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I Am Supreme - Chapter 146


After a period of silence, Old Marshal Qiu heaved a long sigh, directing it to the heavens.

The current powerless state that rendered him helpless almost broke down this marshal who had been slaughtering in the battlefield his entire life!

It was true that he could not take the same approach this time around.

If this matter were to be brought to light, the Empire of Yutang would be torn to pieces.

Despite the roundabout way of Yun Yang’s explanation, how could the old marshal who had seen so much of life not understand the implied meaning?

The fact was that someone had been able to poison the emperor right in his own palace for years without being discovered. What could it mean?

The amount of effort and thought that had been put into this grand scheme was indeed detailed and chilling to consider.

The old marshal sat aside, clenching his jaw and gritting his teeth;he absolutely loathed the situation he was faced with.

After a very long time, the emperor finally woke up. The first reflex after opening his eyes was to rub between his brows but he halted his actions as his eyes glowed with pleasure. The pair of orbs then went straight to Yun Yang as he looked at him with surprised delight. "Yun Yang, your massaging skills are impressive! I feel much better… and I managed to sleep well. I feel like my mind is much more refreshed now. It is the best slumber I’ve had recently."

Yun Yang smiled and said, "If Your Majesty likes it, this nephew can assist to condition Your Majesty’s body, anytime that you please."

The emperor chuckled heartily and nodded. "Then, I am afraid I would really have to trouble you in future."

The old marshal’s expression was still dark as he said, "Yun Yang, there’s is nothing here that concerns you now. This old man shall ask someone to send you out of the palace as I still have something to discuss with His Majesty."

Yun Yang knew that the old marshal and His Majesty would be speaking of important matters of the empire;it was inappropriate for him to continue lingering on. Besides, the old marshal clearly intended to protect him, so he stood up right away. "This nephew shall take his leave then. I bid you goodbye, Your Majesty."

The emperor’s gaze towards Yun Yang was appreciative as he replied, "Good, good. Come often to the palace when you’re free in the future. There are times when I am very much lonely."

"Certainly." Yun Yang promised. When he retreated to the door, he could not suppress the waves of emotions that roiled within him and finally asked, "May I ask Your Majesty if the portrait behind Your Majesty is of a time when Your Majesty was still a youth? It is a very charming portrait indeed."

The emperor shut his eyes abruptly, feeling the piercing pain coming again from his heart;his ruddy cheeks suddenly turned white.

Qiu Jianhan fumed. "How dare you! Are the things in His Majesty’s room for you to question?" His expression was livid with rage while his eyes signaled for Yun Yang to quickly depart.

The emperor waved his hands with his eyes still shut tight as he said in a low voice, "It doesn’t matter. It’s alright."

"The person in the portrait… it is my…" The emperor’s voice was raspy and he could not go on but said in a heart-broken voice, "Go home…"

Yun Yang held in the waves of emotions and said as he lowered his head, "Take care, Your Majesty."

He then retreated.

When Yun Yang had left the palace, His Majesty was still standing there dumbfounded, feeling pangs of heartache.

"Take care, Your Majesty." Yun Yang's wishes had left the emperor’s emotions in a turmoil.

He could hear the honest intention laced within his words.

Yet it was this truthfulness that made him rekindle the deep feelings and longing for his eldest son, Supreme Earth when he had kneeled before him and said "Father, take care." before he went on his final mission.

"This child only looks like a grown up. His mind is still very simple. He’s really insensitive sometimes." Old Marshal Qiu coughed and said, "I’ll teach him a lesson when I return."

The emperor waved his hand and stopped the old marshal’s speech as he said earnestly, "Old Qiu… this is a good child."

He swallowed and enunciated each word clearly, "Good child!"

Good child.

This two words had been what he had always wanted to tell his son as Supreme Earth but until his son had passed away, he had never gotten to say it aloud.

He had finally uttered these words now.

The clenching heartache of the emperor seemed to engulf him like a vast ocean.

My son… he is a good child indeed.

The person in the portrait, he is my…

Yun Yang had understood the meaning, despite His Majesty not finishing his words. He felt as if a thunderbolt had struck him;he could not help but gaze pitifully at the emperor.

This… this was big brother’s father!

It was why he had spurted out, "Take care, Your Majesty" when he bid his leave.

Yun Yang still felt lightheaded as he made his way out of the palace.

Just as he left, he saw a person standing before him;his scattered attention coming back into focus instantaneously.

"Greetings, Young Master Yun."

The person in front of him was someone he had met once before – Han Wufei from the crown prince’s residence!

Yun Yang took a glance at him and frowned, saying indifferently, "I remember you. Han Wufei, the crown prince’s residence’s aide, is it not? What ails you?"

Han Wufei answered politely, "I come with the crown prince’s order to invite Young Master Yun to a gathering."

Yun Yang asked suspiciously, "I have never met His Highness the crown prince. Why does he look for me?"

Impatience was etched across Han Wufei’s features when he heard the question and answered irritably, "Naturally, there is something to be discussed since His Highness seeks Young Master Yun's company."

His impression of Yun Yang had not been great;now that he heard this fellow making a fuss even when it was a direct invitation from the crown prince, his anger boiled and threatened to overflow.

Yun Yang’s gaze turned icy as he said coldly, "Family of Marquis of Heavenly Clouds has never partaken in any partisan dispute and me, myself, am a person of no import, a popinjay. What is there to be discussed when the crown prince looks for me? It is a waste of effort and it does not benefit anyone;what meaning will there be whether I meet him or not?"

