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I Am Supreme - Chapter 260


Chapter 260: To Cooperatively Feign
For now, the problem that laid before the both of them was the fact that they belonged to two different countries that were in a rivalry. Looking at it from the point of a normal person, it would be difficult to explain and incapable of being resolved.

However, as long as the both of them truly loved each other, all of the problems wouldn’t be a big issue;in fact, there was a high possibility of turning those problems around!

It was obvious that Yun Yang was deeply in love with Gugu, yet he had, for his country and nationality, opted to do what had to be done, hence the regret. This was a display of a man who knew his responsibilities.

It was an utterly precious and invaluable trait indeed!

"Young Master Yun is terribly wise. Unfortunately, your responsibility has caused Gugu to suffer tremendously," remarked Wei Xinglu with a laugh.

Since it had been confirmed by his own heart, he naturally had to defend his own junior sister with a few words.

As for Wei Xinglu, the other matters, well, did not matter at all. To an elite sect that had transcended the secular, and to these top masters who had been placed above the ordinary people, the country’s war and the treacherous tricks were all worthless even to mention!

As for the misunderstanding that had been created by Yun Yang, the most serious one would be that between him and Gugu, as a couple. That would be considered urgent and had to be solved immediately. If not, once it had formed a knot in their hearts, it would have an impact for a lifetime.

For now, the task was to help both of them to alleviate the tension. The act of his junior sister’s was indeed improper, as all the people had been clear of what was happening. Even then, she still acted so aggressively. If it was not for the fact that Yun Yang had been so in love with his junior sister that he did not mind the slight, such menacing and unruly behavior would be sufficient to break the fate between them!

Yun Yang smiled coldly and said, "For this part, I really couldn’t help it. I only hoped to attain the goals then, and never did I think about anything else. Since the Nine Supremes were no longer in existence, millions and millions of Yutang’s citizens would have to bear the pain of war fire which was getting worse, day by day. If the four empires had indeed attacked together, Yutang’s common people will then fall into terrible hardship. Even if Gugu could not understand this, and even if she was hateful towards me...I would still do what I did..."

There was boundless of determination within his faint smile.

Wei Xinglu nodded inwardly.

What a great fellow!

Such a responsible man!

A great man had things that could be done and some that he could never, he would also have things that he should do, and must do!

Although he deeply loved his woman, he knew clearly what his priorities were.

No matter how he would dote upon his woman, he would never be a pure slave of his wife in the future.

Such a patriotic and honest man who could clearly distinguish between favor and grudge was very rare.

Gugu should have treasured him more. To act with such menace, and to talk maliciously, would only push such a good man away.

"Argh, it is so frustrating!" Gugu could no longer withstand the irritation;she stood up and shouted across the sky. It was indeed difficult to let out the gloom that lay within her!

Gugu knew that her eldest senior brother had always been wise, and he treated her as if she was his little daughter, full of tenderness and love. Due to this, she could not figure out what had happened to him today. Why did he trust Yun Yang so much, a man whom he had newly met?

He had not even allowed her to defend herself!

This was absurd!

Was it possible that he had been poisoned?

She did not know that it was exactly because Wei Xinglu was especially concerned about her that he worried over her marriage, and did not wish for her to miss the opportunity to have a good man as a husband.

In so, he was afraid that she would be too stubborn that she would destroy the prospects of this wonderful marriage.

This was the extreme concern of an elder towards his children who had reached the proper age.

"Gugu!" Wei Xinglu sternly exclaimed, "Stop playing the fool."

Gugu was angered to the extent that she could not talk, she turned her head to the side and saw that Yun Yang was looking at her. Undetected by Wei Xinglu, Yun Yang winked and made a funny face at her.

Gugu’s rage had risen to another tier;golden stars had emerged in front of her eyes and she was growing increasingly dizzy.

"I'm about to die..." groaned Gugu. She slumped her delicate body on the chair. Her whole body was powerless.

On the other side, Yun Yang and Wei Xinglu had begun to chat about anything under the sun. From the art of tea to slowly delving into the art of chess and of the sword. Both of them even talked about fishing techniques for half a day. After that, their discussion covered a myriad of random topics, the chatter going into full swing.

Wei Xinglu was growing increasingly surprised at how learned this young master was.

He was familiar with a wide range of fields, and was even quite well-versed in them!

As long as he started the topic, Yun Yang would be able to delve into it deeply and discourse intelligently. His views were original and extremely distilled.

The more they talked the more satisfied he was, and the more they spoke, the more regretful he was for meeting him that late. "Young Master Yun, the sky is darkening. How about we stay at your residence so that we can have a heart-to-heart talk on another day."

Wei Xinglu acted as if he was the bride’s family, directly requesting to stay overnight.

"Yes of course, that'd be my wish that I dare not speak aloud!" Yun Yang was utterly astounded.

"You still have guests outside, why don’t you go and entertain them first? " Wei Xinglu was beaming lightly, his eyes fixed on Yun Yang, full of admiration and satisfaction.

