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I Am Supreme - Chapter 261


Chapter 261: Summoned by Old He
Until the moment where Yun Yang had walked out, the four noble families were preparing to leave. Apparently, Dong Tianleng had followed Yun Yang’s order to temporarily leave together with the other elites and to wait for Yun Yang's call.

Meanwhile, at the small yard where both Wei and Gu were staying...

"Eldest senior brother, please, believe me, I have no relationship with Yun Yang at all! Previously, I was clad in a man’s attire all the while. Besides, even the old marshal Han knows that I am a girl, Yun Yang would naturally not be privy to such information. If he really does have an interest in me, then he is a rabbit!" Gugu explained anxiously.


Eldest senior brother frowned and said with great dignity, " Do you know what you are saying? Are you implying that Yun Yang is a homose*ual? Are you saying that there no one could possibly discover that you are a lady? Do you even believe it yourself?"

Gugu nervously uttered, "Yes, I do believe so. How can I not? No one knows my true identity. Even more, no one knows about the fact that I am a lady!"

Eldest senior brother buried his forehead in his hands, and after a while, he uttered, "It seems that I should be the one to reflect upon myself. I have misled you greatly all this while. I can certainly say that not a single person here today can fail to see that you are a woman. Are you still certain that Yun Yang doesn't know that you are a lady?"

Although Gugu was from the School of Spring and Autumn and her background and origin were extraordinary, she had very little experience. She thought that by disguising her appearance, it was sufficient to conceal her identity from the others. Little did she know that her true identity had been exposed to observant people such as Yun Yang and the like.

Eldest senior brother did not have it wrong. The people at the Residence of Yun today, no matter whether it was Fang Mo Fei, Lao Mei or the four noble families, they were all experienced persons. How could they not able to see through her amateur ploys?

Even Dong Tianleng and the remaining four had managed to see the fact that she was a lady. Although it was true that the fact these four people were able to see through it had nothing to do with their experience at all, the four of them were experienced men who had toured around through clusters of flowers. Regardless of how superior Gu Gu’s disguise was, her feminine wiles had left imprints everywhere, how could she conceal that against these four men?

Eldest senior brother noticed that Gugu still wished to argue. With a straightforward voice, he cut through her protests and said, " I will treat you as with embarrassment, having so many people witnessing your private matters. You flew into a rage out of humiliation and it was reasonable. Yet for every matter, you must not overdo it. This matter was related to your lifetime’s jubilation. If you still remain ungrateful and wish to act recklessly until the day where you no longer have the chance to appreciate it, I am afraid that you will regret it for your entire life."

Wei Xinglu sighed softly and said, " One must know that even flowers will have the time where it will blossom again, yet a person will never experience youth more than once!"

Gugu held her forehead in hopeless resignation, "Eldest senior brother, do you still remember the reason we came here this time? We came here to investigate Yun Yang’s background, whether Yun Yang had been involved in the Soul Sealing Spike dispute, and what should we do next, as well as how we should deal with it. Is this not our real goal?"

Gugu fumed, "Eldest senior brother, why would you rather believe Yun Yang’s complete nonsense, than to believe my truth? I am your real junior sister apprentice..."

Wei Xinglu complexion remained calm and unchanged. Faintly he uttered, "Then you should first answer me;since you grew up, how many times have you spoken the truth?"

Gugu was tongued-tied for a moment, she had nothing to say. Apparently, eldest senior brother had her on her crucial point, making her speechless, incapable of responding.

"I am now answering your question. With regards to the things that you said, is there still a need to check it? Hadn't Yun Yang already confessed in public earlier? He had revealed everything of his own volition, what else do you still want to check? The truth is apparent. Regardless of the motivation, means, or the people who had handled it. They are all obvious with a single glance. They are all reasonable and within expectation. At this point, why would you still want to go around looking for clues?"

Wei Xinglu stared at his own junior sister apprentice with a strange glance. Apparently, he was suspecting his junior sister apprentice’s intention of replaying the same old tune. Wouldn’t it be too inferior, or too brainless even, to do so? Even if you wanted to change the topic by turning it around, wouldn’t that allow people to sculpt through her motives easily?

The legend that the wisdom of men and women in love would turn to zero was true. If that was the case, how was it that Yun Yang had no such signs at all?

No, the fact that Yun Yang was able to fancy his own junior apprentice and to be deeply attached with her, was in itself a depiction of a low intelligence. It was even a display of pure stupidity. He must have his junior sister apprentice delivered to him, if not how could it be all right?

Gugu's eyes turned wide and her jaw dropped. Stunned, she began to protest, "But..."

"What else do you wish to say?"

Wei Xinglu said, "This matter is clear without a shadow of a doubt. The goal of the journey this time has been settled. Have you not understood the key to this matter? For the turning of the accident, if it hadn’t involved our School of Spring and Autumn's unique hidden weapon, I would not even have bothered about it. Yet for now the whole thing has been cleared up, our school’s secret weapon has not been leaked. Our worries have been completely lifted. For the remaining follow-up actions, specifically on how to do it, are the matters for Han Sanhe and the Empire of Dongxuan to think about. Your brother will not intervene anymore as those people and things had nothing to do with us. Gugu, you must not forget your identity, you are a pupil of the School of Spring and Autumn, not to be involved in the secular dynasty’s hegemony. This time, you came here with Han Sanhe because of fate and of chance and for no other reason!