Yun Yang made his stand, making it clear that he was not willing to be involved in the princes’ faction over the crown prince position. Besides, the status of Marquis of Heavenly Clouds’ family was superior, more so than the other nobilities. According to common logic, Han Wufei should have given up by now and turned to leave.

However, Han Wufei gave no sign of being affected by the brusque answer, and replied, "Young Master Yun, that is no way to speak. His Highness the crown prince is the monarch while we are merely officials. An official couldn't possibly refuse to obey when His Highness requests to meet. I suggest that Young Master Yun come with me now and not dig yourself deeper into the mire."

This reply clearly indicated Han Wufei’s sheer determination in making Yun Yang meet the crown prince and had even implied that he would do whatever it took to force Yun Yang’s compliance!

Seeing that Han Wufei was not backing down, Yun Yang suddenly wore a very peculiar smile.

Han Wufei unconsciously took a hasty step back. Why was this fellow smiling like that?

What was he smiling at?

Suddenly, Yun Yang began to scream hysterically.

"What is this? Do you want to kill me because I don't wish to go with you? Didn’t I already say that family Marquis of Heavenly Clouds does not partake in partisan disputes?" Yun Yang cried in shock, his round eyes glaring at Han Wufei. "Are you threatening me? It is His Highness the crown prince that made you threaten me like this, didn't he? Threatening to end my life just because I refuse to follow you? How on earth does this make sense?"

They were near the entrance of the palace. While there were no outside passersby, there were quite a number of high-ranked officials standing around;there were even more guards that warded the palace gates, be it out in the open or lurking in secret.

Yun Yang’s clear voice rang out loud in these people’s ears.

Instantly, everyone turned their head over in shock, unable to believe what they had just heard.

Partisan dispute? The crown prince coercing the family of Marquis of Heavenly Clouds?

Han Wufei gritted his teeth in fury, lowering his voice immediately and barked harshly, "Yun Yang! What do you think you are doing? Lower your voice, you idiot!"

The volume of Yun Yang’s tirade went up instead. "Why do you want me to shut up? On what basis do you want me to shut up? I’m Marquis of Heavenly Clouds’ only son, the next generation of Marquis of Heavenly Clouds! Am I not allowed to call for help when I’ve met a villain or when I’ve encountered danger? You fellows are going to kill me and I still can’t speak for myself? Can you fellows be more reasonable? Has the crown prince’s residence always been this preposterous?"

There were experts among the people that stood around them.

Not many of them had heard Han Wufei's words earlier because he had intentionally suppressed his tone but after Yun Yang’s loud cry, they had shifted their attention over and their ears could pick up the slightest noise.

As for Han Wufei’s even softer words at the end, there were people who heard him loudly and clearly since there were already a number of people who were paying close attention to the commotion.

Don’t speak of nonsense?

These eavesdroppers connected their words and filled in the gaps themselves, coming to their conclusion rapidly. They scoffed inwardly among themselves, "You rascals are already threatening the poor man and you still wish for him to stay silent! What’s the justification for making him shut up? The aides of the crown prince’s residence are tyrannical indeed!"

The silent stares that came from all around were like icy arrows.

Han Wufei was rendered speechless in awkward embarrassment. He then said angrily, "You are spouting nonsense. Since when did I threaten you?"

Yun Yang smiled coldly, "Are you angry from being embarrassed? Will you hit me now?"

Han Wufei was fuming, his voice rang out loudly as well, "Speak clearly, you fool. Since when did I, Han Wufei, say anything about threatening you? This damages the reputation of the crown prince’s residence, I will fight you to the ends of the earth on this."

Yun Yang replied, "May I ask why is His Highness looking for me? Me, an ordinary person, a popinjay?"

Han Wufei looked at the passersby who had their ears perked up and could not help being tongue-tied at the unfolding events. "How would I know why the crown prince looks for you? It’s not my place as a subordinate to ask about my superior’s affairs and his activities!"

"I have just left the palace and here comes the crown prince. Why is that so? I have stated my stand earlier, you can very well go back and report it. Why must you make me go with you?" Yun Yang asked in anger.

"His Highness the crown prince sets his vision far and high;what he does are all-important matters. How can I make guesses about them? What I can do is only to fulfill the assigned tasks by His Highness as completely as possible and not performed a half-baked task!" Han Wufei scoffed.

"This also means that His Highness is looking for me to discuss important matters once I left the palace. If I hadn’t entered the palace, the crown prince wouldn't be looking for me for this supposedly important matter, would he?"

Yun Yang intentionally diverted the topic far and out of reach;he had broached a sensitive topic.

Han Wufei pondered his reply but words failed him;he was entirely drenched in sweat even as he tried his hardest to answer, "His Highness the crown prince just wants to invite Young Master Yun over to discuss something. Even if Young Master Yun didn’t enter the palace, he would have done the same."

"I, Yun Yang, have stayed in Tiantang City for years now but His Highness has never looked for me for any discussion. The day I enter the palace, he comes seeking for me? Could you just tell me what it is that he wishes to discuss? Other than what has happened today, what else is there that is related to me, an ordinary being, a popinjay?"

Yun Yang did not compromise, repeatedly bringing up his entrance to the palace, the fact that he was an ordinary citizen, and relentlessly proclaiming himself a popinjay of no import.

The message was clear – you fellows have an ulterior motive!


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