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I Am Supreme - Chapter 61


Chapter 61: A Conversation Between 'Father and Son'

Translator: Whatsyourissue Editor: ICheah

Yun Yang's mood was glum all the way back to the Residence of Yun. The Medallion of Gratitude was snuggled against his chest but it only made his heart feel waves of burning heat.

’’Hopefully we shall meet again in the future.’’ Yun Yang's gaze was determined. ’’I shall definitely let the elderly enjoy the happiness of a family!’’

’’Old sir, you must take care.’’

He took a step into the house and before he could even readjust his emotions, he spotted Lao Mei looking at him with a strange expression.

In the courtyard, another person stood with his back facing him.

With a single glance, Yun Yang immediately understood what was going on.

’’Lao Mei, you may take your leave,’’ Marquis Yun said softly.


Although Lao Mei was curious about the relationship between this 'father and son' duo and was sorely tempted to stay back to watch, he had no choice but to leave upon Marquis Yun's command.

’’You have returned. How have you fared?’’ Yun Yang's smile was rather relaxed.

’’Well, all things considered.’’ Marquis Yun smiled casually too. He turned and looked at Yun Yang with an odd expression. ’’I've already killed the leaders of eight boorish tribes in the barren south. At least the southwest sector is now rudderless without their leaders.’’

Yun Yang breathed in as his face took on an expression of confusion.

I was just asking out of courtesy. This is your own affair, why are you telling me about it? I'm not the one making you do all these things.

’’How have you been of late?’’ Marquis Yun said.

’’I'm alright, same old same old.’’ Yun Yang droned in an unenthusiastic tone. ’’Anyway, I'm living a rather carefree life.’’

Marquis Yun smiled. ’’That is all well and good, just as long as you don't wreak your usual havoc.’’

Yun Yang laughed and asked, ’’Are you going out again? When will you return?’’

Marquis Yun raised his eyebrows and said, ’’I'm making a trip to the grassland in a few days.’’

The grasslands.

Yun Yang hummed and said, ’’The grasslands are unlike the barren south;countless experts dwell there. You have to be careful.’’

’’Of course.’’

This was indeed an unusual 'father and son' relationship. The father did not have the demeanor of a father while son did not have the demeanor of a son either. They closely resembled a pair of courteous friends who had met by chance and were catching up without genuine interest.

After a short exchange, both of them actually ran out of things to say.

’’I will head on to bed now,’’ Yun Yang said.

’’Alright then. I have something to ask you.’’ Marquis Yun told Yun Yang. ’’I have always been very curious about your identity. Since you saved my life outside the Great Wall three years ago, I am aware that you're no ordinary person.’’

’’But, who are you, really?’’ Marquis Yun's gaze was extremely puzzled. ’’At that time, you had me arrange this identity for you, saying that you would explain to me the reason three years later. It's been three years since.’’

Yun Yang was stunned by his good memory. He smiled bitterly and said, ’’Marquis Yun is but a person with a wealthy background. Almost no one knows that Marquis Yun is actually a descendent of the late emperor, surviving beyond the walls of the palace for all these years. You and His Majesty are actually blood brothers.’’

Marquis Yun snorted.

’’Although Marquis Yun has always roamed the martial arts world and never stepped foot into the imperial court, you still act with the welfare of the Empire of Yutang as a priority. When His Majesty was ambushed then and was helped by Marquis Yun, it was not a coincidence but your close attention to your own brother that has allowed you to save him in time.’’

’’It was also because of that incident that gave His Majesty an opportunity to bestow upon you the title of Marquis of Heavenly Clouds. As for the late emperor who had named you Xiaoyao then, it was his deepest wish that you never take part in the imperial court.’’

’’But it was through someone's schemes that Marquis Yun met with danger three years ago. It was through fate that I managed to aid Marquis Yun then, seizing the opportunity to ask for a favor and to obtain this identity as Marquis Yun's son.’’

Yun Yang said, ’’I told you then that I would tell you the truth three years later. I do not deny my statement.’’

Marquis Yun looked at him with a fiery gaze.

He believed that Yun Yang was not simply blabbering when he suddenly began to gab. Since he had spoken about this at such a time, he had to have something in mind.

’’No one can deny that Marquis Yun has served Yutang wholeheartedly.’’ Yun Yang continued, ’’We have something in common then, you and I. We were born as Yutang's man, and will die as Yutang's ghost.’’

Marquis Yun's expression turned slightly delighted.

’’However, I am still unable to reveal the entire truth to you because... it still isn't the right time yet.’’ Yun Yang lifted his head, his eyes boring straight into Marquis Yun's. ’’I can only tell you that I am related to the Nine Heavens Dictum.’’

Marquis Yun trembled.

His gaze was suddenly feverish as his attitude became respectful at once, ’’The Nine Supremes sirs' Nine Heavens Dictum?’’

Yun Yang's gaze glinted merrily. ’’I'm an undercover agent. It is enough that Marquis Yun knows this.’’


Marquis Yun understood tacitly.

The Nine Heavens Dictum's undercover agent. That simply meant that it should not be made known to anyone.

’’I understand.’’ Marquis Yun said, ’’I offer my services if there's anything you need help with.’’

Yun Yang then replied, ’’I won't hesitate to ask if there's really something I need. But for now, and perhaps for a very long time more, I will need this identity.’’

’’I understand.’’

Marquis Yun's gaze was burning with passion. ’’Since this is an affair of the Nine Supremes, it is a matter which concerns the whole Empire of Yutang. Please don't worry. Even if I, Yun Xiaoyao, die a horrible end, I shall never expose this secret.’’

