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I Am Supreme - Chapter 278


Chapter 278: Unprecedented and Unsurpassed
At the very least, Yun Zuiyue could not have possibly done so herself.

Yun Yang dared to assert that even Ling Xiaozui may not be able to come up with such precious ingredients!

However, it was now certain that there was someone who was willing to let him savor this bowl of porridge!

However, what could it possibly be for?

Was it a trap?

It seemed like there was no need for to be so luxurious and decadent.

Bearing in mind that he was already present as promised and his cultivation base was not high and that there was Yun Zuiyue here as an impedance, to use such a poisonous trick could be deemed as a lowly act. If that was the case, it would certainly be overstepping the rules.

However, if the person who had planned all of this was his own people…

Then it made even less sense. He would not have ignored such a great figure if he happened to know such a person who could manage this great feat!

If the current bowl of porridge before his eyes was genuine, even an expert with the level of Ling Xiaozui might not be able to get his hands on the ingredients to conjure the dish given another hundred years.

Most likely, he would end up exhausting his whole life getting nothing!

Yun Yang was in chaos. He felt as if he was surrounded by fog, his mind muddled. He was hand-bound, and had no way to respond!

"Young brother Yun, after having the porridge as a starter, do have a few sips of the soup too. This is a soup brewed from the brain-pulp of the Celestial Mussel from the northern sea with Enigmatic Pearl. It is freshly brewed and hot, albeit in small portions. Young brother must not be displeased with it."


From the ingredients, it was evident that it was another impressive dish, and was no less superior than the Flying Spiritual Fish and Lingzhi mushroom extract dishes earlier!

Yun Yang’s eyes that were already staring wide widened once more, almost falling out of their sockets.

It was another legendary dish. If it mixed with the porridge earlier, they would be complementary to each other, resulting in a synergistic outcome of one plus one equals to three.

"It was too extravagant and too grand," sighed Yun Yang while laughing. He finished the soup in a single gulp.

However, the laments of extravagance and grandeur seemed to come too early. The subsequent dishes had fully astonished Yun Yang that he was rendered in complete disbelief.

"This is the heart of the superior mystical beast, the Eastern White Horned Tiger, complemented by the Millennial Mystical Lingzi mushroom. Try it, young brother."

"This is made from the internal pellet and the neck of the superior mystical beast, Western Snow Python, added with slices of five-thousand-year blood ginseng."

"This is the superior mystical beast, Underwater Three-headed Flood Dragon's…"

"This is the superior mystical beast, Ninth Cloud Scintillating Phoenix's..."

"This is..."

The so-called superior mystical beasts referred to as mystical beasts that ranked beyond the levels known in the world, exceeding the class of ninth level pinnacle mystical beasts.

Their existences seemed to only occur in myths. Even if the ordinary people came across with any of them, it would have been sufficient to boast about it for half of their lifetime, let alone to capture them.

The Eclipse Panthers owned by Yun Yang were already elites among the other known mystical beasts. However, strictly speaking, their level halted right at the ninth level pinnacle and had yet to reach the level of superior beasts. In other words, any ingredients of these dishes on the table would trump the Eclipse Panthers!

Since Yun Yang had sat down, there was a total of eighteen dishes before him. The ingredients of each dish were all the essences of the superior mystical beast!

The eighteen dishes were all being served in exquisitely small plates and in delicate portions. Apparently, these extremely precious ingredients could only produce such small servings.

They were all being served on the table, arranged closely to each other as they filled the space.

Yun Yang was completely stunned!

Judging from Yun Yang’s current cultivation base and the strength of his normal digestion ability, even the normal meat of these superior mystical beasts the size of a finger would have him digesting them for some time.

However, what Yun Yang was eating was all the core essences of these superior mystical beasts.

What was key was that they could really be eaten!

Among the eighteen dishes, there were a few ingredients legendarily known as inedible by cultivators. Once they were consumed, they would cause issues with growth. However, it had been explained by Yun Zuiyue that those ingredients that were inedible had been treated by the other treasured ingredients, making them absolutely edible for now!

Not only was it edible, it was scrumptious. The efficacy of the ingredients would not be weakened in the slightest after being consumed. In fact, it would be even more enhanced than before!

In other words, all the medicinal power that was within the processed ingredients of the superior mystical beast would no longer cause uncontrollable and unmanageable heaving. Only its extending effects were to remain. While Yun Yang was having the feast, the boundless medicinal power had all been stored inside his body, without any setback or eruption.

Just like what Yun Zuiyue said, the meal would be of great help to Yun Yang’s cultivation journey.

However, Yun Yang could hardly believe it. By analyzing from Yun Zuiyue’s words, the combined effect of these eighteen dishes could have caused the destruction of any of the Empires in Tianxuan Continent three times over!

There were a total of eighteen dishes on the table. All of them were the most concentrated essence of the eighteen superior mystical beasts. Additionally, they were laden with twenty-four kinds of the world’s most top-end treasured gems and materials. It was no longer just a simple matter of extravagance or indescribable grandeur!

The reality left no room for Yun Yang’s disbelief as the effect of the food had begun to kick in. Although the effects that could be absorbed by Yun Yang did not even reach one-thousandth of this meal, the other huge forces did not go to waste but were stored dormant in his body.

