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I Am Supreme - Chapter 147


It was a wonder to watch the changes in expression of those who were listening.

Aside from the issue of "I just entered the palace", in the eyes of the public, Young Master Yun was labeled a carefree person or a popinjay. The matter that had to be discussed with him was indeed worthy of much speculation!

There could only be one reason for someone influential seeking a popinjay for discussion – the power behind this seemingly inconsequential figure.

Han Wufei’s expression was beginning to turn livid for he had realized that if they remained entangled on this topic, Yun Yang might even spew out dangerous statements like the crown prince was planning to rebel.

"Why must Young Master Yun lash out like this? This involves His Highness’ reputation, don’t sabotage yourself in the process!" Han Wufei lambasted coldly.

"Still concerned about my welfare, are you? Can't you come up with newer threats? May I ask why would I lash out if the crown prince hadn't sent you to get me once I left the palace?" Yun Yang smirked. "You look for me, threaten me openly, force me to comply, and disallow me to speak up. Once I lash out, I’m arguing, aren’t I? So, if I argue, I’m tainting the crown prince’s reputation. I can't dispute this at all, it is so very reasonable!"

Han Wufei was fuming with rage, hissing through gritted teeth, "Truly, a bite from a thief sinks to the bone."

Yun Yang cried out in indignation, "I am a thief now, am I? Even if I did take a bite out of all of you, how can it sink to the bone if you didn’t come seeking for me?"

Han Wufei was sorely tempted to physically strike the fool in front of him. "His Highness the crown prince has so sincerely…"

Yun Yang continued to portray a sense of shocked fury. "Sincerely threaten me? Such sincerity is truly profound!"

Han Wufei could no longer hold himself back. "Silence! Yun Yang, one more word from you and I shall…"

"What shall you do?" Yun Yang cut him off in anger. "Could it be that you dare kill me?"

Han Wufei charged forward. "Do you think that I wouldn't dare too?"

His tone was chilling, his murderous intent obvious.

Yun Yang chuckled. "You’re threatening me again! This time, with death, no holds barred! If I don’t comply, it looks like my life is really on the line."

The topic had gone a full circle and came back to threats once again.

Han Wufei was about to pass out from overwhelming anger. "When have I threatened you? Don’t spew nonsense;this is related to the crown prince’s reputation, don’t sabotage yourself!"

"Oooh…" A wave of hisses and snickering emanated from the crowd.

The crowd looked at Han Wufei as if witnessing the village idiot at work.

It was just mere seconds ago that you loudly proclaimed that you wouldn't hesitate to kill him, and now you follow-up with an inane question like, "When have I threatened you?"

Are you sure you care about the crown prince’s reputation? Your own actions are damaging his name already.

Wow, this man is really something!

It certainly looks like he's the one digging his own grave.

Han Wufei was an experienced official and reacted quickly, not mulling over his words uttered in his impatience as he said, "But I didn’t threaten you just now!"

Yun Yang put on an exasperated front. "Then tell me, what do you really want?"

"I…" Han Wufei said angrily, "His Highness the crown prince has sent me to invite you…"

Yun Yang looked speechless. "Does your residence make it a habit to invite their guests like this?"

The passersby were extremely amused by the proceedings – His Highness the crown prince had actually sent someone like this to invite his guest?

Did he intend to invite or offend?

Han Wufei's was unbearably muddled at how the situation had panned out.

Yun Yang looked at him sympathetically and said. "Go back. First, I won’t go over;second, you’re not yet qualified to invite me like this. I, Yun Yang, am still a descendant of Marquis of Heavenly Clouds. How can I be at someone’s beck and call? Third, you’ve been threatening me all along, no two ways about it. I don’t know if it’s the crown prince’s or your own intention. If it’s yours, let His Highness invite me using someone else;if it’s the crown prince’s, how dare I still go?"

"Furthermore, the family of Marquis Yun has never been involved in the affairs of the imperial court. Based on what I have just said, please go back."

Yun Yang smiled softly and turned to leave.

Han Wufei hollered angrily, "Yun Yang!"

His voice rang loud and clear but Yun Yang did not turn back again, continuing to walk further away.

Those around them wore delighted expressions – not a single one of them had expected to witness such a show today.

Although it was more of a monologue, it was still a classic!

Yun Yang’s steps were unusually light as he strolled home.

It was never his intention to antagonize the crown prince all along. Han Wufei had said something accurate – the crown prince was the monarch while the rest were all officials. If it had not been necessary, Yun Yang did not wish to make an open enemy of the monarch;if he did, the ripple effect would be huge and might even sway an already shaky empire. This was not something the Nine Supremes would like to see. It was something that should not be done with Empire of Yutang’s current situation.

However, what Yun Yang had done was to complicate things further and make the situation even more confusing. Since the crown prince had sent Han Wufei over, he might as well use the hapless fellow.

Those who had listened to the farce in front of the palace were not common folk;all their attention must have shifted to the crown prince now that he made such a public outcry and fuss.

At the very least, the crown prince would have to fully think through his decisions before doing anything in for the time being.

This was only the beginning of a whirlpool though.

Yun Yang entered the third prince’s residence as the night turned cold, with a light breeze blowing through the sky.

He tossed over a forged document he had prepared earlier. "The crown prince is secretly planning a rebellion, the evidence is irrefutable. Below are…"

Soon enough, the entire third prince’s residence was on guard for the entire night;aides and officials were coming and leaving as they discussed and tossed about ideas and strategies.

