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I Am Supreme - Chapter 285


Chapter 285: Successfully Broken Down
The process of interrogation was but a mundane process of question and answer!

"How ... how much more spiritual matters like this do you have?" Jiang Zhong asked in a hoarse voice. He knew that couldn't hold on much longer. The only hope was that there were not much of such magical items that could recovery left.

"No more, this is the last one."

Yun Yang replied gently, "As long as you hold on this time, you can die! Isn't that good news? Do you look forward to it? Work hard and persevere! You will win if you keep at it!"

Jiang Zhong spat in contempt.

He had said the same thing the last time he asked him.

Despite Jiang Zhong's deepest wish to let it all go, Yun Yang took out the treasure again, mindlessly using it as if he did not mind wasting such a precious spiritual item on a captive!

How many more times would he still able to repeat the process from life to death and vice versa to himself?

How long would he be able to sustain himself under such a desperate and hopeless situation?

Jiang Zhong was at his wit's end as to what to do.

"What exactly do you want to know?" uttered Jiang Zhong desperately, "As long as you promise to give me a clean death, I will say it!"

"What I want to know is too much. Even if you are willing to say it, you have to waste a lot of time. However, you should not waste any time now!"

Yun Yang reached out his hands, "How can you not understand? How many more of such precious spiritual items are there in this world? How much more could I possibly have? Maybe if you hold on this time, there’s no need for you to say anything in order to die. Jiang Zhong, let’s start all over again. If you do not like the picking of tendons and breaking of bones, we will then start with the burning and corrosion of meridians. You just have to endure it, you wouldn't want to disappoint me would you?"

"I will tell! I will tell! I will tell everything!"

Once the wall of defense had been broken, his instinct for self-preservation had kicked in. Jiang Zhong was struggling desperately, miserably crying out, hoping to end this extremely cruel process. Ignoring his wailing, Yun Yang once again placed his hands on him.

Jiang Zhong cursed, furiously and desperately. Yun Yang remained indifferent and continued to keep showcasing his art of torturing people, step by predictable step. This time it really began with the burning of meridians.

However, the pain suffered by Jiang Zhong seemed to surge ten-fold!

He screamed miserably, begging, cursing. His psychological defenses had completely collapsed, making him no different from an ordinary prisoner!

It was even worse than with an average person. His psychological defenses had been totally exhausted, feeling as if his previous insistence were all in vain. The mental fatigue that had been accumulated before this came crashing down.

Jiang Zhong had completely broken down!

This time, he had been tortured to the brink of death...

Muddle-headed, a surge of spiritual life force bloomed expectedly.

"Don’t... don’t ... don’t ..." Jiang Zhong desperately kept his mouth shut, trying to eradicate the indoctrination of the vital energy. However, Yun Yang pinched his nose and after a while, Jiang Zhong involuntarily opened his mouth.

It was still the same, concentrated air of vitality, entering into his body as always, repairing his meridians bit by bit so that his body would revert to a state of rapid recovery.

However, Jiang Zhong's true fear was for such swift healing!

He could no longer stand it.

"I will tell!"

"I will tell everything you ask!"

"I will really tell it, tell it all, please, stop torturing me!"

Jiang Zhong bawled and blubbered uncontrollably.

He had thought that he would never shed tears for all his life. How could there be tears by having an iron heart?

However, he now bawled until he had mucus and tears all over his face.

"Jiang Zhong, you're a ninth peak pinnacle high-leveled cultivator!"

Yun Yang frowned, and uttered, "How can you not have the dignity as a cultivator? How can you give in so quickly under a little torture? Aren't you a self-proclaimed person with tough bones? What a shame to ninth peak cultivators!"

Jiang Zhong squalled even more loudly this time.

When did I say that I had tough bones?

However, I never thought that my bones would be so weak!

However, no matter how tough the bones are, how could one sustain such repetitive torture?

The young master Yun before him, who was also Supreme Wind, was definitely a madman!

"Why don't you keep on persevering? Don’t tell and don’t give up your dignity as a high-level cultivator!"

Yun Yang whispered softly, "At least allow me to try it once again. I promise you, as long as you can hold it for this time, you can die. I do not have these kinds of spiritual elixir anymore. This was the last, alright?"

Those hands could be seen stretching over him again.


Looking at that pair of fair hands, Jiang Zhong felt as if he was witnessing a poisoned snake, desperately he shrank away as he uttered," I will tell! I will tell... …not anymore ... ..."

"I am not Jiang Zhong, I am Jiang Zhong’s twin brother, Jiang Cheng. I am not Jiang Zhong! Last time, acting on the orders of the tower master, I sneaked into the palace and killed my own brother Jiang Zhong and have pretended to be him ever since."

"I entered the palace thirty years ago. I did a lot of things. A lot of things ..." Jiang Zhong had totally broken down. As soon as Yun Yang's hand stretched over him, he began to narrate the things that he had done, at an extremely fast pace!

