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I Am Supreme - Chapter 52


Chapter 52: A Miracle has Happened!

Translator: Whatsyourissue Editor: ICheah

A dire event had taken place in Tiantang City. The third young master of the Ximen family had actually died, a matter serious enough for the authorities to place the city under heavy guard.

On the same night, in another tavern, a group of men was shouting and hollering;blissfully ignorant of the earth-shattering events that had taken place just outside.

This was a mystical beast battle ring - a private one. It was obviously in use now.

There were only four people participating in the battle of mystical beasts.

Each person had brought two of their guards;there was a total of twelve people in the spacious area. Of the twelve, eight of them only watched silently while the remaining four were shouting with all their might. Emotions ran high as their veins stood out on their skin, they behaved as if possessed.

There were only four people but their shouts actually made it seem like a terribly large wager was taking place. The eight guards beside them were sweating, listening to them yell and holler.

It was already the final round.

In the ring, a double-headed lion and a silver-tailed mystical beast that was covered all over in black fur were fighting;snapping and biting at each other.

’’Bite it!’’

’’Stupid! Ice blade! ice blade!’’

’’Fireball! fireball!’’

’’Good! Retreat, turn, counter!’’

’’Wow! Beautiful! Go on!’’

’’Bite its tail! Bite its tail!’’

’’Ice blade, slice its pen** with the ice blade! You'll win if you can do that!’’

’’God! God! God! God! God! Oh my f*cking God!’’


’’Oh my goodness...’’

’’ this still... f*ck you! Dong Tianleng, did you f*cking send a human wearing the double-headed lion's skin into the ring?’’

’’F*ck me! My double-lidded dog eyes are being blinded for real... This is the first time in my life... F*ck me... This world has gone mad! A dumbass lion is boxing now...’’

’’F*ck me, let your father rub his eyes...’’

’’I must be f*cking dreaming...’’

The Double-headed Elysian Lion that was on the losing end had suddenly stood up like a human;its hind legs buckled into a sparring stance while both its front paws suddenly came together and delivered a massive punch!

Before the crowd could even howl in surprise, its other front paw formed a fist and jabbed hard at the Silvertail Howler's eyes!

The Silvertail Howler growled, its right eye already visibly bruising. It could not help but stumble about around the ring.

At the time, the Double-headed Elysian Lion remained standing on its hind legs as it suddenly sprung and spun in the air;one of its hind legs stomped right on the Silvertail Howler's face, fast as lightning.

The four popinjays on the side of the ring exclaimed as if they had seen ghosts;all eight eyes looked as if they were about to bulge out of their eye sockets!

’’Tornado kick!’’

’’Oh... my God! It's really tornado kick!’’

’’Quick, look! Another kick! F*ck me, is this a side kick? F*ck his father, your father has wasted his years living... This beast's side kick is even more powerful than mine...’’

’’I am about to faint... Consecutive punches! Ow! F*ck, f*ck, mandarin duck string kicks! F*ck you, this is an expert we have here!’’

’’I feel like I'm in a place of immortality... The lion has already become an individual, boxing like a human. Moreover, it f*cking punched and kicked... a master of its time indeed!’’

Four popinjays stared wide-eyed;no one had the heart to mind if they won or lost at that moment as they hollered with their all might.

Even the eight guards who had seen much of life were like ducks that had been struck by lightning;each of them was frozen rigid with their necks extended while their eyes were wide like saucers and their bodies trembled like sieves.

’’I'm going to faint!’’

A popinjay smacked his forehead and collapsed dramatically. ’’I really cannot accept it. An eighth level intermediate mystical beast has won the fight against an eighth level peak mystical beast. It had even unleashed an unexpected martial art form when it was losing and turned the situation around in an instant... and won! I must be f*cking dreaming.’’

Victory and defeat had already been decided in the ring.

The Silvertail Howler was obviously beaten to a daze as it wailed, covering its head and gave up counterattacking. It still did not understand, ’’Was I fighting with a Double-headed Elysian Lion or a man?’’

’’Can the game be like this... this is f*cking cheating!’’

Then an even more shocking scene was unveiled.

The Double-headed Elysian Lion that had won stood like a human again. Both its front paws actually went to its back as it walked slowly on its hind legs;looking exactly like an expert leisurely walking around the ring once in a winner's stance.

’’Oh, I am going to faint now.’’ One of the popinjays eyes rolled up in his head and he collapsed in a soft heap.

’’I've already fainted...’’

’’I'm already in a coma...’’

’’Somebody tell me this isn't real...’’

’’Your father has been shaken to the point where my *** is shivering...’’

’’Throughout the ages, we have really broadened our horizons.’’

’’This could no longer be described as amazing as a cow, it's one hundred thousand cows...’’

’’One million cows!’’

’’One hundred million cows!’’

’’All the cows in the universe! Mum, tell me this is not real...’’

Even Dong Tianleng who had won was pulling his hair and looking at the center of the ring in disbelief. Suddenly, he put his hands on his hips and guffawed, facing the sky. ’’Your father has won!’’

The other three popinjays suddenly regained their clarity as they heard his proclamation.

Had this fellow really won?

Yes, his Double-headed Elysian Lion was absolutely demonic. Who else should win if he doesn't? It can even perform punches!

Be afraid not of berserk mystical beasts, be afraid of mystical beasts that know martial arts! This is the f*cking truth.

’’Your father has finally won!’’ Dong Tianleng roared, a sense of triumph when a despicable man achieves great success filled his entire being. ’’You three fellows, come over to your father! Quick! Be good, all three of you. From the tip of the nose to the tip of the nose, stand straight with your rear ends sticking out! Faster! Your father wants to give a lecture!’’

