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I Am Supreme - Chapter 168


All of them recalled Manager Cheng's orders for the mission – "Make sure you leave nothing to chance;send more men over if you need to. Finish it once and for all, take advantage of the commotion now that all the generals from the other countries are here."

"Even if you strive for perfection, don't you think that your method is overly extensive, Manager Cheng? We’re only taking care of a young popinjay, why would we need five hundred men?"

The leader had chortled as if he knew something that the others did not.

"Assurance is prioritized over all else."

Manager Cheng spoke softly, "The lion uses his all when preying upon the rabbit. Besides, Young Master Yun isn’t a total popinjay, he has a cultivation base as well, meager as it is. He is the only son of Marquis of Heavenly Clouds after all…"

"What cultivation base can defend itself against the simultaneous attacks of five hundred martial artists? Even if it’s Marquis of Heavenly Clouds himself, can he ward off such an extreme show of force?" A few men who led the team grumbled inwardly.

Someone had been assigned to lure him to the right spot, the trap was set, and the ambush was an all-out killing circle. Five hundred men to tackle a popinjay of a young master. This had given him so much honor!

They soon realized the truth.

Five hundred people?

To Young Master Yun, it was a laughable attempt!

The exact extent of Marquis of Heavenly Clouds’ abilities was unknown, but his only son, Young Master Yun, was like Shura1 reborn!

He had killed so many people in a single breath but he was still smiling gently, as if in the midst of reminiscing. What was going on in his head as he dealt death left, right and center? It was truly… mind numbing!

They had been hiding – only one of them had lashed out to kill Ju Chen while the others had never moved, waiting for the chance to strike and end things once and for all. However, following the show of Yun Yang’s shocking ability, any thought of attacking had vanished instantly.

When they saw the fifth peak expert who had led the five hundred men being slashed into two by Yun Yang, their plans of pressing on the ambushed began to seem terribly unwise.

One strike for the fifth peak!

How many hits could they, of the fifth peak pinnacle, take?

The person who had killed Ju Chen with a mid-air slash felt worse, his face already losing its color while his heart thumped madly in his chest.

He could clearly remember that Yun Yang had raised his head to look at him coldly when his sword struck, ending Ju Chen’s life.

Witnessing Yun Yang’s combat skill, he was certain that Yun Yang could definitely save Ju Chen in time. If Yun Yang had intended to prevent it, he would never have been able to kill that woman.

Yun Yang did not though – he did not wish to save her.

The more he thought about Yun Yang’s cold gaze upon him, the more he was petrified.

Yun Yang’s purple robe billowed as he strode through the pool of blood, saying softly, "Hmm, are you all not coming out? There are eleven of you now, five on my left and four on my right;the one who’s grabbing onto the roof tiles, the one who killed Ju Chen earlier, you need not hide. I’ve noticed you a long while ago. As for the other two on the two highest trees, do you think your camouflage is flawless?"

Yun Yang raised his head slightly, a smirk hung clearly on his face. "Could it be that all of you think you can escape? Outrageous. Come and greet your death!"


One of the men who had been hiding had broken a tile out of sheer fright.

Yun Yang looked over without moving and said coldly, "If all of you don’t step out, I’ll come for you instead. Separated power is weak power;you are all split into different places, all the more you will be unable to beat me. It doesn't take a genius to figure out the outcome - the entire lot of you are going to die by my hands."

Sha, sha, swoosh, swoosh.

Eleven people materialized together on the rooftop.

The gazes of a row of uneven heights were cast downwards with mixed feelings towards the purple-robed man standing in the sea of blood and mountain of corpses. His tall, muscular build and his insanely handsome face could rouse the shame of all men.

Their gazes, however, were filled with petrified fear, as if they were looking at a sinister ghost that had escaped from the confines of hell.

"Young Master Yun… we have long heard of your great name."

The leader of the men chuckled dryly, his eyes fearful even as he spoke, "The brothers are doing this involuntarily. We’re working for others, after all, we have to obey their instructions. There's nothing we could do."

Yun Yang’s gaze focused on the leader, his eyes flickered suddenly as his pupils contracted but the change was gone as soon as it appeared. He nodded and said, "I understand. You ward off disaster for someone after accepting their money, that's how the saying goes! Such is my understanding though. I can only sigh helplessly that so many have died by my saber… After all, man will always choose to defend themselves when facing danger, do they not?"

Yun Yang’s tone was calm, laced with a sense of exhaustion and gentleness.

The man opposite of him felt goosebumps rising on his skin;those who were beside him could see the fine hairs on his face and elbows standing up straight.

"Young Master Yun is right. Right indeed…" This man could only laugh as a cold sweat trickled down his brow.

"Since you have all come out, do give me an explanation."

Yun Yang said as he smiled, "Something needs to be left behind whenever such an incident happens in the martial arts world. Experienced men would be aware of this rule of the martial arts world, wouldn't they?"

