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I Am Supreme - Chapter 57


Chapter 57: Tortured in Interrogation!

Translator: Whatsyourissue Editor: ICheah

Chu Tianlang immediately felt that something was wrong.

He lifted his head at once, his gaze turning sharp like a hawk's and asked, ’’Who are you?’’

With a lift of the corners of his lips, Yun Yang gave a cruel smile and spoke slowly, ’’I can tell you very clearly that - first, I'm not from His Majesty the Emperor's side;second, I'm not with His Highness the crown prince;third, I am not from the Four Seasons Tower.’’

The fear in Chu Tianlang's eyes deepened as he realized that he had fallen into a trap, a vicious trap!

He had thought that he had found safety, able to escape from the four noble families but it seemed that he had gotten himself into a worse situation.

At least, he knew who the four great families were and their backgrounds. He knew nothing about this youth in front of him.

’’All of your family members have died.’’ Yun Yang's slow voice carried his words clearly. ’’So I can only find out what I want from you. However, I can't threaten you.’’

He looked at Chu Tianlang with a gaze as cold and calm as a pool of water in autumn. ’’I hope you're ready.’’

Chu Tianlang chuckled and said sternly, ’’You can try, see if you can retrieve anything useful from my mouth!’’

Yun Yang said smiling, ’’Of course, of course. I am sure that you wouldn't tell me everything after just a mere slap. It wouldn't be fun that way, and there's no sense of achievement from learning and applying.’’

Chu Tianlang smirked, ’’I have nothing left but I still have this set of hard bones.’’

’’I would want to know how hard your bones really are.’’ Yun Yang said softly, ’’Do you not feel that your whole body is softening as we speak?’’

Chu Tianlang was stunned, calling up his skills to check on himself but he suddenly realized that his mystical skills had vanished.

His dantian was bare and empty.

His muscles seemed to be loosening as well, even his bones felt brittle and sore;his teeth, too, had gone soft!

What accompanied these sensations were wave after wave of dizziness.

Shocked, Chu Tianlang remembered something as he lifted his head abruptly. ’’Immortals' Odium?!’’

Yun Yang snapped his fingers. ’’The Manor of Sirius' master indeed, knows even of the Immortals' Odium. I am impressed.’’

Chu Tianlang's expression was one of hopelessness.

Yun Yang moved a bench over and sat in front of him. ’’I still have a cup of tea's time1 before the Immortals' Odium completes its work and you become completely pliant under my hands. We can have a good chat then.’’

Chu Tianlang shut his mouth tightly and closed his eyes, resentment flaring strongly in his heart. He was unwilling to look at Yun Yang or even listen to him!

Immortals' Odium!

It was hearsay that this was an extremely vicious form of skill-spaying medication. One's cultivation base could still be recovered after the effects of common skill-spaying medications or could be saved with an antidote.

It was impossible to do either with Immortals' Odium!

One's entire cultivation base would be rendered non-existent once the Immortals' Odium entered one's body, even the immortals in the heavens would become an ordinary commoner;at the mercy of others once they ingested Immortals' Odium, which gave it its name.

He was doomed! Chu Tianlang was clear about that much, in his heart.

Even if he could escape alive, he was doomed nonetheless.

’’I didn't want to take you on, master of Manor of Sirius.’’ Yun Yang did not care if he was looking or listening to him and continued talking, ’’After all, you, Chu Tianlang, have a great reputation. Although you have sinned so many times that it would be hard to even list all of them, these are not under my control.’’

Chu Tianlang almost wanted to block his ears;he did not want to listen to this wicked voice. Yet Yun Yang's voice floated over like the wail of a siren as it slipped into his ears.

Hearing what he said, he could not help but want to ask, ’’You f*cking don't want to take me on nor care about your father's business. Then what am I f*cking doing here today?’’

Then he heard Yun Yang say, ’’However, after I received word about you from someone, I immediately decided to destroy you!’’

Chu Tianlang finally could not hold it in any longer and asked, ’’Who?’’

Yun Yang smiled a friendly smile, ’’The nineteenth day of the first month!’’

He had just betrayed Li Changqiu without so much as a blink of an eye.

’’Nineteenth of the first month?’’ Chu Tianlang really wanted to grit his teeth but they were already sore. He faked nonchalance and said, ’’What nineteenth day of the first month? What does it have to do with me?’’

Yun Yang then smiled. ’’What do you think, twenty-first of the first month? Hmm?’’

Chu Tianlang felt weak all over.

He knew about the twenty-first day of the first month. What else did he not know about himself then?

’’Who are you? Who are you? Who are you? Who are you, really?’’ Chu Tianlang shouted in a mad rage.

When and where had he gained such a formidable enemy?

His identity had been kept under wraps, how had it come to light?

’’Who am I? You will know when I deign to tell you.’’ Yun Yang said gently, ’’But you have to follow instructions.’’

Chu Tianlang looked at him with hostility and spat a mouthful of sputum towards him.

With a tilt of the head, the sputum flew past his ears. Yun Yang already had his hand stretched out in as he said smiling, ’’You dare to spit at me? Do you know what is the price for a mouthful of spit?’’

One of his hands pressed against Chu Tianlang's body, from his neck to his shoulders and then to his right arm. Simultaneously, his two fingers pressed against Chu Tianlang's pulse.

Chu Tianlang was horrified.

Devil's Convulsion!

