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I Am Supreme - Chapter 143


"I’m afraid I will have to look this up myself…" Yun Yang had made up his mind to work on some of the messages later and set the Nine Heavens Dictum aside.

He focused his concentration on cultivating again to increase his ability.

Another day and night passed.

Both Fang Mofei and Lao Mei, who were already used to Yun Yang’s recent inactivity, were left to their own whiles accordingly, only casting worried glances towards Yun Yang’s room occasionally.

Perhaps the two of them were the only people in the entire world who knew how unimaginably heavy the burden their young master was carrying must be.

When Yun Yang came out from his room, he saw Fang Mofei looking at him as if he was about to say something, but was reluctant to.

"What is it?" Yun Yang glanced at him suspiciously. "Just spit it out."

Fang Mofei mulled over his words before he finally said, "Nothing."

Yun Yang frowned, wiping his face with a towel, and said calmly, "Did your three sworn Hu Brothers find you or did the Concourse of the Underworld come for you?"

Fang Mofei chuckled bitterly.

Yun Yang nodded. "It's the Concourse of the Underworld, isn’t it? Asking you to kill someone? Or requesting that you leave and return to the martial arts world?"

Fang Mofei heaved a heavy sigh and said, "One of the kings from the ten courts has arrived in Tiantang and somehow managed to locate me. He wants me to… leave this place."

Yun Yang kept a straight face as he asked, "And what was your response?"

"Of course I wouldn't leave young master!" Fang Mofei said indignantly, "However, Lord King Qinguang is exceptionally influential. I am afraid that I will bring further trouble to young master."

Yun Yang said indifferently, "When your Lord King Qinguang arrives, tell him I’d like to meet him."

Fang Mofei replied, "Alright."

Somehow, Fang Mofei’s heart grew calmer upon hearing Yun Yang's words.

Although his young master’s mystical skill was still very weak, Fang Mofei was comforted by his immense confidence towards his young master.

If young master said it was alright, it had to be alright! If young master was confident, it had to be achievable!

"You two don’t have to follow me today, I will be making the journey alone." Yun Yang continued, "Stay at home and cultivate;the faster you break through to the eighth peak, the better."

"Yes, young master. Have you already advanced to… the fifth peak?" Fang Mofei asked in wonder, watching the veil of radiance illuminate Yun Yang’s face.

The latter smiled and left without answering his question.

Yun Yang had advanced to the fifth peak a few days ago;he had also gotten to the fifth stage of Fog of Cloud Conjuration, Mystique Wind Conjuration, and Fiery Charm while Thunder Crash Spell and Art of Crimson Soul were already at the third stage.

Yun Yang currently relied heavily on these mystique mystical skills.

To gain these improvements, he had to deplete all the cultivation resources he had accumulated earlier – mystical stones, mystical crystals, jades, mystical pills and treasured gems…

Yun Yang felt like a complete pauper now;he had nothing other than gold and silver banknotes.

He was so poor that the only thing left to him was money!

Yun Yang went out of his residence;a light breeze blew past and he entered the palace quietly.

When he materialized again, he was back in the Residence of Yun once more.

Yun Yang frowned, deep in thought and finally gritted his teeth before rushing to the marshal’s residence.

On his way there, he had sensed someone following him but no matter the tricks he played, he could not find out who the stalker was.

The Residence of Yun was not far from the Residence of Marshal Qiu. Yun Yang arrived at the marshal’s door within an hour.

"Do inform that Marquis Yun’s son, Yun Yang, has come today to thank old sir’s show of concern these past few days."

Yun Yang spoke in a well-mannered tone, polite and courteous.

"Please hold on, Young Master Yun." The guard at the door was equally respectful.

After all, the name of Tiantang City’s Young Master Yun had shaken Yutang and spread far out into the world;who would not have heard of him now?

If it had been anybody else, they might have felt a tad guilty that they were just assuming Ling Xiaozui’s reputation to bolster their own.

This, however, was Yun Yang.

He had never felt the slightest bit guilty but was hoping for another fateful meeting;it would be even better if there was someone else famous for him to entirely borrow their name. It could be Dugu Chou or anyone, some experts of a legendary and mythical level;he would never think that there was too many of them even if he were to meet eight to ten of them each day.

The only way to achieve my goals in time is by using your reputation to subdue these demons.

"This rascal actually dares to come here!"

Old Marshal Qiu was instantly furious upon hearing Yun Yang’s name.

This fellow would end up being a punching bag by bringing himself to his door;the anger he had kept bottled in from the imperial court these days was threatening to release itself in a spectacular fashion.

"Make that child roll himself in for this old one!" The old marshal hollered.

His words almost made the reporting guard laugh out loud.