The other three men's faces looked as resentful as a bitter gourd.

They looked at each other with humorless smiles and sighed. They had thought that they could have Dong Tianleng in their hands for the whole of his life with the Silvertail Howler. Who would have thought that only a night had passed before he had flipped the situation around!

However, they readily admitted their defeat. Moreover, Dong Tianleng's victory was achieved by pitting an eighth level intermediate mystical beast against an eighth level peak mystical beast! All three of them looked at Dong Tianleng, resigned to their fate. ’’Consider yourself lucky this time...’’

’’Less b*llshit!’’ Dong Tianleng rubbed his palms together, his face full of anticipation. ’’Had fun beating me up last night? It's your turn today! Think of how triumphant you fellows have looked last night!. How I've begged for mercy but you blokes ignored and teased me. I'll bet that you didn't think that you'll end up like this today, yes?’’

He chortled in pleasure. ’’Quick! I've told you guys so, the wheel of fortune is ever turning. Life is full of ups and downs, never make fun of those down in the dumps! Flowers could bloom again, every dog has its day!’’

’’Quick, stand properly!’’

Three of them gathered together with faces that anticipated death;the three tips of their noses met as they stood straight. One of them said coldly, ’’Dong Tianleng, don't go overboard!’’

Dong Tianleng laughed, ’’I won't. I'm just going to follow the rules of our bet and beat you guys up to the point that your mothers won't recognize you!’’

Even before he finished speaking, he had already aimed a kick in their direction.

’’Come, come, don't cry, little brother. I'll still beat you up into a pig even if you cry!’’

Pow! Pow! Pow!

’’Little fellow, you shall not give in! The fact that you've lost remains unchanged!’’

Pow! Pow! Pow!

’’Come, come, little brother, you're so adorable. Quick, stick your rear end out so I can deliver a solid kick...’’

Dong Tianleng was so elated that each of his muscle sets was dancing. He trashed the three men to his heart's content, throwing punches and kicks from head to toe.

He was especially relentless on their faces. The three popinjays were resolute as well, not emitting a single whimper although their eyes were leaking fire. They did not put up a fight either, allowing Dong Tianleng to wallop them without restraint.

After a while, three of them became three pig heads fresh out from the oven! Dong Tianleng displayed absolute finesse as he had each part of the three men's face and head swell to its maximum capacity.

The eight guards watched speechlessly;they really did not know what else these second generation children could turn into games.

’’From today onwards,’’ Dong Tianleng clamored, ’’Every one of you, green clothes, green hat, green shoes, green belt, even your scabbard has to be green. Have a piece of emerald green bamboo stuck on your head as well! Your underwear has to be green also! Understood?’’

’’... Understood!’’

’’This was my fate a year ago!’’

Dong Tianleng felt incredibly pleased. ’’So f*cking ***...’’

Three popinjays stood up with their pig heads and asked, ’’Is that all?’’

’’What, you fellows still want more?’’ Dong Tianleng rubbed his fists together.

’’B*llshit!’’ One of the three guys who could barely see anything with his pair of eyes tried his hardest to open them into slits as he said, ’’It's your turn now. Tell us, how could your eighth level intermediate mystical beast defeat my peak mystical beast? Even if we've lost, we need to lose with a clear mind as promised!’’

How could Dong Tianleng tell them the truth? This was his secret weapon. If these fellows learned my secret, wouldn't it become my turn to get beaten up?

With a hurried glance at them, he said, ’’I've only gone to find a mystical beast trainer...’’

’’B*ll-f*cking chained farts-shit!’’ One of the popinjays swore like a sailor. ’’How many mystical beast trainers have we gone to all these years? Too many! Even when we went to the master trainers, they could never do something like this!’’

’’Dong Tianleng, if you don't speak the truth, don't blame us when we don't follow the rules!’’

’’I'll tell you guys if we bet for another round tonight. It'll be for the whole of next year...’’ Dong Tianleng tried to test his luck.

’’F*ck off!’’

’’Are you telling or not!’’

’’Always f*cking thinking of nonsense!’’

Dong Tianleng looked troubled as he said, ’’Alright, alright. I'll tell you fellows. I... met an extraordinary person but he's ill-tempered and has a peculiar personality. It took me so much effort to have him help me the last time, I had to pay a terrible price.’’

’’Cut the b*llshit! What price?’’

’’Uh, half of the wager...’’

’’That is a lot? F*ck! It's won over anyway... If it were me, I would have been fine giving him everything!’’

’’This extraordinary person, I don't know where he's gone to...’’ Dong Tianleng began to concoct his own tales. ’’He left after helping me. It would be impossible for me to find him.’’

He was obviously unwilling to speak the truth. The other three men exchanged knowing looks and said irritably, ’’Then forget it.’’

In their minds though, they were thinking, ’’He can't even lie properly. You still have to return to him half of your wager, how can you give it to him if you can't find him?’’

’’We only have to follow you and we'll find him! Let me find him myself;it would be best if the other two didn't think of this. Let me win once as well.’’

All four of them left the mystical beast battle ring with their guards, each thinking of their own plot. When they reached the exit , they saw the courtyard filled with people.

’’What's going on?’’ All four popinjays were shocked at the number of people who were milling around.

’’Ximen Wandai has died.’’ Someone in the courtyard said, ’’It just happened!’’

All four men were dumbfounded as they swore in unison, ’’F*ck me! He just died!’’


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