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I Am Supreme - Chapter 274


Chapter 274: Not Quite Right
Wei Xinglu spoke softly, "He’s acted so because he’s afraid of you being upset over it… That’s why he had to put up a calm front. Didn’t you see him falling to the ground after we took off? That’s the energy holding him upright being used up;he can’t control his feelings anymore… How could a rather achieved cultivator collapse on the ground without reason? How could you not notice it at all?"

Gugu bit her lips, almost piercing them with her teeth, but she was still stubborn when she said, "It’s good that he’s at least this self-aware. We’re two worlds apart anyway;what’s the use even if there was wishful thinking?"

Wei Xinglu chuckled dryly. The girl was stubborn with her words but how could he not see that she was sad as well?

He said nothing more.

Gugu sat unmoved on the hawk’s back the whole way, keeping her silence throughout the journey.

The black hawk went through the clouds towards the Empire of Dongxuan, swift as an arrow.

"They finally left!" Yun Yang who had looked absolutely crestfallen sprung up from the ground as he chortled, "I’m so exhausted these few days, my face is about to go numb from all the smiling."

Lao Mei chuckled as he uttered, "Young master’s acting skills these days are really useful, killing the enemy by using the enemy and exerting power by leveraging other forces. If it wasn’t for Wei Xinglu and his unexpected assistance, it might be hard to successfully take down He Hanqing…"

"It’s really a coincidence. I didn’t intend to add him to the assassination attempt but without him, it’d really be arduous to take Supreme Lord Spring Frost down this time!" Yun Yang smiled gently.

"There might be a sequel with these two though. I saw the obvious changes in Lady Gugu’s attitude towards young master when she was about to leave," Lao Mei said after heaving a soft sigh.

Yun Yang kept quiet for a bit and said, "I can’t really think of what to do next. Although we’ve killed He Hanqing, our situation didn’t take a better turn. The School of Spring and Autumn is also a colossus that we can’t afford to offend. If I still had my past attitude, I’d have made things tense. Once the situation got out of hand, it would be explosive and unmanageable."

"Even if we can kill both of them here, we won’t be able to keep that hawk. The School of Spring and Autumn’s revenge will only come in waves and we’d be exposed to everyone due to this. We can't even take on the School of Spring and Autumn, what more the Four Seasons Tower? The subtlety tells of its significance;we’ve leaked hints of ourselves in the past, any link back to us will definitely bring about countless consequences…"

"With the inadequacy of our capabilities, we can only use such tricks to ensure our safety."

"I’m afraid we’ll have a long journey ahead of us." Yun Yang said faintly.

Lao Mei nodded but sighed inwardly, "Young master, you’ve indeed gotten through a critical situation, and you've succeeded in achieving your goal using the opposite party’s power, but you’ve also truly touched a girl’s heart…"

"Don’t you feel the slightest tinge of regret?"

It was fine if Lady Gugu was as hateful towards Yun Yang from the beginning to the end but if her feelings had changed, that would be an extremely cruel thing to that lady!

Lao Mei kept the words in his heart, not uttering them aloud. Would his young master have minded it?

After all, be it identity, background, standpoint, or any other aspects – both of them stood at opposite ends. The chances of them being together were almost close to none!

Such a romance could only be left in the hands of time.

It had to be pointed out that Lao Mei’s current way of thinking was somewhat similar to Eldest Senior Brother Wei!

Yun Yang returned to the flower tree in his yard and made a proper pot of tea this time. Boiling the water, he watched the vapor rise from the simmering tea while wearing a faint smile.

The tree was lushly green, dotted with pigmented red flowers;it swayed with the breeze while the flowers’ fragrance drifted in the air. The aroma of the tea permeated the air, the young master in fluttering purple robes resembled a jade sculpture – the scene looked like a peaceful painting.

Lao Mei watched it for a while before finally sighing and went back to his chores.

When Yun Yang felt Lao Mei leave, he actually went lax at once, sitting lazily as he slouched. He watched the water bubble and come to a boil. He then thought of the unusual silence when Gugu was about to leave. Out of nowhere, he sighed softly.

Night crept in.

A gust of ghastly fog entered the Residence of Yun soundlessly.

As Yun Yang occupied his wait with tea, a silhouette wearing hemp materialized before him.

First Court King Qinguang was finally here.

What had to come, came after all. Since the mission was assigned and completed, the time had arrived to put an end to this matter!

When the ghostly fog appeared, Yun Yang could not help grinning. He could not keep a straight face for this unique appearance was too obvious – highlighting, without a doubt, the opposite party’s identity!

To someone who was already used to the eerie atmosphere, the dark ghastly mist only served to obscure the vision – nothing more. Besides, the owner of this cloud of fog was here to bring him the good news.

"What are you grinning at? Do you not know your doom when you see it?" First Court King Qinguang said coldly, with a dark expression.