Yun Yang nodded and said softly, ’’But Marquis Yun has to be alert as well. His Majesty's children have all grown up... they have their own ideas now.’’

Marquis Yun sighed and nodded faintly.

Yun Yang sighed as well.

The Nine Heavens Dictum's undercover agent.

Right now, Yun Yang could only cook up an identity to curb any suspicions in Marquis Yun's heart. Moreover, Yun Yang believed that this Marquis Yun would never expose his secret.

Besides, if Marquis Yun had really leaked his identity as a ’’Nine Heavens Dictum's undercover agent’’ Yun Yang had countless methods to get himself out of the mess that would undoubtedly ensue.

He did not really have many restraints.

’’How many more days before you leave for the grassland?’’

’’Ten days hence.’’

’’That's a good time to avoid the turmoil in the imperial court.’’

’’I still have to meet His Majesty before I leave.’’ Marquis Yun said frowning, ’’The Empire of Yutang is already unstable, it can only get worse with these princes whims and fancies. If this goes on, how could any good come out of it? They have to keep themselves in check.’’

Yun Yang smiled and said nothing.

In his heart though, ’’His Majesty the Emperor is also worried sick about this now, aren't you adding oil to the fire by going over and bringing this up? It looks like Marquis Yun doesn't have much aptitude for politics.’’

After a few more words, Marquis Yun took a package out and said, ’’I came across a ferocious beast when I was at the southern border. Upon defeating it, I discovered that the creature was guarding a blood-colored lingzhi mushroom. I've consumed half of it;my cultivation base has gone into the ninth heaven from the eighth level peak...’’

’’This is the other half.’’ Marquis Yun said, ’’I know you suffer troubles with your body. Three years ago, when you saved me, your mystical Qi was already at the third heaven peak. Now, it's barely there. Perhaps this could help.’’

Yun Yang kept quiet for a bit, feeling the excitement that emanated from Emmie. He nodded reluctantly and said, ’’Thank you.’’

’’You're welcome.’’ Marquis Yun patted his shoulder gently. ’’I'm entering the palace early in the morning tomorrow then I'll be visiting a few friends in the afternoon. I won't be home for these next few days.’’

Yun Yang replied, ’’Then meet me once more before you leave.’’


If anyone had overheard this between 'father and son', their eyeballs would have dropped off from their eye sockets onto the ground.

Just as Yun Yang was about to leave, he suddenly recalled something. ’’Does His Majesty the Emperor know about my... affairs?’’ He recalled the night when they met at the old marshal's residence.

If His Majesty the Emperor knew what was going on, he wouldn't have treated him with such an attitude.

Indeed, Marquis Yun answered, ’’He doesn't know. I've already promised you;this secret can only be made known between the two of us!’’

’’That's good.’’


Yun Yang returned to his room and rested.

Marquis Yun was still standing under the night sky, his eyes focused on a plant beside him as he pondered the recent happenings.


He smiled lightly, his thoughts flashing by in his heart, ’’According to Lao Mei's observation during this period, it is confirmed that Yun Yang is related to the Nine Heavens Dictum. But his identity should that of someone more important.’’

What identity it was, he could not be sure.

Moreover, this fellow's caution was already perfect.

He only had Lao Mei whom he could use out in public, but he could still leave him in the dark after doing everything he had done. His mind was as impressive as it was frightening.

He thought about it for a while before heading to Lao Mei's room.

’’Lao Mei, you may wholeheartedly serve Young Master Yun Yang from now on.’’ Marquis Yun said with his arms behind his back, ’’There is no need to report to me.’’ Lao Mei replied, ’’Yes, master.’’

Marquis Yun sighed, ’’At that time, you three had followed me to roam the martial arts world. Now, there's only one of you left. It would be better for you to stay with Yun Yang, who, unlike me, is always wandering.’’

Lao Mei's eyes were moist when he said, ’’Young master, Mei Wenjian will never regret it even till death.’’

’’I know. I don't think I'll ever settle down in my life.’’ Marquis Yun sighed. ’’Yun Yang is someone who will achieve something significant. I'll be happy if you would follow him.’’

Lao Mei blinked and asked, slightly puzzled, ’’Young master, this Young Master Yun Yang, he's really not your son?’’

Marquis Yun smiled without humor. ’’I would be honored if he was, but this is an unfortunate wish.’’

Lao Mei heaved another sigh.


Yun Yang's emotions were already calm as water when he returned to his room. Seeing he had come back, the four critters each came out from their hiding spots. One was climbing out from the blanket, one was climbing out from somewhere above the bed, another was hopping off the beam in the room while the last one had climbed out of a book on Yun Yang's table...


’’Meawoo, meawoo...’’

Yun Yang almost chuckled.

These critters really knew how to hide. How could a book on the table hide a cat? Yun Yang went over to flip it open and saw that the center of ’’Biographies of Tianxuan Continent's Emperors, Prime Ministers, and Generals

had a foot of pages gnawed off.

Closing the book, it still looked perfect. Once open, a big hole lay gaping within! Moreover, the shape was exactly the same as the form of a cat on its side.


Yun Yang's eyes bulged. They could hide really well indeed.

Prying the paws of three Eclipse Panthers open, he saw that their paws were already sharp like blades, gleaming with a chilling glow. He ordered, ’’Show me, scratch this chair.’’



The little critter thought its master was playing a game with it as it waved its paw happily. A hole exactly the size of a cat's paw appeared on the hard rosewood chair.


Yun Yang was utterly dumbstruck!


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