Yun Yang ‘rolled’ in rather graciously. "Ever since parting from our meeting previously, I haven’t seen old sir for some time. Old sir’s charisma is even more dazzling now. This is an occasion to celebrate! It bodes well for Yutang and for the world!"

Old Marshal Qiu was upset enough that hearing Yun Yang’s words of courtesy almost cut off his air supply. "It also bodes well that your father hasn’t been angered to death by you!"

This bastard, how dare he say long time no see?

This old man has gone to his place three times;the first time, you avoided me;the second and third time, you were dead on the bed and couldn't even open your eyes.

How was I supposed to see you?

You can actually say this out loud!

And what do you mean that this bodes well? It is good for Yutang that this old man is still fine but how is it a good thing for the world? Which nation other than the Empire of Yutang in this continent does not wish that this old man would die faster?

"What are you doing here, child?" Old Marshal Qiu sat on his armchair and looked at Yun Yang with a tired expression;the more he looked, the more he felt that his handsome face was growing increasingly annoying.

He could not help saying harshly, "Look at you! You’re a man but you have a face made of porcelain, more delicate than a woman’s. How dare you wear it out in the public?"

Yun Yang grinned. "You’re right. I do think that I am overly handsome as well. I have made far too many people feel sorry for themselves and feel utterly inferior but I do believe that the blame can’t be entirely put on me? Laugh at me if you want, I have long wanted to mutilate this exquisite face of mine!"

The old marshal was enraged. "Speak now if you have something to say! Fart now if you have gas!"

"Perhaps, I will fart right now…" Yun Yang chuckled, but tone turned serious immediately after.

Looking at his expression, the old marshal felt his heart grew heavy.

By the looks of it, this child really did seem to have something that was worrying him.

"Old Marshal, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but does His Majesty our emperor seem to be a little unwell recently?" Yun Yang asked after picking his words cautiously.

"What?" The old marshal straightened up at once, his gaze turning as sharp as a hawk's. He looked at Yun Yang without blinking and asked, "What is it that you are trying to say?"

Yun Yang coughed. "It’s not me but…"

His gaze then darted furtively to the doors.

The old marshal was exasperated – your previous sentence has already revealed too much and it has only occurred to you now to be a bit more secretive?

"No one would dare to eavesdrop at my residence!" Qiu Jianhan scoffed.

What was it that had this fellow acting so mysteriously? The old marshal began to feel slightly nervous, looking at the young fellow's behavior.

"Didn’t Ling Xiaozui enter the palace a few days ago?" After much consideration, Yun Yang finally brought up Ling Xiaozui’s name.

This fellow was a natural pick whenever a scapegoat was needed.

It was especially so when he had entered the palace at such an inopportune time, and he had a good friendship with him;it was only natural and logical to do so.

"I beg your pardon?" The old marshal was good at playing along as well, his expression turning anxious. "What did he discover?"

"He told me after he returned that although he has only seen His Majesty once, he could see that the emperor’s health was very bad. If he’s not taken care of in time, death would come in only a matter of months…"

Yun Yang's was low as he spoke.


The old marshal kicked over his chair, as he almost sat on the floor in shock instead;his aged face paled as he stared straight at Yun Yang, unable to speak for a brief moment.

"Old Marshal, don’t be so worked up. Ling Xiaozui said this, not me," Yun Yang explained hurriedly.

"Is this true?" Qiu Jianhan asked with clear enunciation;a murderous intent roaring from his eyes, threatening to spill out. "No wonder His Majesty looked washed out recently. This old man thought that it was due to fatigue… Hmph, what courage!"

Yun Yang lowered his head and did not reply. He would only err more if he continued to speak, it was better to be quiet.

"Since Sir Ling has found out, does he know what must be done?" The old marshal grasped Yun Yang’s hand and asked anxiously.

"He left three pills but didn’t say that they would be effective. After all, he only took a glance and couldn’t conclude much…" Yun Yang said nervously, "But the consequences are too heavy… and it’s difficult for me to find someone to discuss this."

"You still wish to discuss this with someone else?" Qiu Jianhan glared at him and paced around the room. Finally, he waved his hand and said decisively, "Better to believe this than to doubt it! Come, follow me to the palace immediately!"

Yun Yang jumped. "Pardon? I…"

"You can’t avoid entering the palace!" The old marshal held a straight face. "Whether Ling Xiaozui has said those words, whether the pills are real or fake, even whether the three pills are medicinal or poisonous, these all are on you! It would be impossible for you to leave without any responsibilities!"

Yun Yang wore a long face. "I told myself that I didn’t want to come into this, I’m too high and far from being involved… Sigh, it’s all the old man’s fault…"

Even as he lamented, he was already being dragged out of the foyer by Qiu Jianhan and could only hear a string of orders being issued.

"Prepare the horses! No, prepare the carriage to enter the palace!"

"Quick, quick, quick!"


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