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I Am Supreme - Chapter 266


Chapter 266: An Operation by the Kings of the Concourse of the
"There's something there!"

He let out an alarmed roar. Before the sound could be freed entirely from his throat, a ball of dense fog coalesced right in front of him.

The thick mist bore sinister overtones, which caused all present to fill an eerie chill.

- Hush -

Large, slender white hands appeared out of the cloud of fog, extending itself rapidly to grab his neck, cutting short his roar of warning.

The cultivation base of the man who had intended to warn the others was not weak at all. He had clearly witnessed the appearance of the apparition drifting towards him and he could see the other party moving to attack.

In spite of this, he had no opportunity to dodge the attack or even struggle. His neck was immediately broken.

After succeeding in locking upon his throat, the hands did not lessen its efforts but continued to exert force, causing the man's neck to crack continuously. The man's mystical Qi could not be utilized at all, he remained limp like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered, like a fish on the chopping board.

This peculiar scene had caught the attention of the other men at their vigils.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh.

Twenty separate silhouettes emerged from the dark one by one. "Who is it? Let go of him!"

At the same time, a surge of air billowed within the fog as an eerie voice uttered, "Where is He Hanqing?"

The eyes of the person being choked had popped out from its sockets while his throat made gurgling noises. He couldn’t utter a single word.

The sound of a long roar emanated from the clouds. The soundwaves penetrated through the fog and advanced forward, " He Hanqing, your old friend has arrived. Why don’t you come out and welcome your guest?"

Within the vast sky, the sound of a peculiar laugh could be heard, "F*ck, I think you've visited brothels too frequently, asking for guests to be received once you speak. Even if He Hanqing dared to take guests, your father dares not play. Your father does not have the taste for it."

The experts surrounding the Four Seasons Tower were duly worried and furious. Since the other party had uttered such ugly words, it was unlikely that the situation would end well. Growling in unison, twenty men charged forward simultaneously, preceded by the flash of their sabers.

The giant hand exerted its force, generating a cracking sound, crushing the neck within his hand. The hand then simply made a tossing gesture, throwing out the dead body with a gigantic force. Following that, a silhouette clad in hemp garments and a high hat could be seen walking out from the fog. A sharp, clanking sound could be heard. As the metallic ring grew stronger, a nine-section whip appeared in the silhouette's hand.

The nine-section whip whipped into the night, turning into a green dragon which shuddered from its head to tail. Rolling on the ground, it rushed towards the twenty men. The charging dragon was a sight to behold;an unstoppable behemoth gaining momentum with each step it took.


The whole Residence of He was soon enveloped by dense, dark clouds.

The hairs on the men of the Residence of He had their hairs stood on end as they witnessed it. One of them shrieked, "First Court King Qinguang? How can it be you? "

The silhouette did not answer but continued to laugh in a spectacularly frightening manner. The green-dragon transformed from the nine-section whip rushed into the crowd. The sickeningly soft thuds of weapons meeting bare flesh drifted in the air.

Three silhouettes flew up in the air, struggling desperately. Despite being whipped by the nine-section whip, they had suffered injuries. With luck, they would survive this clash.

Unexpectedly, there was a silhouette that appeared in the grey clouds. An eerie, toneless voice rang out for the second time;"He Hanqing, are you not coming out?"

A flash of phosphorescence flickered suddenly. The three silhouettes that were struggling endlessly instantly. With a 'snick", they all fell to the ground.

The bodies looked like they had been left to rot for eight to ten years. Only the decaying skulls without the slightest bit of flesh were left behind.

They obviously were still able to breathe while in the air and to struggle as well. However, the moment they touched the ground, they soon became skeletons, without the slightest bit of flesh or skin.

"Second Court King Chujiang!"

The rest of the twenty-four men cursed loudly, and a great deal of hollering rang in the air, "Get into formation!"

The simultaneous arrival of both underworld kings from the Concourse of the Underworld was enough to strike fear into the hearts of those present, so ruthless were they as assassins. It would mean that death was imminent. It was better to gather manpower together in order to survive. Most of the people were experienced from generations of fighting. Together, their efforts were like a whirlwind. They instantly converged into two circles, with the larger one encompassing the smaller ones, spinning rapidly.

By gathering twenty-four individuals, they had managed to resist the movement of the green dragon.

While letting out a roar, the green dragon was struck by an explosion, vanishing into the clouds and transforming back into the nine-section whip, to fly. Apparently, by gathering the forces of twenty-four people, they had managed to overcome the nine-section green dragon issued by First Court King Qinguang.

First Court King Qinguang caught his nine-section whip as he furiously uttered, "How dare you hurt my magical army, seeking death, are you?"

Before his voice had even settled, the nine-section whip vibrated in the air, crackling like firecrackers.

However, the formation of twenty-four people was like a whole unit, forwarding and reversing together. Despite facing King Qinguang's attack, they were not being placed in a downgraded position. Just when King Qinguang Wang repeatedly and exceptionally fired his attack, a flash of a saber lit the air up.

A large saber had emerged out of thin air, heading straight for First Court King Qinguang!

Over the dim clouds, the silhouette reappeared as he uttered in sudden doubt, "Isn't this Saber's man? Is this actually He Hanqing’s residence?

A loud explosion could be heard towards the East.

The hall of the Residence of He suddenly flew open. At least thirty people rushed out from the hall, with their swords pulled out from their scabbards, while their torches lit up the surrounding environment as if it was day.

Someone overlooking the blazing knives from the Residence of He laughed coldly, "What a hurry to come forward. Go back!"

