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I Am Supreme - Chapter 62


Chapter 62: Preparing to Strike!

Translator: Whatsyourissue Editor: ICheah

This Eclipse Panther was only at the rank of a third level mystical best;among Eclipse Panthers, it would be considered a newborn, and should not have any combat abilities. Although it was at the third level, its fighting prowess would never be on par yet.

However, the scratch it had just dealt had completely stupefied Yun Yang!

Even if it was a full-grown third level mystical beast, it still should not have been able to penetrate the wood so easily.

What was going on?

’’Emmie, could you help to explain this?’’ Yun Yang asked, his head full of questions and suspicions.

In his subconscious, Emmie swayed happily as both its tendrils danced, using them to illustrate the situation as she explained to Yun Yang.

Emmie was easily pleased.

As long as Yun Yang could go into his subconscious to talk to it or keep it company for a while, it would dance enthusiastically. There was nothing else it would ask for. Of course, if there were piles of life force for it to consume every day, that would be even better.

Yun Yang finally understood.

The air of vitality that Emmie exuded, even if it was only a little drip, was still a matchless gem to the mystical beasts. It could change the mystical beast's potential and allow the mystical beast to level up faster. It could even allow the mystical beast to reach a higher altitude as if being reborn.

These little critters had been by Yun Yang's side the whole time;they were practically bathing in the air of vitality daily, how could they not grow faster?

Although they had not varied much in size, their entire physical structure and intelligence were already different compared to others of the same species.

’’This means that the Eclipse Panther now is equal to a human third heaven expert?’’ Yun Yang's eyes sparkled with glee. It would great if that was the case.

Emmie obviously had no idea what Yun Yang meant by a ’’human third heaven expert’’. It swayed its tendrils in bewilderment for a while before folding them away and bent itself towards Yun Yang. It behaved exactly like a child who was pestering an adult for food.

Yun Yang sighed.

He knew the blood-colored lingzhi mushroom Marquis Yun had given him just now was a goner.

He handed it over helplessly. ’’I haven't even figured out what this medicine does...’’

As he was mumbling, the blood-colored lingzhi mushroom in his hands dissolved into powder with a swoosh.

The corners of Yun Yang's lips twitched in amusement.

Isn't this just a tad too fast?

In his subconscious, Emmie was swaying happily;its tendrils rolled a big ball of pink spiritual energy and stuffed it into the soil covering its roots. It immediately appeared even more joyous and its body had become visibly thicker as well!

Its thin tendrils rolled balls of air of vitality from its roots and juggled them in the air. As they bounced about, the air of vitality shot straight into Yun Yang's body. Emmie got even happier, twisting around and swaying in jolly glee. The little fellow was being well fed!

Yun Yang sat on his bed with a generally improved disposition and began cultivating. The four little critters gathered around him and quietly snuggled against his still body.

When Yun Yang woke up from his meditation, his embrace was still warm from the other Eclipse Panthers that had come back and left again without a sound.

For the next few days, things remained calm and peaceful.


Yun Yang was still unaware that many strange events had occurred in the area that the tiny Eclipse Panther was guarding. At least seventy to eighty hooligans had been discovered dead on the streets. To a man, all their throats had been torn by some kind of mystical beast's claws. It not surprising that people began to panic when so many had been people had been killed by mystical beasts within the span of a few days.

The officials had investigated everyone in the area but every person they questioned was the very definition of perplexity.

I don't know.

I really don't know.

Mystical beast? Are you joking? Everyone in this area is poor, who could afford a mystical beast? And such a powerful one at that.

Huh? Are you asking about my opinion? Nothing much. Good riddance, if you ask me;those thugs have no conscience whatsoever, it's, great that they died!

The officials discovered from their investigation that all these thugs who died seemed to have one thing in common. Before they had lost their lives, all of them had either bullied the innocent or harassed the womenfolk.

Could it be that this mystical beast knew how to enforce justice on behalf of God? However, it could be argued that its methods, although effective, was a little too harsh.

Some of the thugs were only guilty of minor misdemeanors;an angry word here and a jostle there. The disabled people they bullied suffered no serious injuries, yet these relatively innocent thugs had also been clawed to death by this mysterious mystical beast!

The officials remained in the area for a few days and had even picked out a few thugs who were too terrified to bother anyone as bait in order to lure the mystical beast out.

These poor souls came to an unfortunate end when night arrived, but there was still no clue as to who did it! The officials were anxious and bewildered, as the situation became increasingly serious.

Of course, when the officials were carrying out their duties, it was expected that the commoners would be watching from the sides. Sometimes, they would even gather in a crowd when the officials were examining the corpses. Occasionally, there would also be a pretty little girl hugging a tiny adorable kitten that was lazing in her embrace.

However, when the crowd saw her, they would always chide her, ’’Go home quick little girl, what are you doing here?’’

None of them ever took a second look at the kitten in the girl's arms. What was there to be suspicious about? A weak feline that had obviously not reached even a month of age.

The kitty looked at these two-legged humans in front of it but closed its eyes after a while.

It was all this little creature's doing, of course.

