want anyone knowing about it. Zhao Binglong, your retribution is here!’’

He looked at Zhao Binglong dead in the eyes. ’’Who would have thought that the Empire of Yutang's powerful general guarding the border is actually the twentieth day of the first month of the Four Seasons Tower! Amazing indeed!’’

Zhao Binglong deflated like a punctured ball, his fierce gaze turned listless instantly.


Not even an hour later, Yun Yang walked out of the secret chamber covered in blood. After meeting Zhao Binglong, he had already lost the confidence towards the possibility to gain more clues from him.

Greedy, lustful, violent, unwise, and possessed of low cultivation base.

If he was the mastermind of the Four Seasons Tower, he would never let this dumbass be privy to too much information.

Although he was a general, he no longer participated in the battlefield, being drenched in blood while killing enemies, in the recent years. The courage that was once in his bones had long been corroded by a comfortable life, power, and wealth!

True enough, after some persuasive methods employed by Yun Yang, Zhao Binglong's bottom line was completely destroyed!

He had admitted to everything and explained the details clearly. However, other than ratting out Chu Tianlang, he did not know the rest of the Four Seasons Tower.

’’Since when did you know it was Chu Tianlang?’’

’’Two years and a half ago... because the Nine Supremes' information were frequently passed on so I know Chu Tianlang was also one of the organization's men.’’

’’And after that?’’

’’There were no missions after that.’’

’’Then when did you join the Four Seasons Tower? Who introduced you? Who recruited you?’’

’’Three years ago... it was a masked man but he only appeared that one time and never again.’’

’’What were his characteristics?’’

’’He had covered himself entirely in black. I couldn't see anything.’’

’’Your mission?’’

’’To collect information on the Nine Supremes' information. It was just this one task.’’

’’How could it be so easy to collect information on the Nine Supremes? Who told you?’’

’’I don't know. All I know is that when I was needed to pass the information, a letter would appear on my table.’’

’’Where are the letters?’’

’’I followed the instructions and burned them all.’’

When Yun Yang's interrogation had reached this part, the temptation to beat this man to death grew unbearably strong.

Are you a pig?


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