A flicker of saber light showed a man clad in green, standing in at a high position. The green figure instantly turned into a flash of a saber, disappearing in the blink an eye. Behind him, eighteen figures emerged in turn. Rapidly they went, chasing the flash of a saber.

After the initial fierce attacks turned futile, First Court King Qinguang grunted in rage, and he waved his hands together. A thick stream of fog from the underworld, rushing out like the tide of waves. The nine-section whip was still being used endlessly, circling in the fog. The whirring sound of the wind was getting stronger. Apparently, he wanted to attack the twenty-four experts by relying on his own force to defeat the enemy.

Unexpectedly, the sound of King Chujiang could be heard in the air, "The saber has come!"

Following on the heels of those words, the fog began to rapidly spread out.

A silhouette metamorphosed out of the thin air as he,"You fellows continue here, I will go and stop the saber."

It was the Third Court Emperor Song. he then went away swiftly.

Following his movement, the sky above the Residence of He had turned more cloudy and dim, eerily solemn, with the howling sounds of ghosts. Will-o'-the-wisp drifted over the sky, floating with high speed. It was like hundreds of ghosts walking overnight, the descendants of hell upon the human realm.

The force of saber light was oddly fast. Within a split second, it had come near to the sky above the Residence of He.

However, there was a person who appeared suddenly with arms on his back, and a crown on his head. In a calm and chic manner, he blocked the saber light. With a spooky voice, he uttered, "Since Venerable Lord Saber has graced us with your honorable arrival, why not pause for a reunion?"

Venerable Lord Saber. The green-gowned person felt a surprising tinge in his heart, and he exclaimed, "Emperor Song? Are you here as well? The three of you lords of hell had arrived concurrently, is the Concourse of the Underworld going to fight against the Four Seasons Tower?"

Emperor Song shook his head. His face was full of frustration as he said, "I was trapped by someone with an ulterior motive. Even knowing that it is difficult, but we had to do it anyway. Come. Allow this reputed one to chat with you, Brother Saber.

Venerable Lord Saber coldly uttered, "You are not my opponent, retreat quickly! I do not want to form enemies with the Concourse of the Underworld!"

Will-o'-the-wisp flickered within the eyes of Emperor Song as a fog of otherworldly mist burst out his eyes, flickering in front of him. Electrical arcs could be seen flashing constantly in a gloomy way. With an eerie voice, he uttered, "Not your opponent? Where does your confidence come from, Venerable Lord Saber?! "

The body of the Emperor Song emperor could be seen spinning. A white light emerged from the crown on his head. A treasured sword with golden light materialized. Following the birth of the sword, it immediately spread into flashes of sword gleam over the vast sky. Right after, thousands of golden yellow sword forms gathered in a formation in they sky, as the majestic sword air locked onto Venerable Lord Saber.

Thousands of sword forms were derived from the golden spiritual sword, while impressively arranged into a triangular sword formation. All the long swords stood still in the air, with slight tremor at their tips, neatly aimed at the saber light that was the camouflage to Venerable Lord Saber’s body.

This group of swords was like a well-trained army. They arranged themselves neatly in the air. The chilling flash of the swords coming from their tips, leaving the body of the swords converging into a cold halo.

Third Court Emperor lightly uttered, "Venerable Lord Saber, does your saber dare to come in?"

The face of Venerable Lord Saber became extremely ugly.

He had previously fought against Emperor Song, with the latter’s cultivation base slightly inferior to his own, hence, the saying of "You are not my opponent" just now. Such words were not merely boasts. Unexpectedly, the sword formation of Emperor Song today had become shockingly strong.

Although he was not afraid, if his saber had rushed into the sword formation hastily, it would certainly have shattered!

However, if he were to bring himself into the formation with his saber, what he would have to face was a fight to the death!

Ultimately, whether it was the Emperor Song who killed himself, or it was he himself who killed the Emperor, it would definitely lead the two forces into an extreme war!

This outcome was not a delight for the Four Seasons Tower, especially at such a critical moment. It must be avoided at all cost.

Below, the sound of screams was flocking endlessly.

Obviously, the arrival of Venerable Lord Saber had made First Court King Qinguang less impulsive. The First Court King had banded together with King Chujiang, going in to massacre the masses of the guards from Residence of He.

"Ask your men to stop." Venerable Lord Saber took a deep breath. Slowly, he raised the tip of his saber. His fingers and knuckles were all white. Coldly he uttered, " Don’t turn things into an extreme state. The Four Seasons Tower has no intention to punish the Concourse of Underworld, but it is not because they weren't able to do it. Emperor Song, don’t blind yourself to what is good for you."

Emperor Song sneered coldly and did not answer.

Two shadows suddenly appeared by his side. They were King Yama and King of Cycle, "So what if we really do blind ourselves against what’s good, what can Venerable Lord Saber do to us?"

"King Yama, King of Cycle? You fellows are here as well?"

The pupils of Venerable Lord Saber shrunk, "Below are King Chujiang and King Qinguang... It seems like the Concourse of the Underworld has put in a great effort. You have actually dispatched five of your kings! Don’t you tell me that you are determined to fight against the Four Seasons Tower yourself? "

Emperor Song smiled lightly, "What has been said by Venerable Lord Saber is only correct by half. You have calculated wrongly. If we were to only send five people to pluck the whisker of a tiger, how can it be, considering our determination to fight against the Four Seasons Tower?"

Lord Saber’s heart suddenly skipped a beat;as he continued to face the vast cloud he roared, "He Hanqing! Come out!"

Instinct told him that something was wrong.


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