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I Am Supreme - Chapter 270


Chapter 270: Ceaseless
He Hanqing had taken a devastating sword stab that went through his body. His abdominal pain was truly overwhelming, the fresh blood gushed out like a stream. Meanwhile, there was a long tendon on his shoulder that kept on pulling...

After several successive blows, He Hanqing's mind had since plunged into a drowsy state, just managing to desperately dodge the subsequent attacks purely on instinct.

"Who are you?"

That person's face was full of gentle smiles, yet his fishing rod was mercilessly slapping and striking He Hanqing’s body and legs.

Accompanied by the cracking sound of his femur, the man’s voice was distant, "The route of the secular is a dangerous one, it is difficult to keep going forward. Sir He, Wei Xinglu sends his regards."

In the midst of frightening shrieks, He Hanqing felt dizziness flow in front of his eyes. His body's strength had flowed out from the wound. His body was like a broken kite falling downwards. His internal organs were crushed, yet he could only furiously shout, "Wei Xinglu, you are from School of Spring and Autumn! How could you..."

He Hanqing was in extreme pain and confusion.

Since when had he offended the School of Spring and Autumn?

What exactly was going on? The Concourse of the Underworld was desperate enough to kill me for eight hundred thousand silver taels. It was simply crazy. Even to kill someone like Han Wufei, there must at least be a million silver taels involved.

A mere eight hundred thousand silver taels to kill me?

This had been a rare surprise in itself.

Now, what kind of affairs did the School of Spring and Autumn have on this merry occasion?

You fellows aren't assassins!

With a sprint, Wei Xinglu managed to keep up the chase as he lightly uttered, "I did not expect that there would be such a good opportunity to send Sir He on your way. However, it seemed like you had been a little too wanton. Never mind the fact that you wanted to dominate the world and aid Yutang, why would you want to kill my youngest junior sister? Why would you provoke the School of Spring and Autumn?"

He Hanqing mentality had turned half-fuzzy, yet he was utterly dumbfounded upon hearing this sentence and asked, "Your youngest junior sister?"

His mind was bewildered as ever. His thoughts were awhirl with questions;Who is your youngest junior sister? When did I want to kill her? Since you said it is junior sister, she must be a lady. Has this old man killed any women recently? "

Wei Xinglu sneered, the fishing rod in his hands weaving about as a long fishing line flew out from it. The hook then latched precisely onto He Hanqing who could no longer defend himself, as he shook it forcefully and muttered, "This reputed one has been fishing for the whole night, I didn’t expect that there was fish to be caught after all. It's one heavy fish indeed. This trip was not wasted, and worthwhile indeed!!"

"Let go!"

Suddenly a saber light came flickering across and the fishing line was broken into two. It was the Venerable Lord Saber, with his whole body covered in blood.

Wei Xinglu could not help but taken aback by the scene. The fishing rod in his hands was not an ordinary tool. Whether it was the rod itself or the fish hook or the line, they were all top graded treasures. The line was made from the refined meridians of the Northern Sea beast. Not only was it extremely flexible, it was also very difficult to be severed by bladed weapons. If this was not the case, how was it able to be used catch fish Qirin fish which was well-known to be the king of the fishes? While using his fishing tool, he had also exerted his own art of movements and routine. That was how He Hanqing managed to get himself seriously injured and being in a discounted state, his nose hooked with the mere movement of Wei Xinglu.

Wei Xinglu's prized extraordinary weapon had been broken by the other party in half. Besides feeling unfortunate for his fishing rod, he was utterly stunned!

However, eldest senior brother Wei was experienced in the martial arts world, agile and quick with his reflexes. Throwing his fishing rod away, he tilted his body as a soft sword light could be seen shaking upright, spraying tens of thousands of golden needles, flying towards the face of Venerable Lord Saber like a sudden rainstorm. His soft sword then turned into a streaming gleam to continuously collide, for a few hundred times, with the domineering saber energy of the other party.

The ringing of metal against metal was unceasing.

After the exchange of blows, Wei Xinglu vomited a mouthful of blood. His body could be seen staggering amidst the air, descending a few hundred feet. His face was pale as he solemnly asked, "Who are you?"

Venerable Lord Saber let out a furious roar, his saber light flickered, shattering countless golden needles as he hatefully replied, "School of Spring and Autumn's man? Who are you?"

Without taking the time to listen to the latter's answer, Venerable Lord Saber rushed over.

This was indeed a critical fight, as the situation was now grave. Not only had He Hanqing's lower abdomen been pierced through, his legs had been broken. His injuries were extremely serious. If Venerable Lord Saber did not extract him in time, the fate of Supreme Lord Spring Frost would be death.

Venerable Lord Saber had been in pursuit from thousands of feet above, in a terrifying display of prestige.

There simply wasn't time to follow up on his attack in a victory against Wei Xinglu.

Behind him, with only a difference of around a hundred feet, where the masses of experts from the Concourse of the Underworld, still very much in the chase.

Wei Xinglu coldly snorted. Sucking in a mouthful of air, he had rushed downwards as well.

The Yutang’s father figure of literati, He Hanqing was so damned abhorrent. Not only had he wanted to kill his youngest junior sister, he also wanted to ambush them, going to the extent of threatening Yun Yang. It was sinful indeed and should not be forgiven. Since there was such a great opportunity today, no matter whether it was for himself or the country, he should not be allowed to live!

One does not stop until the job was done. It was such a fated opportunity granted to have He Hanqing extinguished entirely!

Billowing gleams of saber light came roaring down;Venerable Lord Saber had long been focusing on He Hanqing, how could he not notice He Hanqing's painful face as he fluttered in the air. It was merely eighty feet from the ground at this moment.