He was terribly afraid.

He was afraid that if he was to tell it slowly, the devil would begin to torture him again!

"I killed Concubine Li and her family. I also took care of the Royal Chef Eunuch Du. I ... had a hand in the poisoning of Yu Peize as well. I was responsible for one of the crucial parts... also, the death of the Ninth Prince was because of me."

"I've also done ..."

"The affairs involved the Nine Supremes. I had participated in it, I was responsible for ..."

"Fu Baoguo had been misled. I tricked him into getting in touch with Supreme Lord Spring Frost, and then executed the Art of Soul Shifting, several times in a row, the process was ... "


Jiang Cheng said it desperately, not even pausing in the slightest. This was because Yun Yang's hand was just before his eyes.

He spoke quickly, describing and narrating all the things that he did, spilling all the beans.

Yun Yang cast a cold glance at him, his eyes were solemn.

At the shadowy corner, Shui Wuyin was waving his brush swiftly, quickly recording all the words of Jiang Zhong!

In such a quick narration, no one could lie!

Jiang Cheng kept talking about recent affairs, from the death of Mi Kongqun until the death of He Hanqing.

"I was scared. You fellows were able to investigate Mi Kongqun, and then He Hanqing, and I would then be found at any time... I was thinking of ways these few days, trying my luck and thinking of escaping at the same time ... but I ..."

At this moment, Jiang Cheng had paused in his narration. He did not know how to continue as he had told all the major things he had done in these few decades!

Nothing more.

He looked up at Yun Yang in horror, "There's nothing more, I swear."

"Nothing more?" Yun Yang’s face sank, "Keep on talking!"

The tears of Jiang Cheng that had just stopped continued flowing out again, " Nothing more, I swear to God, there’s no more! I totally have no idea about the affairs of the Cirrus House. I don’t even know who did it! If I knew and didn't tell, I will become a bastard in my next life, I'll be a bastard every day, I'll be a bastard even when I'm already a bastard for my whole life... "

To become a bastard in next life!

For eunuchs, this was the most extreme and vicious curse ever!

For in this life, their bodies had already been incomplete, and finally, when the next life came, they had to become a bastard every day...

This curse could no longer be deemed as not malicious.

With a snort, Yun Yang overturned his palm.

Jiang Cheng's entire body could be seen trembling violently. He looked at Yun Yang’s palm in horror. The thick birth of the emerald green air of vitality could be seen rising from there, the size of a human head!

Those that had got him recovered was just the size of a finger...

How could such a thing appear in such a great size? How many more times could this thing last to torture him?

To torture him until the day he reached a hundred years old?

Jiang Cheng felt that this was not an empty threat.

"Your subordinates, your upper line and your lower line!"

Yunyang uttered coldly, "Tell me everything, and I will let you die. If you miss even one, we will continue to play;the right to decide is on you."

Jiang Cheng nodded his head like a chicken pecking rice, "I know, I know, I was the Hall of Second Month's master, my subordinates respectively are... Those in the palace are ... ... Those outside of the palace are ... among the civil officials are ... among the generals are ... "

"My superior was the Supreme Lord Spring Frost, who has just been confirmed dead."

"Other than that ... I have no idea ... " He was begging Yun Yang, with tears gushing out madly, "Believe me, I really have no idea anymore ... and if I did, I will become an eternal bastard ... "

Yun Yang kept silent, closing his eyes.

A sharp ache filled his heart.

He had no idea anymore.

It seemed like he really did not know anymore ...

However, for the affairs that had happened in Cirrus House, who was the one who did it?

"Repeat what you have done before."

Yunyang uttered coldly.

"Yes, yes."

After a long time, it was already the third fragment of the night.

Shui Wuyin brought along his records, rubbing his wrists and uttered, "All the records are completed, and are confirmed without errors."

Yun Yang gave him a look and muttered, "It seems incomplete, there was little left to be said ..."

Suddenly a hand, with lightning speed, could be seen pinching Jiang Cheng's arm, "You lied!"

The picking of tendons and breaking bones are going to be carried out again!

Jiang Cheng let out a roar. His whole body was trembling violently, his crotch area dripping wet. Excretion came from the front and back of him;apparently, he was incontinent after being frightened by this word, "I did not lie, I really didn’t. If I did, let me ... "

For a time, his speed of speech had almost reached a new record high. In a breath, he had spelled out seventy to eighty curses!

He would never want to bear that kind of torture again.

Yun Yang was just reaching out without having to exert any action, he was almost shocked to the core.

With a snort, Yun Yang raised his palm.


Jiang Cheng's head was instantly crushed like a rotten melon. A long sigh escaped his nostrils, a tinge full of peace as if being relieved from a terrible burden.

It was finally over.

His body did not move but simply felt empty.

Yun Yang eyes were dark and solemn.

"One, two, three ... of his subordinates, there are seventeen that are yet to be caught!"


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