It would make grant him success more easily when he cultivated in the future, it. A little at a time, they would be transformed and absorbed to his own use!

After confirming the reality, another unsettling conclusion could seemingly be made. Yun Yang's body would have transformed into a treasure after this meal!

Even if he had too much to drink and relieved himself, his urine would transform a seventh class mystical beast into an eighth class mystical beast if consumed...

Anyone who was able to have a bite of Yun Yang’s meat would increase their lives by sixty years, at the very least!

It was even more outrageous if one was able to drink his blood. Even a person who was originally mediocre with no innate talent at all would be granted the potential to reach the pinnacle of martial arts!

To describe it in laymen terms, Yun Yang’s meat was extremely precious, even more, precious than Monk Tang’s. The meat of Monk Tang was only for the masses of demons during the westward Journey. Yun Yang’s flesh and blood, on the other hand, was effective for all living creatures in the Tianxuan Continent and its effect was extremely remarkable. It was similar to the reemergence of the fruit of ginseng!

Yun Yang who had no choice but to face the reality was completely dumbfounded!

The reality was too terrifying, how could such a thing have happened?

Where did Yun Zuiyue find these things?

"The food have all been served. Are you satisfied?"

Yun Zuiyue clapped her hands in satisfaction and said, "I have all the dishes served first because I'm afraid that the wine that I had prepared was unsatisfactory. It is an unknown wine but it’s still pleasant to drink. Come, your sister-in-law shall fill your goblet. You must drink more as a sign of honor to your sister-in-law!

Estimating visually, the jade bottle in the hands of Yun Zuiyue was not large. Its design was antique and simple.The wine inside seemed to be two catties at most.

The wine was viscous when it was being poured. It was so thick that it was stringy and landed in the goblet drop by drop. What was most unusual was that there was no trace of the wine aroma at all, throughout the whole process.

This was bizarre. There should a slight aroma, even for a less satisfactory wine. However, Yun Yang had long been observing the entire process. The moment the wine was poured out of the bottle, there was an invisible barrier spontaneously surrounding the liquor, tightly attached to it, preventing its aroma from vaporizing.

Was this the legendary spiritual Qi barrier?

Only such a legendary spiritual Qi barrier could protect the taste of wine and its effects, preventing it from evaporating away.

Yun Yang’s eyeballs were almost popping out of their sockets.

This wine ... was unsatisfactory?

Sister Yue, are you being too modest?

Too humble to the extent of being hypocritical?

Just the characteristics of the spiritual Qi barrier keeping its aroma alone had stated the legendary status of this special wine!

It had been too long in the entire Tianxuan Continent since someone had truly come across such wine and since someone could actually brew such excellent vintage!

This was because this wine already possessed a soul.

Only a wine with soul would allow for such peculiar circumstances to occur.

It had its own intentions, forming a barrier with spiritual Qi to protect itself, preventing its aroma from vaporizing!

The three glasses of wine had since been filled up. The goblet before Yun Yang was filled to the brim, going fuller than the mouth of the goblet by about an inch. The liquid wobbled, yet not a single bit of wine was spilled or dripped down the sides.

This was indeed a legendary and outstanding wine. If one were to say that the trapped aroma was insufficient to prove so, the observation of the brimming yet unspilled wine was once again another concrete evidence for its remarkability!

The goblets before Yun Zuiyue and Qing Shanxue were only filled with a shallow layer that covered the base of their goblets.

"After you, young brother." Yun Zuiyue held up her goblet.

Yun Yang frowned.

The class of this wine was superb indeed. It was even better than most of the dishes on the table. How could it be not up to par? It had exceeded one’s expectations, incomparable, and so satisfying indeed!

Yun Yang was certain that this was no enemy’s trap, but a great opportunity in his life!

Furthermore, this opportunity was actually being provided by Yun Zuiyue!

The ups and downs of life, joy and sorrow, opportunity and coincidence, were all so unexpected in this world.

Although Yun Yang could barely understand the cause and effect of such an opportunity, he knew that a consequent sip of wine meant a consequent diminishing of it. If he were to let go of such an opportunity, it would be the most regrettable thing in his lifetime!

"Sister Yue and Sister Xue, have your goblets filled, and we shall consume this excellent wine."

Yun Yang raised his goblet, "If you both were to drink so little, isn’t this tantamount to me drinking alone? How can I enjoy myself to the fullest?"

Yun Zuiyue giggled, "Young brother, trying to force ladies to drink is not something a gentleman would do. Since I am your sister-in-law, it’s even more inappropriate to do so. Although the wine is unsatisfactory, its effect will linger long. Are you sure you want to let me drink more?"

While smiling wryly, Yun Yang rubbed his nose.

Hearing such a remark, it seemed like it was impossible to persuade her. What kind of a person would I be if I continued to do so?

However, my intention is not to force you all to drink... this is indeed really remarkable vintage!

It would be a pity to miss it!

"I still have this wine here." Yun Zuiyue beamed sweetly, uttering the words to illicit further shock from Yun Yang.

Having said that, she then brought out a wooden box. They were all of the same kind of jade bottles, a total of ten bottles within!


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