For such a height, any achieved martial artist would not have given a care. However, since He Hanqing had been successively subjected to heavy blows, he had exhausted all his Qi and energy, leaving nothing but a bedazzled mind. He would become a pool of mud if he were to fall from here.

Venerable Lord Saber had realized this as well. With an extended roar, he accelerated his body. In a split-second, he already moved to the back of He Hanqing, almost as if he was an illusion, and extended his hand to grab him.

Within seconds, he had caught He Hanqing’s vest. However, He Hanqing could not even afford to operate and exert any cultivation base. The falling momentum gained from his weight of over a hundred catties falling from a high height had caused Venerable Lord Saber to become unstable in mid-air, falling together after He Hanqing.


Venerable Lord Saber desperately stomped on the trunk of a giant tree below, leveraging on the force, his saber light brightening up once again. While carrying He Hanqing, he soon dashed over the distance madly, turning into a stunning, elongated rainbow-like saber light with an after trail.

There was no hope of a comeback in today's duel, in particular when He Hanqing had now become powerless to engage in combat. He would pay with his own life if he did not flee rapidly.

Right now, escape was the best option.

Within his eyesight was all forest.Once they got over this forest and crossed over the houses, it would then be Yutang's city wall.

As long as they were out of the city walls, despite having thousands of manpower, the Concourse of the Underworld would not stop themselves from bringing He Hanqing back!

He Hanqing could not be dead.

Venerable Lord Saber was determined. While waving the saber in his hands, the movement of the saber light was getting faster and faster, leaving all the people who had been tailing him far behind. An exceptional ride, an impossible catch up.

While looking at the saber light on the other side leaving like a shooting star, Emperor Song could not help but issue a sigh.

Certainly, they would not be able to catch up.

The ultimate strength of the Four Seasons Tower's Venerable Lord Saber was indeed above his own...

Fortunately, this time, all of the subordinates had been dispatched, only that they could create such results.

If they were only to accord to their original plan by sending three or four people to attack He Hanqing, in the face an unexpected change such as the emergence of Venerable Lord Saber, it would no longer be the talk of success or failure. Some of the brothers might not even able to make it back...

Fortunately, all the brothers had exerted a force in this matter, in order to work with full autonomy.

As the saying goes, one would be able to know the whole picture by looking at the subtle details. It was a common belief that the real strength of the Four Seasons Tower was beyond their highest assessment. They must be more careful in the future, in case they were to fight again!

Wei Xinglu snorted and halted his pace. As he looked in the direction of Venerable Lord Saber's departure, his heart was full of unwillingness.

Unexpectedly, even for such a chance, He Hanqing had also managed to escape.

The Empire of Yutang had a lot of experts indeed!

A mere novice with a saber already had his strength topped over himself. What if there were other followers? Such an opportunity to kill would soon turn into a fatal tragedy and a trap. The changing of opportunity could happen within a split second.

Following an extended screech, the huge body of the black hawk had landed. Only when Wei Xinglu had ridden on the back of this hawk that he started to feel relieved.

Looking at the few eerie figures on the other side, he knew who they were even before he could think about it.

They were the people from the Concourse of the Underworld.


Coincidentally the top assassination organization in Tianxuan Continent!

Someone must have hired the Concourse of the Underworld to kill He Hanqing.

Although they all had the same goals, the Concourse of the Underworld was a killer organization. There was no need to forge any ties with them. It was better to leave immediately.

Seated on the back of the hawk, he uttered with his palm cupped over his fist, "Though I intended to kill the despicable, I have no intention to join the forces. No need for much words given our little fate. The future was long overdue, and we shall meet again."

Before the sound of his words had faded, the black hawk had already fluttered its wings. With a long cry, the black hawk delved into the sea of ​​clouds, disappearing without a trace in a blink of an eye.

Only when they reached within the sea of ​​clouds that Wei Xinglu suddenly recalled something of import.

The place where he was fishing just now was too far away from He Hanqing. However, he had heard the sound himself. What was going on? His own listening ability should not be that good!

This matter ...was seeping with peculiarity.

Emperor Song and the gang were all surprised by the emergence of this helper. Their eyes had almost fallen out of their sockets.

What was up with this fellow who had crawled out of the blue?

There was someone to intervene in this business deal?

However, if it wasn’t for the help of this person from the School of Spring and Autumn, it would be more difficult to kill He Hanqing. Although they were still unable to kill He Hanqing at this moment, in the end, they had to bear the favor given by him. After all, if it wasn’t for him, they were afraid that He Hanqing would have escaped earlier and would not have been injured to this extent!

Moreover, how many more people did the person who bought the life of He Hanqing had dispatched , in order to kill him? Even the people from School Spring and Autumn had been successfully employed by him. It was magical and remarkable indeed ...

At that point of time, Venerable Lord Saber had taken He Hanqing passing over the wall, like a hovering wind.

The troops stationed below did not find anything strange at all. Both of them had gone to the high altitude outside the city.

Venerable Lord Saber was finally relieved.

Out of the city!

Freedom was just before them.

Next, he would have to find a place to rest and to send He Hanqing back. If they were to be further delay, even if this old man would not die, his whole cultivation base would be entirely depleted!

However, just at the juncture where Venerable Lord Saber had let out a sigh of relief, a white shadow had slowly risen in front of the night scene and it uttered, "Finally this matter was about to be settled today ... it was not easy at all!"

A feeling that something was amiss arose in his heart as Venerable Lord Saber shouted, "Who is that? Get lost!"

The white silhouette snickered, "Get lost, you m*therf*cker! Leave He Hanqing here!"

The flash of the sword, like white waves, could be seen overflowing in the sky!


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