"I understand, since things have been cleared up, then let’s go now. This is a place where I do not want to stay for a single moment longer." Gugu was stunned for a long while, a feeling which eventually turned into dejection. Though knowing that what had been said by her eldest senior brother was reasonable, she still couldn’t wait to quickly leave the strange place where the big devil Yun Yang was staying.

This area was indeed eerie. Before this, she was in full confidence that she was able to get a lot of Kirin Fish. Yet, it was entirely futile, a pure waste of countless pieces of valuable bait. For now, only the artificial words of the popinjay had managed to confuse her eldest senior brother who has always been wise. For now, it would be proper to leave quickly.

"Why are you in a hurry to leave? " Wei Xinglu grinned and said, "We still have one thing to do;we still have to explore the matter on He Hanqing side!"

Gugu said, "I know. Even if we have to investigate or deal with He Hanqing, there is no need to live in the home of the person with the surname Yun!"

Wei Xinglu beamingly exclaimed, "Why should we not stay here? I see that this is a good place."

Gugu forehead appeared to have a few more black lines, only to feel that the powerlessness of her heart had converged into the ocean. Eldest senior brother had been too stubborn, how could you not discover that the person with the surname Yun is, in fact, an actor!

No, he was an actor only to her eldest senior brother. She had since managed to see through his sinister face and would never be fooled!

She was unaware that Wei Xinglu had been sighing deep in his heart. "Silly girl, I am here to create the opportunity for you. How can you not see that?"

Dinner time was full of awkwardness.

For whatever Yun Yang uttered, Gugu would have it countered. The eldest senior brother would have liked to turn it around, but he did not know how to do it when he saw Yun Yang's expression which forbade any further words.

After a moment of awkward silence, Yun Yang was beaming brightly;he changed the topic but he was then mercilessly targeted, followed by another moment of awkward silence. This repeated itself for a few times. For any topic that could be continued unexpectedly, it was probably due to the fact that Gugu and Yun Yang had actually managed to see eye to eye!

The more Wei Xinglu observed the situation, the more he felt that a problem might actually exist between this little couple!

The problem certainly had to be on Gugu’s side. Her temper was simply terrible. This was also a display of Yun Yang’s true love, together with his good temper. If it was me, it wouldn't be long before he lost it totally.

Wei Xinglu stared at Yun Yang, mixing his own feelings with the elements of compassion.

The dinner continued in an awkward atmosphere.

All of a sudden, Lao Mei, who was standing outside, softly uttered, "Young master?"

Yun Yang stood up, "What has happened?"

Outside, Lao Mei did not answer.

Yun Yang excused himself, then went out.

There was no sound that could be heard.

"There shouldn’t be any words that one couldn’t tell. Acting in such a ghostly and sneering manner, certainly, he was engaging in some sort of evil idea... hmph!" Gugu pouted. With her chopsticks, she fiercely forked out the items on the dishes, and murmured, "This person with the surname Yun has a belly full of bad water, filled with intrigue! He's lying if he says he's not sizing people up!"

For just the few days that her eldest senior brother had been in Tiantang City, a wise people like him had been deceived by Yun Yang. Gugu started to feel that all the crows had been flying all over the sky, turning it as dark as ink.

This Yun Yang was too evil.

Wei Xinglu did not argue, but only closed his eyes, exercising his mystical skill, listening attentively to Yun Yang's conversation outside.

His butler had come over, and by not saying a word in front of them, he must have some private things to share. This thing was likely to be related to the both of them.

Yun Yang had escaped to a very far corner. Having to exercise all of his cultivation base, he was able to hear a little sound at last.

The two men had stopped in their paces.

Yun Yang barely audible voice could be heard faintly, "What has happened? Can’t you see that I have guests?"

The voice of the butler sounded worried, "It was Sir He who sent me over. He has asked young master to go over. There are things he has to discuss."

Sir He?

Wei Xinglu's hackles rose unexpectedly.

Don’t tell me that it was the He Hanqing?

If that was true, all the many things that had happened before would surely have some relation to the so-called He Hanqing!

Yun Yang's voice clearly sounded a bit apprehensive, "Why would Sir He send someone over at this time? Could it be that he has discovered that Gugu has arrived?"

Lao Mei uttered, "He has expected this. Young Master, I do not wish to say this, but this pair of senior brother and junior sister have come here uncovered. They must be open and aboveboard. Not only do the people from the four noble families know their identities, their whereabouts have since fallen into the hearts of the people. I am afraid that they will be an obstruction to you, young master."

Melancholy could be heard in Yun Yang's voice, "What obstruction? Before this, our position was different. I had done my part for the things that a man of Yutang should do. Now, Gugu and her eldest senior brother had come over for a visit. At most, they are just here to trace the matter of the secret weapon, which has nothing to do with dynasty disputes. How can that be? Can they say that I am a traitor by just relying on this single point? Do I no longer have freedom when it comes to making friends?"


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