He and his brothers had spent so much effort this time, especially he himself. He had really put his all, almost losing his life, just to do things for this child. Yet when they had done so much and were close to being totally expended, this fellow had just appeared and chopped the target’s head off, taking it with him…

What the actual f*ck?

Could they consider this mission as theirs?

Although First Court King Qinguang did not see who was the one who had killed He Hanqing, such mysterious and traceless methods allowed him to affirm that it must be Yun Yang himself who had beheaded He Hanqing!

There was no need to even ask.

More so, Emperor Song who was the most meticulous and observant had pointed out without hesitation that there seemed to be the contribution of a Gold-ranked assassin from the Concourse of the Underworld in the last wave of attack. Other than the Concourse of the Underworld itself, only Yun Yang had an ex-Gold ranked assassin from the concourse in this entire world!

In other words, the Four Seasons Tower would most probably decide that it was still the concourse’s men who had killed He Hanqing. This did not go against Concourse of the Underworld’s intentions but they had still become the scapegoat. To supposedly be a scapegoat and to passively become someone’s scapegoat was a whole world of difference – it was honestly an ill feeling!

Seeing Yun Yang’s handsome, grinning face, this man who had taken everything for granted, First Court King Qinguang , who was the assignee of this mission, felt his anger rising.

"I know that you’ve completed your mission seeing that you’ve come. A mortal malady of mine is gone, how can I not beam with joy?" Yun Yang was graceful and collected but it only served to anger him even more.

First Court King Qinguang’s face grew darker.

"He Hanqing is dead," King Qinguang said softly.

The mission was completed but there was still a need for customary notification, and that was the main purpose of this trip today.

"I know."

Yun Yang replied, "His head is in my secret chamber right now. Although I was the one who beheaded him in the end, this would not have happened without all ten Yama Kings making a concurrent appearance and the Concourse of the Underworld throwing all its resources. My gratitude goes to all of you!"

First Court King Qinguang said, "Since we’ve confirmed our completion of the deal, I’m here to bid farewell, besides informing you about the mission. We have to rush back to the Concourse of the Underworld in preparation for the upcoming retaliation."

"It won’t be too late to part later. I believe that everything in He Hanqing’s residence, including those things in his secret chamber, is in your hands," Yun Yang said.

First Court King Qinguang rolled his eyes as he replied, "The most valuable things that He Hanqing carried with him have all landed in your hands and you still care about those insignificant items? Could it be that you’re so poor that you've gone mad?"

Yun Yang laughed. "Not so. What if I offered to buy those things from you all with a high price?"

"What high price can you, a pauper, offer? They’re only petty items, we’ll just give them to you," First Court King Qinguang said condescendingly.

"Why so generous?" Yun Yang was genuinely surprised.

From Yun Yang’s point of view, the worst that could happen would be the Concourse of the Underworld interrogating him for the fault upon completion of the mission. It would be possible for them to kill him in a siege too. After all, there was a high chance that the concourse could have guessed his identity.

Moreover, the Concourse of the Underworld had utterly offended the Four Seasons Tower this time. If they were to redeem themselves with the life of Supreme Cloud. of the Nine Supremes, and explained that they had been deceived, they could totally wipe this grudge away!

In spite of this, they had not questioned his fault today and were even willing to give him their gains. This deal of theirs had been agreed upon a losing ground anyway. Although Yun Yang was shameless and scheming, as thick-skinned like the corner of the city gate, he was suddenly doubtful of his actions.

"We only ask for your mercy and do not assign us such a deceitful mission in the future…" First Court King Qinguang said scornfully.

Yun Yang chuckled but he was relieved. He Hanqing’s possessions left behind were significant to him and it was wonderful that the concourse was willing to give them to him.

It was also rather strange though.

Why was the request so easily complied to by the Concourse of the Underworld, such brute assassins? They were willing to give them to him without asking for anything in return!

Yun Yang was stumped about this. There was simply no reason, no matter how he thought about it.

It was like these fellows wanted to help him. Could it be that that fellow's words were true – that they were actually fond of him?

Yun Yang suddenly shuddered and said hurriedly, "It’s been great working with you. I shall pay you the rest of the silver taels."

"No need for the remainder." King Qinguang said, "After all, we didn't kill He Hanqing … Keep your silver taels."

Yun Yang was even more stunned now. An assassin's organization that accepted silver taels to buy other’s lives was the most classic epitome of emphasizing fortune over life;now that they did not even want the supposed payment, it was purely odd no matter how you looked at it!

"Yun Yang, I know you’re taken aback. Initially, we were furious regarding this matter…" First Court King Qinguang said with dissatisfaction. "We were very reluctant in this operation against such a high authority with a concealed identity."

Yun Yang said beaming, "I can’t be blamed for this, can I?"

First Court King Qinguang was speechless.

Can’t blame you?

Who then, should I blame?


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