Yun Yang made his way to the fourth prince’s residence next. This time, he placed a confidential document on the fourth prince’s study table – "Ol’third and ol’fifth have worked together in a conspiracy to first exterminate the fourth prince before they combined forces to go against the crown prince. Here is the evidence…"

Yun Yang did not forget the fifth prince’s residence. The water supply had inexplicably vanished after midnight even as Yun Yang set fire to the place.

The fire was ferocious as its blaze soared towards the sky, almost staining half the capital’s sky red.

Afterwards, the Residence of the Grand Commandant, the Residence of the Grand Tutor, Residence of Prince of Concord and many others had all received something different. A few of the residences were set alight as well.

The capital was in shambles.

Finally, Yun Yang went to the Residence of He.

He had gone everywhere he had to go;it was all the more reason that he could not let this place slip.

Old He, He Hanqing, was currently meditating in his secret chamber. Around him were mountains of mystical crystals as if forming a magical formation. He had hoped to extract the energy from these mystical crystals to speed up the healing of his injury.

Old He’s wounds had not recovered yet, so he could not heal himself with high-level mystical Qi and could only heal his injuries using more mundane methods.

He was a person of schemes and ploys, thus he was constantly and equally worried about people doing the same to him;it was a given that he dared not cultivate and heal himself outside, putting himself in the shoes he had always placed others in. If he were to be schemed against, it could cause a very dangerous and disastrous consequence even if the opposite party did not strike and had just interrupted his healing. There would be hell to pay even if they just provoked his anger or activated his mystical Qi.

However, his cautious decision of not recuperating outside had made it convenient for Yun Yang to complete his task.

Yun Yang floated around the Residence of He as a breeze, intending to look for something yet he was shocked to realize that there was nothing unusual in Old He’s residence.

More accurately, there was nothing out of the ordinary.

Even his study had nothing other than a few calligraphies hanging on the walls. It contained no books, not even those with his own handwriting.

Yun Yang searched through all the buildings in the Residence of He’s grounds disbelievingly for anything at all – wealth, gems, treasure.

There was nothing to be found.

He could not find anything on the grounds but there was still the underground secret chamber. However, Yun Yang did not dare to enter Old He’s underground secret chamber even though he had turned into the wind and improved his cultivation.

There were eight strong auras surrounding He Hanqing’s secret chamber, well concealed but could be faintly felt, lingering and waiting.

Not a single one of these eight auras was weaker than Mi Kongqun’s! Furthermore, a few of the auras were actually much stronger than Mi Kongqun’s.

Although he knew He Hanqing’s secret was right under his feet, Yun Yang dared not enter.

Unfortunately, he was equally reluctant to just leave. In the spur of the moment, his anger rose – "Your father’s burning your f*cking nest! If I can’t kill the old bastard then I’ll just kill the young bastard and his little followers first!"

Therefore, Old He’s residence had suddenly broken out in flames without any warning in the middle of the night.

This fire was different from the previous ones.

The entire residence was ablaze just as it started to burn.

The flames spat and rose a thousand-feet high into the air!

Just as the flames flickered, it was clear that this fire could never be put out until it had consumed everything in its path.

He Hanqing, who was in the secret chamber, was recuperating while the guarding experts suddenly perked up and one of them drifted away to check on the situation without.

He came back right away with a hard expression on his face. "The Residence of He is on fire!"

The two of them stayed back to act as guards while the other six went out together.

When they reached the ground level, they saw the conflagration. It was as if the ball of flame had a life of its own, happily rolling around the Residence of He;whatever it touched, flames blazed brightly into the night sky!

The experts charged over and extinguished the ball of flame with a single thought. However, there was nothing to be seen after the ball of fire went out;a wind blew past without leaving a trace.

Suddenly, a vigorous breeze began to pick up, increasing in its intensity.

The howling wind aided the remaining flames, setting the very ground of the Residence of He on fire!

The experts returned to the secret chamber with fear and worry – the conflagration could no longer be contained.

When the flames had burned almost everything in its wake, the experts were barely able to put them out by using mystical Qi, but the entire Residence of He had already turned into ashes!

Not single family member had managed to escape, all of them had been burned down to charred remains.

In the midst of the chaos, a name popped out in all the guards’ heads.

Supreme Flame!

Could it be that this sprite of flame had not died after all?

Within the formation, He Hanqing’s expression took on an ugly cast as he suddenly spat two mouthfuls of blood. Hundreds of mystical crystals dissolved into powder in the blink of an eye.

He Hanqing’s face was pale.

His upheaval of emotions almost had him deviate in his cultivation. His internal injuries had not gotten any better;if anything, they had only gotten even more severe.

His family that was above the ground… they had all been buried in the flames.

None of them had been spared.

"Supreme Flame!" He Hanqing weakly spat these two words out. "This old man shall be irreconcilable with you!"

The eight experts exchanged looks of consternation – Was Supreme Flame still alive?

You've almost killed all his other brothers. The fact that you and he are irreconcilable is a moot point.

The meticulous search efforts almost exhausted Yun Yan.

He was utterly impressed though. It was his first time encountering a villain like He Hanqing who left nothing incriminating behind.

Everything had been impeccably arranged and hidden.

It had been too clean.

Even as Yun Yang made his way back, a deep sense of doubt and uneasiness lingered on.


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