Master said to guard this place. I have to guard it well. Master said that no one here is to be bullied. I will give those who dare to harass the people a taste of my claws!

Did the person deserve death based on the severity of the crime? The little critter wouldn't have been able to ponder upon such complex matters anyway.

It was only simply executing its master's orders!

I will claw you to death if you dare harass anyone!

Obviously, there would never be any clue left behind no matter how thoroughly such cases were investigated! For an Eclipse Panther that had reached the fourth level and was perpetually shifting it's shape regardless of time, it could easily search and terminate any number of thugs without leaving a trace.


In those few days, Yun Yang would interrogate Chu Tianlang once he had some free time. The same questions would be asked in different ways at every interrogation session. After that, he would verify them by going over to Li Changqiu.

Chu Tianlang was almost at his wit's end being tormented by Yun Yang. He would beg each time, ’’Please, grant me death! I can't take this anymore!’’

In this same period of time, Yun Yang had also collected plenty of information on the officials and generals, including those in the residence of His Highness the crown prince, and had built a file for each of them. The stream of information would be endlessly passed to him where he would then filter and check them one by one. Notwithstanding the information in the palace that had not been sent to him yet, the other bits and pieces of information had filled up the entire secret chamber.

After continuously interrogating Chu Tianlang for seven or eight separate sessions, Yun Yang could finally confirm that whatever he had spoken of were all true!

’’If my analysis is correct, the aide in the Residence of Crown Prince must be one of these three people. It is still a bit hard to determine the identity of the mysterious general but that General Zhenbei must be one of these. The ones in the palace are still out of reach. The same goes for the imperial court official.’’

’’It would also be pertinent to note that the information here is incomplete. Certainly, there are more people that have infiltrated society than just this handful of misfits! There must be others that Chu Tianlang didn't know about.’’

’’If I move too recklessly, things will get out of hand and I would have inadvertently alerted them.’’

As Yun Yang tidied the information into reasonable spots, he could feel his head swelling at least three times its usual size.He did not plan to wait any longer or perform more analyses.

He was going to strike.

Yet there was still something that bothered Yun Yang, ’’Dong Tianleng. Where has he gone to? Did he win? With his personality, if he had won, wouldn't he already be announcing it to the world?’’

’’It's a little strange to have things being so peaceful. In addition, those young masters from Ximen Family and the rest... Why has there been no further movement after they went against Chu Tianlang?’’

Yun Yang had thought that those fellows would somehow come to test him but those who came were genuine visitors, and this puzzled him as well.

The third doubt of his was regarding the ladies. Did Ji Ling's sisters let it go after visiting him once and he had not been in? This did not match the spoiled girls' behavior and there were issues that could only be glimpsed through Yun Yang's mind though.

He gazed long and hard at the hundreds of names he had listed holding his brush, ultimately saying softly, ’’We shall... start from this so-called General Zhenbei then!’’

This was also the one he had the most confidence in.

’’The Four Seasons Tower may be almighty but as long as the mind is set on taking it on, I shall find out all the culprits following the clues one day!’’ Yun Yang thought, ’’Capturing Li Changqiu brought Chu Tianlang out while Chu Tianlang had exposed another few people. Following these steps, there'd be a day when I will be able to get them all.’’

’’What I possess is patience!’’

Yun Yang's eyes gleamed brilliantly.

Within the past few days, Fang Mofei had recovered most of his physical health as well as his cultivation base. This had more or less allowed Yun Yang to feel that he finally had a little backup to rely on.

’’Old Fang, time to follow me out for some work.’’ Yun Yang began to make his arrangements. Fang Mofei went out with him excitedly.

Both of them left the Residence of Yun in the early morning;Yun Yang was still wearing his purple robes as he walked towards the Cirrus House.

The Cirrus House was busy as usual;traditional string and wind instruments resonated throughout the corridors, the sounds melodic and harmonious.

Once Yun Zuiyue knew that Yun Yang had come, she immediately excused herself to greet him and brought him to the highest floor. This was a special treatment that no one else got to enjoy.

The other customers pursed their lips in jealousy.

Isn't this Marquis Yun's young master? It is certainly useful to be handsome;one gets to be treated with the highest honors once one arrives! I have to say, this young man is really good looking. No wonder Lady Zuiyue is moved. Sigh, why didn't my parents give me a handsome face when I was born?

’’Young brother, is there news?’’ Yun Zuiyue seemed to look worse for wear, more haggard than the last time they had met.

’’No, I am sorry.’’ Yun Yang felt a pang in his heart.

There had been plenty of times when Yun Yang had wanted to let it all out about the real situation so Yun Zuiyue need not go on waiting endlessly. However, he decided against it after looking her sorrow.

Perhaps, she could still live on bearing such hope.Yun Yang really could not imagine what sort of result would arise if she was told the truth.

Such a dedicated woman was like a brightly burning flame. Yun Yang had the opportunity to see what her true personality was like the last time. If regrettable things were to happen to her just because he had spoken the truth...

However, by not telling the truth, Yun Yang's conscience was also struggling as he looked at Yun Zuiyue's current state. If no such need arose, he genuinely did not wish to see the poor Yun Zuiyue in grief!


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