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I Am Supreme - Chapter 286


Chapter 286: Massacre!
Yun Yang grunted, "Give me the testimony. I'm going out for murder tonight and I will wipe out the Hall of Second Month from Four Seasons Tower's Hall of Spring!"

He grabbed Jiang Cheng’s testimony. With a quick twist, his body had turned into a hurricane!

Brimming with endless waves of murderous intention, he then rushed out from the spot!

Yun Yang's surging rage was uncontrollable. It did not need to rest just because he had personally killed Jiang Cheng.

Yun Zuiyue's case had made him unprecedentedly vicious. Now that he got a large list of hidden accomplices, his heart had tightened instead of growing more relaxed.

What he wanted to do now was to kill all the people in the Four Seasons Tower, without a single exception.

Coincidentally, he had a name list of the members of the Four Seasons Tower in his hand.

On this very night, throughout the night, the wind could be heard roaring and whistling, raging madly over the sky of Tiantang City!

The reek of blood was growing increasingly dense.

Yun Yang would not indiscriminately kill the innocent, and would not jump into mass murder just by listening to the single testimony of Jiang Cheng.

Jiang Cheng's confession was only to provide direction.

With Yun Yang's various manifestation techniques, he could easily find those on the list, to identify them through the personal status of these people, and determine if they were the members of the Four Seasons Tower. By confirming their identities, it seemed like it was a complete and strategized business to interrogate them based on his intelligence and to immediately behead the target.

Wherever the wind passed through, the spies of the Four Seasons Tower were like the autumn leaves being swept through, caught and decapitated instantly!



Those times when he faced certain extremists, Yun Yang would simply behead them and even their closed ones together. Whoever had joint forces with the members of the Four Seasons Tower would be deemed as taking a proper course of death;they deserved to die!

For the whole night, there were eighteen families that fell, three-hundred and seventy heads were being chopped off. Rolling heads were everywhere.

All of these people either belonged to the Four Seasons Tower or were associated with them. It had been confirmed.

Although Yun Yang’s hands were stained with blood, yet he felt no burden in his heart.

A massive air of injustice flowed into him like river streams.

The only disappointment to Yun Yang was that these people did not even know about the anomaly of Cirrus House last night!

A cracking sound could be heard from the outside.

Yun Yang exerted his force to snap the head of the last person. Turning into a gust of wind, he then disappeared from heaven and earth.

However, there was no trace of soothing within Yun Yang’s heart. It was burdensome still.


After killing so many people and questioning them, there was no one who knew about the insider story of Cirrus House.

Then, what had actually happened there?

How could it be destroyed without any clue or sign? It had vanished into ashes. No matter how he had investigated, there was not the slightest clue to be found.

Why did the members of Four Seasons Tower know nothing about the Cirrus House?

Could it be that the position of the persons he had found was too inferior that they did not even come into contact with the news regarding Cirrus House?

Or were there any other reasons?

What exactly was going on?

The Cirrus House’s misfortune was currently the biggest impediment to Yun Yang. If it could not be solved as soon as possible, the impediment might eventually turn into an internal demon. Initially Yun Yang wanted to directly go and seek for Fu Baoguo to see if he could obtain any other clues from him, but dawn was approaching, and secondly,…the spiritual Qi in his body had formed a tsunami that was about to breakthrough.

Yun Yang could no longer suppress it.

Within a night, Yun Yang had beheaded more than three hundred people in one go. This number had exceeded the required number by Emmie to advance.

Previously, just a few people more were needed in order to break through the third stage of Endless divine Art.

In fact, Yun Yang had had that feeling of a breakthrough when he beheaded He Hanqing;just that he had it suppressed then!

Furthermore, he had ordered Emmie to forcefully suppress it to prevent him from breaking through the current realm!

At that time, Yun Yang had already reached the seventh peak of mystical Qi. According to Yun Yang’s own judgment, if there was a breakthrough, he would have at least eighth peak pinnacle or even straight to the realm of ninth peak.

However, after tonight, Emmie had sent feedback to Yun Yang that its own repression assistance had come to the limit. The successive adventures that Yun Yang had these past few days had caused his cultivation base to accumulate exceptionally. Particularly, tonight, where he had beheaded more than three hundred people at one shot, had caused Emmie to generate more spiritual Qi. Hence, he must now seek a breakthrough. If he were to continually suppress it, it would be as if he had not done it well!

It had far exceeded his expectations.

The reason Yun Yang did not want to have any breakthrough was mainly because of his realm of cultivation base that had been improving too fast. He was afraid that his foundation might be not strong enough for that. Hence, he had asked for aid from Emmie and through self-control, dually suppressed his own cultivation progress. However, throughout these times, he had continually fought. The slaughter of He Hanqing and the battle against Venerable Lord Saber as well as the great fight with Jiang Cheng for instance. What was more, he had even beheaded eighteen sinners of the Four Seasons Tower plus their accomplices within a night.

In just several days, war had been instigated again and again. The cultivation bases of almost all the rivals were beyond Yun Yang’s. Such leapfrog fighting and intense battling had helped to form his current concrete foundation.

