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I Am Supreme - Chapter 287


Chapter 287: Nine Chakras Were Prodigious, What About Ten?
Nine Chakras was Prodigious, What about Ten?

It was true that it had the gift to restrict acultivation base breakthrough, but a limit was still imposed. Now that Yun Yang’s competence had hiked a hundred-fold and his personal cultivation base was nearing the limit of another breakthrough, he was terribly close;in addition to the spiritual Qi of over three hundred lives, no matter how gifted Emmie was, the layers of pressure coming from both inside and out were too much for the seedling!

Yun Yang knew that he was bursting his limits as well, charging into his room like a tornado. Fang Mofei and the entire group could feel the presence of surging spiritual Qi that came gushing out, unstoppable like the greatest river!

"Young master is about to advance to another breakthrough!"

Fang Mofei and Lao Mei were both inexplicably thrilled about such an unusual yet familiar situation;at the same time, they felt conflicted.

They were thrilled because each time their young master had a breakthrough, they could tag along and advance accordingly, improving in their cultivation journey. On the other hand, they were wary of the swiftness of their young master’s breakthrough. It was simply too fast. Not too long from now, their cultivation bases would be of no help to young master.

They had to cultivate and train harder from now onwards;they had to keep up with their young master’s pace!

As soon as Yun Yang stepped into his room, he could feel the agitation within his dantian that expanded mightily, like it was about to burst. A faint, crisp flare resounded, like his dantian had indeed ruptured.

His entire being shook accordingly.

Yun Yang came to realized something unusual;his dantian had not exploded, it had expanded two times larger!

Besides, there was another surge of force that was still moving;it was on a conquest, expanding the awakening of a chakra above his dantian. When the chakra was successfully awakened, all the spiritual Qi that was drifting above Tiantang City was suddenly gone.

The entire capital, taking up thousands miles of land, had turned into a spiritual Qi vacuum in space.

The spiritual Qi from thousands of miles away was ferocious, filling the vacuum in endless torrents, but it was in vain. The outpouring of energy was simply too slow to meet the gaping hole in the sky.

The awakening of the ninth chakra! Nine innately awakened chakras!

Yun Yang felt the subtle and inexplicable sense of the clouds dissipating and seeing the clear sky;it was a relaxing sentiment that flowed from his physical to his spiritual self.

Have I advanced to the ranks of the so-called super geniuses?

However, the change within Yun Yang’s body showed no signs of stopping. The enormous force from the chakra awakening were still in motion.

It soared all the way up, unstoppable and fierce;Yun Yang who was delighted, suddenly felt a swelling pain.

Upon pondering, he was filled with joy instead of shock because he knew that it was his meridians that were experiencing changes. They were expanding;if his initial meridians were like narrow streams, they now resembled mighty rivers!

The impediments throughout the meridians in Yun Yang’s body were washed away in a relentless torrent;there were no obstacles as the energy burst forth in a concentrated stream.


Just as Yun Yang was in ecstatacy about his current condition, his body was inexplicably shaken! A salty, copper taste tinged his nose and mouth.

Yun Yang knew that something was amiss. Checking his inner physique hurriedly, he was shocked to find that the spiritual Qi within him was gradually concentrating at an unknown chakra spot and was beginning to collide violently against it.

The collision did not manage to charge through though, the most direct effect from the failure being the tremor that ran through Yun Yang’s internal organs like they were about to be flipped around. The sharp pang of pain stunned Yun Yang, leaving him gasping in bewilderederment. "This… what is this for?"

"Isn’t the gift of nine awakened chakras already the legendary talent of a superior prodigy? Why is there still a discharge? Could there still be chakras left?"

The large quantity of energy within Yun Yang’s body was not submitted to his manipulation, however, as it flowed with its own will.


It was another rupture - that failed.

This time, it caused blood to stream from Yun Yang’s nose and mouth.

With a low grunt, he quickly tried to redirect the mystical Qi within him, but soon found out that he could not affect it in the least, what was more, to steer them with his own will.

The assaults came unceasingly.

Each lash caused Yun Yang to feel his internal organs shattering simultaneously but he could only passively endure it.

The Endless divine Art had never existed in this world and Yun Yang was its first cultivator. He had absolute no idea what was going on right now.

The loss of control in redirecting the flows of his cultivation method, the passivity to take in the consequences, the autonomous circulation of the surging mystical Qi – Yun Yang could only clench his teeth and endure...

It was a wonder which would come first;the unknown chakra awakening or his death from his inability to endure the damage done to his internal organs. The situation did not look good. Yun Yang was continuously taking in the countercharge and violent lashings;damage was accumulating on his internal organs and his injury was growing more severe!