That was what Yun Yang was using now. Unless one was a veteran who had been through the better parts of his life in the martial arts world, one would not know how to use it. This was a punishment that could terrify people by hearing its name being uttered.

Before he could say anything, he felt a tendon in his arm suddenly rise and began rolling and twisting around in his muscles, convulsing in endless waves.

The extreme agony was unbearable;Chu Tianlang raised his head to scream

Yun Yang stretched his arm and stuffed a rag into his mouth, saying with mild amusement, ’’Don't scream, I like peaceful silence.’’

The tendon in his arm began twisting, from his shoulders to his neck. His bones were splintering from the spasming of his tendons, his shoulders were about to be ripped into two, one of the bones had almost gone to the left shoulder as another rose up almost to his forehead. His elbow had completely turned over, and the tip of his elbow was actually twisted to the front.

Large beads of sweat rolled off Chu Tianlang's face, his face was completely contorted;his bloodshot eyes almost bulged out of his eye sockets.

He wanted to scream but no sounds could be issued out. The muscles on his face were all twitching madly.

’’Comfortable?’’ Yun Yang's voice was eerily calm. ’’If it's not comfortable, I can add your left arm and two legs into it...’’

Chu Tianlang stomped both of his legs, his two eyes looking at Yun Yang in agony as his teeth clattered.

’’Oh, I can't bear to look!’’ With a clap of his hands, Chu Tianlang's tendons returned to normal as he breathed in big gulps of air and moaned softly through the gag in his mouth.

Yun Yang took the rag out from his mouth and put it aside. ’’Chu Tianlang, still spitting?’’

He then thrust his face forward and said, ’’Come on, spit once more.’’

Chu Tianlang looked at Yun Yang's handsome face and suddenly shuddered in fear.

This was a devil! He had just tormented him with such a cruel and vicious tactic but his expression and gaze had remained stoic throughout the entire ordeal!

Looking at the face leering at him, Chu Tianlang almost gave in to the temptation to spit again, but he refrained himself after careful thought.

’’That's a good boy.’’ Yun Yang grinned and patted Chu Tianlang's face insultingly. ’’Listen attentively to my question after this, it's fine whether you answer or not. If you don't listen clearly, all four of your limbs will go through Devil's Convulsion at the same time!’’

Chu Tianlang roared towards the sky in loathing.

Yun Yang was unaffected as he said, ’’I wager that you remember clearly the incident at Tianxuan Cliff. Let me ask you, where did you get the intelligence regarding the Nine Supremes from?’’

Chu Tianlang suddenly stared wide-eyed, looking at Yun Yang as if he had seen a ghost.

’’Did you hear that clearly?’’ Yun Yang asked kindly.

’’Clear.’’ Chu Tianlang could not help but answer as he noticed the madness that lay just beneath Yun Yang's calm eyes.

’’Then speak.’’

Chu Tianlang puffed in short breaths. Suddenly, with a resolute mind, he said, ’’I don't know anything!’’

’’It would be best if you didn't know.’’ Yun Yang smiled with delight. ’’I like determined men the most.’’

With a stretch of hand, the rag was stuffed into his mouth once more as he said with concern, ’’It will be very painful later. Careful, don't bite your tongue. See how careful I am with you.’’

Both his hands moved briskly, the Devil's Convulsion was pressed on all four limbs simultaneously.

Chu Tianlang trembled violently...

Yun Yang turned and walked out calmly. ’’No hurry, Chu Tianlang. I'll make sure you stay alive for at least ten years here. We still have ten years to slowly grind you down. Trust me, as long as don't will it, you won't die.’’

Terror was written all over Chu Tianlang's face. He wanted to speak but piercing agony had already rushed in like a tide. He watched as Yun Yang left, his gaze pleading.

Yun Yang was already opening the door. ’’I rather soft-hearted you see, I can't bear to see people in pain, so I'll be headed out. Best if I don't see anything. Manor Master Chu, enjoy yourself. No need to thank me.’’

As he thought about it, he suddenly took a few steps back and pressed his finger against Chu Tianlang's temple accurately without turning around. A cooling sensation flowed through the digit. ’’I almost forgot... This force will keep you conscious. We can't have you fainting on us now, can we?’’

Only then did he stroll out the door.



Chu Tianlang swore furiously in his heart.

However, the agony that was like an incoming tide came in wave after wave;it rendered him soundless as he could not even moan in pain. He could only struggle in misery while hearing the bones in his body knocking against each other.

Chu Tianlang had discovered for the first time what the term better dead than alive meant.

After a quarter of an hour, Yun Yang finally came in through the door again and tapped Chu Tianlang's body with an outstretched hand, saving him from his throes of agony. His smile was sweet as he asked, ’’Manor Master Chu, are you willing to answer me now?’’

Chu Tianlang huffed heavily, taking in gulps of air greedily. His eyes were dead as he felt the last bit of his energy being drained away by the pain.

Yun Yang said smiling, ’’Your bones must be really hard indeed! Still not willing to talk?’’

’’I'll speak!’’ Chu Tianlang's lips were trembling. ’’I only plead that you give me a clean death!’’

Translator Note:

1a cup of tea's time (一盏茶时间yī zhǎn cháshíjiān): about 10 - 14.4 minutes (time to drink a cup of tea from the moment it is poured into the cup to the moment the last drop is drunk);ancient unit of measurement for time.


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