What was more, the recent feast of eighteen superior level mystical beast flesh and blood essence, together with the aid of mystical wine had caused Yun Yang’s cultivation base to accumulate to an alarming extent. The saying of weak foundation could no longer be applicable to Yun Yang!

Since he could no longer suppress it, he might as well stop trying to do so. Based on his self-assessment, Yun Yang felt that now was probably the moment for the breakthrough!

Although he had yet to exert his full force, the target was imminent. It was not too late to execute it later!

He would have more confidence after the breakthrough!

He would have more capital to fight against the Four Seasons Tower!


Following that, the whole Tiantang City was abuzz.

What had happened in the palace a few days ago was unknown to the vast majority of Yutang;at least Yutang's ordinary citizens had no idea about it. However, it was only after a day that the entire Yutang was covered with bloody vibes. Although most of the people would not know what exactly had happened, they would able to sense that the affair was unusual, with many people dead.

Of the eighteen officials who had background connections with the Four Seasons Tower, six families were wiped out while the remaining seven to eight families were all beheaded and killed, except for women and children.

Even the house guards and gardener were not spared.

The fresh blood of the deceased was gushing out like streams!

After hearing the information, the Board of Punishment's men was madly hectic.

They could be seen rushing around for investigation and yet they were being summoned back when they were just about to start their work.


Jiang Cheng's testimony, name list and the other background information regarding the eighteen officials who were slaughtered by Yun Yang had all been neatly placed before the study room of the old Marshal Qiu. Without delaying any further, Qiu Jianhan had sent all of the items and presented them the Emperor in the first instance.

However, Yun Yang had deleted the part pertaining to Fu Baoguo in the testimony.

To talk about Fu Baoguo, it seemed like he was quite innocent to be controlled by He Hanqing’s Art of Soul Shifting. Since He Hanqing had died, Yun Yang had to ponder on how to punish him.


His Majesty slapped on the table, trembling.

Most of the things that he had had no idea previously had been solved and answered after reading the testimony...

All in all, it turned out to be this!

Jiang Cheng!

Jiang Zhong ... that loyal old minister had been dead for decades!

And the person who had been impersonating him was actually Jiang Cheng!

The twin brother of Jiang Zhong?

There were numerous things and countless unidentified deaths without cause. Many of them had made His Majesty suffer, and yet when His Majesty made an order to investigate, there had never been a clear response.

It seemed like there were some people would just die unknowingly.

Although it seemed like they really deserved it, if one were to meticulously think about it, doubtful points would arise everywhere.

However, it was hard to continue the investigation without evidence anyway.

Only now that he learned about the existence of such a high-profile figure who was able to hide the truth from the masses in this palace!

It included the cause of him being poisoned.

Although he had suspected many, he never suspected the old slave who had been serving him since he was young!

Never would he have thought that the person who had poisoned him was actually Jiang Cheng who had replaced his twin brother!

The person who had been loyal to him, Jiang Zhong had been substituted by another long ago!

A faint delight was surging within His Majesty’s heart.

After all, it was not Jiang Zhong who did it.

"Board of Punishment is to investigate the crime, the sin does not end with death!" His Majesty the Emperor closed his eyes, the matter was finalized.

At this moment, His Majesty the Emperor experienced an inexplicable feeling.

Perhaps the legend was not a lie. The Nine Supremes were superb indeed.

It almost took a country, and spies from half of the imperial court... preparing for such a long time, only to deal with them!

Peak organizations among the martial arts world and numerous experts had worked together with countless of spies, to coordinate them.

From the insiders of the palace to the relatives of the royal family;to the civil and military senior officials;how much manpower and resources, timing and coordination were being combined, before it could finally…

"Nine Supremes!" His Majesty the Emperor closed his eyes.

If more time was given to them, what would the outcome be?

Thinking of this, His Majesty heart was shredded with pain.

There was a line in the letter by the Nine Heavens Dictum that had comforted the Emperor's feelings.

"The traitors of the nation, the source of calamities;despite the shocking number of their daunting mass, their riddance shall give way to a whole new level of morale. Good riddance - the gap stings but it saves lives. The loss is great when we lost the Nine Supremes from Four Seasons Tower's conspiracy but the haul of traitors is beneficial to the nation!"

"Seven or eight out of Yutang’s ten traitors are already gone."

Upon thinking on that, His Majesty eyes brightened.

"Seven or eight gone out of ten..."

To think of this, His Majesty had let out a long sigh. It was a great news indeed!

Although it was great to have most of them gone, there were still one or two left which could be deemed as a hidden danger ... the Nine Heavens Dictum had yet to kill the remaining one or two, why was this so? Was it because the position of the party was too high? Too sensitive? Or…

Also... the families of Supreme Earth, whether they were still safe and stable ... could the Supreme Wind have revealed it?


The moment Yun Yang returned to his Residence of Yun, the boiling energy within his body had almost reached an uncontrollable extent!

Emmie had been jumping anxiously ever since, squealing non-stop!


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