Luckily there was Emmie to support him. Although the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth was unprecedentedly rich, most of Emmie’s air of vitality was brutally oppressed by the mystical Qi. There was only the remaining sliver of vital force that could help soothe Yun Yang’s injuries.

If this were to go on, Yun Yang’s condition would only worsen;the consequences would be grave!

Of course Yun Yang was reluctant to submit to fate, he was waiting for a turning point and he believed that the mysterious and magical Endless divine Art would not fail its host without a reason. There must be an explanation for all that was happening. Although he could not control the operation of mystical Qi, he could observe the slightest changes and try to understand them.

Following the incessant charges, he finally saw an anomaly. Cracks finally appeared at the seemingly stable spot of the unknown chakra.

It was only a tiny gap, but a chain was only as strong as its weakest link;as long as there was a slightest loophole, it was his chance – his turning point!




After another three consecutive assaults, Yun Yang was dizzy with the agony of his organs being ground to bits. He almost fainted. The violent streaks of pain made him almost want to give up.

In spite of this, the turning point had emerged;hope was right before him. How could he give up after seeing such hope?

Yun Yang held on, trying his hardest to maintain the clarity of mind. Finally, when the next violent thump came…

With a crisp, shattering, sound like a glass container breaking chirping within Yun Yang’s consciousness, he suddenly felt at ease.

It was the sound of the seal bring broken and the chakra being awakened!

An enormous force with the momentum of a tsunami charged in.

It was like a river that had broken through the dam and was rolling on in waves, knocking down remnants of the structure and jetting forward recklessly.

Ten awakened chakras!

Yun Yang's eyes widened abruptly – ten chakras?

The tenth chakra?

Didn't the human body only have nine chakras?

Cultivators who could have nine awakened chakras were already the most top-notched gifted achievers.

Why was there a tenth chakra now?

What was going on?

Yun Yang opened his eyes and inspected his body;it was still the same, he had not turned into some three-headed, six-armed monster…

With the awakening of the special chakra, mystical Qi and Emmie’s air of vitality managed to enter Yun Yang’s internal organs and were rapidly nourishing and repairing them.

Yun Yang was still dumbfounded.

He did not die, and had even inexplicably surpassed the limit of nine chakras and awakened the tenth chakra – but what was the meaning of this tenth chakra?

Could somebody explain this to me?

Yun Yang, who was still in bewilderment, felt his body lighten then, leaving the ground before he could think of anything else. Before he knew it, he was floating half a feet from the ground.

"I… I’m not using any force… why am I hovering in the air?"

Yun Yang tried kicking in the air and stretching his arms, purposefully relinquishing his hold on mystical Qi. He then realized that he was really just floating midair. The spiritual Qi that was emanating from his dantian allowed his body to drift like a balloon…

"A body like a feather that soars through the clouds, the worldly realm is but your playground;a return to purity enlightens the path ahead, the end of a myriad leads to heaven’s bridge!" Yun Yang ruminated on the saying.

The realm upon breaking through the ninth peak most probably felt like this, a solid feeling of airiness within the short period after a breakthrough. One would feel like he was about to embark on immortality and turn into a long-lived individual.

Prior to this, Yun Yang could not understand how it felt to be ethereally airy and to feel so for any duration of time. He knew it now;such a feeling truly existed.

The reality was that his body was afloat, hovering in midair… If he did not feel so, he would be lying to himself!

The mystical Qi was still jetting in, thus the state of hovering persisted.

Yun Yang sped up the flow of the Endless divine Art to gulp the spiritual Qi from heaven and earth all into his dantian. To his surprise, the energy within his dantian had gone through a huge change.

No matter how refined the mystical Qi in his dantian was previously, it had remained a cloud of air. Now, despite the air being as dense as it was in gas form, there were golden liquid droplets underneath the cloud of gas.

The golden liquid was exuding a faint, mysterious, purple sheen.

Upon closer inspection, Yun Yang noticed that when the concentration of spiritual Qi in his dantian reached a certain degree from the incessant absorption by his body, it would condense into a droplet of the purplish-golden liquid.

As the purplish golden liquid collected, it formed a small patch, gradually becoming a shallow pool shimmering with the same purplish-gold sheen.

The pool was shallow, but it was only a matter of time before it rose higher!

Yun Yang could affirm that it would be the next level-up of his Endless divine Art when his dantian was filled with this purplish golden liquid, despite it being a long and arduous journey.

After all, if his dantian now was akin to a house, the purplish-golden liquid was at most a finger’s size worth of water. To fill it up completely was terribly difficult!

"Much still remains to be done!" Yun Yang exclaimed.



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