The man’s expression was bitter as he asked, "I wonder what Young Master Yun would like us to leave behind though?"

Yun Yang smiled gently and said, "The debt of life should be repaid with another life, of course, I’d love to leave your heads behind. I am certain every one of you would be reluctant to do so." The pause in his speech frightened these eleven men terribly.

Big brother, your habit of taking a breather between words absolutely has to go;it scares people to death all too easily!

"But according to the rules of the martial arts world, such an incident requires at least leaving behind an arm."

Yun Yang’s eyes were glinting dangerously like a sharp blade. "Either an arm, or an eye, or a leg. I'll leave it to you."

"One more thing, remember to keep your lives. Remember to go back and tell the Grand Tutor…"

Yun Yang raised his head and said, "Tell him – he is an old man now, and he has been working hard for the country and its people. He can be considered a good official, his reputation did not come cheaply. His son-in-law deserved it anyway. Ask that old man… don't be in such a hurry to rush into his own death."

The leader’s eyes glinted, his voice hoarse. "Young Master Yun, this is rather... difficult for us to convey."

Yun Yang smiled lightly but did not say a single thing.

Two shadows appeared on both sides of the men;a formidable aura spreading out like a canopy as the eleven people felt their breaths quickening at once.

Under such an oppressive force, how could they not know that the two men who had suddenly appeared were stronger experts against whom they would not be able to defend?

Yun Yang smiled. "I had thought that this trap set would be absolutely devastating. As such I have brought two of my own guards here as well…" He smirked. "If I’d known, how would I’ve blown things out of proportion? Although it’s said to better be safe than sorry, being too cautious will always exacerbate the situation."

Seeing the large disparity in the abilities of both parties, the leader gritted his teeth in defeat. "Young Master Yun is exceptional indeed. We brothers will bow down to your wisdom this time."

The others looked like they had given up all hope as well, their last sliver of luck slipping out of their grasp.

A flash of saber light welcomed the scream of the leader;he had chopped his left arm off, blood spurting like a fountain from the remaining stump.

"Young Master Yun, is this... acceptable?" The big man covered his wound with his hand, the pain causing him to hiss his words while large beads of sweat dripped from his forehead. His menacing face was as white as a sheet of paper.

Yun Yang looked at him without giving away anything in his expression and moved his gaze towards the next man.

The man closed his eyes and tore his sleeves to ball it into his mouth. Clenching his teeth, a flash of light saw another arm drop to the ground with a wet thud.

The rest looked at Yun Yang pleadingly. Their pitiful gazes were returned with a gentle one that spoke of calmness and coldness, not a slight bit forgiving nor was it kind.

You’ve all come to kill me. I have shown great restraint by not asking for your lives. You are actually hoping that I will be merciful?

Everyone felt the keen sting of hopelessness. As one, they understood that it was impossible for the devil who could kill five hundred people in a single breath to be merciful and have sufficient pity on them to forgo this punishment.

To a man, they gritted their teeth and hacked one of their arms off, feeling utter regret accompanied by blinding pain.

How could they be so unlucky? Why were they the ones sent out to complete this mission?

Did the people in the Residence of Grand Tutor eat sh*t?

This Young Master Yun’s skills were incredibly formidable, yet they called him a popinjay – someone who only knew some paltry martial skills and had insignificant mystical Qi cultivation base?

If such a cultivation base were to be ‘insignificant’, how should they call their own?

How many people in this world could then call their cultivation base exceptional?

"Since you have all paid your price, you may leave." Yun Yang’s expression was still cold. "All of you are lucky that you are able to walk away with your lives today. This doesn’t mean that your luck will hold forever."

A sharp killing intent flashed in his eyes when he said, "Don’t forget. Tell Grand Tutor Lee… don't hurry to seek death!"

With a flip of sleeves, Yun Yang turned and left with wide strides, stepping daintily in the pool of blood.

Just as he got to one end of the street, a fierce-looking thug stuck his head out from a corner stealthily, only to see the mountain of corpses and the sea of blood. Despite his best efforts, he could not stifle his gasp of shock.

Seeing Yun Yang strolling away from the bloody scene and advancing towards him like death personified, his heart stopped beating all of a sudden, as his eyes stared straight at Yun Yang, unable to look away.

Yun Yang turned indifferently, his icy gaze glanced at him before he continued on his way;where his feet stepped, there were bright red footprints left behind.

Yun Yang's icy glance was like King Yama gazing out from the nether depths of hell. Heart beating spasmodically, his eyes went limp as his throat gurgled, crying, "I didn’t kill them… I just… Don’t come over, you don’t come over…"

Who knew what terrifying things this person was thinking. Before he could even complete his whimpering, his eyes bulged in its sockets as he ran two steps forward and fell to the ground, twitching slightly before he became completely still.

The thug had been frightened to death by Yun Yang’s emotionless gaze!

Translator Note:

1Shura (修罗 xiū luō): broadly derived, in general character, the opposite of wicked Asura of Hinduism.


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