"Yes, yes. Eldest senior brother, please have a seat. Gugu...." Yun Yang hesitated a bit and said, "Tonight, I've ordered the kitchen to prepare your favorite, deep-fried double-flavored prawn, and specially ordered them to remove the back. Also, I've gotten them to serve the thigh meat of the dragon bird which I had sent my men out to buy... I will be going out now."

Yun Yang walked out slowly.

Gugu was angered to the point of death. She did not have the time to berate the scoundrel furiously as Yun Yang’s shadow had disappeared around the corner.

Wei Xingly's eyes were full of satisfaction as he said, " Gugu, this kid is really not bad. He's observant enough to recall your favorite food. Without a doubt, he is really being kind to you! "

Gugu hid her face, feeling as if the intestines in her stomach had twisted into each other, and wishing to cry but she had no tears to shed. "Eldest senior brother... you have it all wrong..."

Wei Xinglu replied sternly, "For the other things, I can allow you to fool around, but for your marriage, it is a matter that will affect the rest of your life... and in this, you must listen to me! Do you understand?"

Gugu rolled her eyes as if she had been gassed until she fainted.

"Just let me die!"


There were sounds of a commotion, but it seemed like the people arguing had intentionally suppressed their volume, in order for them to avoid stray ears listening in.

"Do not talk about this matter again. Dong Tianleng, I know that your sister is beautiful and exceptionally talented. This is uncontested since I've witnessed her true face. However... I still can’t promise you..." Yun Yang’s voice was suppressed, as if from afar. "What if... overheard... Shut up, say no more!"

Dong Tianleng’s voice boomed despite his best efforts to keep it low, "Boss... since the day my sister met you, she has had her affections deeply rooted. She is fully devoted to you. It's either you or she'll not marry at all. She would be merrily contented even to become a concubine."

Yun Yang groaned, "Dong Tianleng, I've already told you clearly, I will only want to have one person with me, together, for this lifetime. My heart belongs to someone else, how can I waste the time of such an honorable lady? You are wanting me to become an irresponsible man, aren’t you?"

Dong Tianleng was clearly oppressed, looking dejected as he sighed.

Xia Bingchuan chimed in, "Dong Tianleng, I too have fallen in love at first sight when I saw your sister. I am willing to take her as my wife... If you don’t object, I will order people back home to officially propose at your door later..."

Dong Tianleng had only two words as a reply. "Get lost!"

Qiu Yunsan interjected, "Dong Tianleng, how about me? Besides granting your sister a proper wife position, I will also promise to treat her nicely for my whole life!"

"Get lost, both of you! And also you Chun Wanfeng, say nothing. If not, get lost as well!"

"Why don't the four of you fellows just get lost together."

Yun Yang sighed in despair, "I haven't forgotten about your matter. However, I have to solve my own affairs for now. I'll go look for you fellows two days later. You all have seen for yourself today, it will not be convenient to come by these few days. After the matter here has been done, you fellows can come directly to my house, I will immediately accomplish the promise I've made."

The four popinjays were delighted. "That’s great, thank you boss!"

Right afterwards, Dong Tianleng suppressed his voice as he muttered in a tone filled with compassion, "Boss, although a woman needs to be treated tenderly, you can't spoil her too much. To be frank, just seeing what happened just now, I can't even bear to have finished watching it. Except for the fact that my sister’s cultivation talent is a bit inferior, her other conditions aren’t really all that bad. Not only is she pretty and chaste, her nature is gentle and soft, tender like water..."

Yun Yang roared at the four popinjays, "Don’t you understand human’s words? Get lost, quickly and immediately! For how far does the ocean stretch, is how far you should get lost!"

The four of them left, chuckling in mirth.

The place where they had been talking was far from where Wei and Gugu were staying, and it was already located at the other corner of the yard. Since they were soft-spoken words, the volume of their whispers could be said were at their utmost minimum. With Gugu’s cultivation base, she would not be able to hear it naturally, and she had angered herself so much that she was fuming quite literally.

However, what was Wei Xinglu’s cultivation base?

Although the voices were soft, it all had landed into the ears of this Tenth Perfection cultivator. He had heard the entire conversation clearly.

He could not help but to let out a sigh. It was fair to call Yun Yang a wonderful young master despite the chaotic times, an elegantly beautiful youth. His looks was exceptional;even a man who witnessed it would have fallen for him. It was not difficult to think or to guess how many ladies would have taken a fancy to such a man posed for great demand. However, he was able to be so loyal in his feelings. This was too precious, utterly invaluable!

Although Gugu was usually stubborn, this time around, she would not be allowed to mess this up because of her own attitude. She must be woken up. If I were to allow her to keep doing whatever she wanted, it will be certain that I would lose this great son-in-law.

By seeing what she had done today, a lot of marks would have been deducted. Anyhow, a lady should be gentler, even if Young Master Yun was deeply attached and would not care much about it. Why couldn’t Gugu, this silly girl, be able to know that to have an affinity with each other would be great, however, to be able to find the other half who would love her, and to be willing to tolerate her would be the luckiest thing of all?

It was better to get this matter finalized. Once such a great man had been missed, it would be a lifetime of regret!


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