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Husband Is Great Black Belly - Chapter 29.3


Chapter 29

The Day of Pregnancy

Last Part

I got scold by my boss fully thirty minutes, said that I had married, had honeymoon, all I had already used my 10 years working -leave, I stood straight to hear his lesson, I was little bit too over, married-leave, year-leave, maternity leave, which company would be able to stand with these, not directly fired me, it had counted as being humanity.

After being scold, I got back to my own office room.

I could see fellow sisters eyesight, all of them were extending their hand, ’’Present.’’

Ling Li had gotten earlier, so that she wasn't there, hurried I took out the present -distributed all of it, I heave deep sigh when sitting at my seat, this group of people were heartless, they didn't even comfort me.

When it was the time to get off from work, they even forced me to treat them meals, reason -when I am in absent, who will do my works?

My purse was shrinking as thin as paper.


When the pregnancy was already 4 months, mother in law was hurrying come, at the beginning of pregnancy she had thought to come, but Kang Yu said Shanghai in winter, afraid it would tough for her, asked her to wait until spring when the flower blooming and then coming to here, mother in law agreed, she also told Kang Yu not need to visit her in Fu Shun during new year, just taking good care of me.

Mother in law was staying a month, she was perfectly taking good care of me, but just too much regulation, furthermore it was very traditional ones, could not eat this, should not do that, even watching anime, She had been restricting me to watch an anime, after some time, I really could not bear it anymore.

Fortunately due to her nature that not accustomed with Shanghai so not stay longer, after one month she left, she said when I am going to have labored, she would come back.

5 months of Pregnancy, my stomach had been as big as balloon, my waist could not hold, sleeping during night was also not comfortable, and then had habit wanted to eat something, though in the middle of night, I must eat it, Kang Yu was quiet spoiling me, as long as I wanted to eat, he would make it, if he couldn't cook it he would go and buy it, but pregnant woman indeed strange, when wanted to eat must be got to eat, when it done, have bought, suddenly didn't want to eat anymore, but he never shown any unhappy expression or impatience, it made me feel touching.

I really love him to bone.

6 months pregnancy, I had used with the stomach weight, and starting to be so energetic, our company has special treatment toward pregnant woman, no need to go to work, until the labor time.

I was so happy staying at home, eating snacks, taking nap, watching anime and read comic, the days quite comfortable, doing nothing could surfing internet.

Everyone knows, I am a dog lover, because I am so crazy about dog, as long as I spotted things that related to dog, I won't let it go.

Sanitary utensils, eating utensils, clothes that wear at home, pajamas, slippers, mobile phone, mobile phone accessories, bags, alarm, even underwear, as long as dog pattern, I would buy it.

It's not only for my stuffs, even Kang Yu's stuffs turned to be Doggies pattern.

Recently, I have been doing online shopping, I have spotted couple pants, I like it so much, hurried I made the purchase.

The next day, The courier have delivered it directly to my hands.

When Kang Yu seen the little panties, his face turned green, firmly he said, ’’Not going to wear it.’’

’’Wear it, Yu, it is so cute!’’ I begged him.

’’I won't wear it even I die!’’

’’Don't you think they are so cute?’’ More I take a look more I like it.

’’It is only you who think it cute! I am a man asking me to wear such pant, I rather to jump to Yang Tze river, make contribution to the small three Gorges River!’’

’’Wear it, it made from cotton, comfortable.... We don't talk about the pattern, just say about the fabric. CK brand is recognized as best!’’

’’Don't wear it I feel more comfortable!!’’

’’......................’’ I felt slightly unhappy, ’’You are really not going to wear it.’’

’’Not wear!’’

I extended out my hand, pointing at his nose, ’’Alright, you have gut, don't wear...I wear it by myself.’’ Two becomes four, I also not lose anything.

After said, I walked to room and tried to wear it.


Very fast, I had out from my room with pity expression, ’’Yu...’’

Kang Yu thought I haven't been giving up, very firmly said, ’’I have said that I would not wear it.’’

’’It's not, Yu...I... It seems getting fatter, I could not wear it, even man's pants I could not wear it, what to do?’’ because of the dog pattern, I didn't take notice of the size, and also, I am pregnant woman!!!! If I can wear it real strange!!!


Online shop has made rule that thing had bought could not refund.....



When the pregnancy at 7 months, I have been starting to be lazy, I always lying down at bed and not willing to move, but no matter how I lying down, I felt bored, reading comic book, while Japanese anime only one episode one week, really could not satisfy my craving, Kang Yu suggested me to watch TVB Hongkong drama, I thought the idea was not bad, so during strolling at night, There was stall selling DVD's disc.

The DVD's stall was selling Hongkong Drama [Triumph in The Skies], it was drama describe about professional aviation job, because Kang Yu is a pilot, I felt interested of it, watched it completely.

After I watched it, I had decided, that was I wanted to be Captain's wife.

Captain's wife!!! NND (ni niang de, it has equal meaning with TMD/ta de ma) Damn it!, too awesome.

But, it still long way to go for Kang Yu to become Captain, still far away, little bit far from reach.

Under this circumstance, I have only thought it as day dreaming.

’’Yu, if now you are Captain, it will be great!!’’

’’.............’’ Kang Yu pretended not heard.

’’It might earn more money than currently.’’ I never denied myself as woman who loves money.

’’...............’’ He still pretended not to hear anything.

’’If you were Captain, I wanted to travel around the world, I want to live in three storey Villa house, and also, I want to have group of maids surrounded me, Madam, Madam, called me.’’

I was so boring to the point I could not control myself to make up my dream.

Suddenly Kang Yu drank a glass of milk held by his hand, that milk actually taken for me.

I didn't pay attention, I had forgotten, ’’I also want to pet 6, no, 12 Alaskan Malamute, making it into group of sled dog, when the time come, I could go to Switzerland to play ski, hahahaha....

After Kang Yu drank the milk, he drank another glass of mineral water, drink alike ox....

’’After I played to my fullest, other than the one inside the stomach, I will born another one for you.’’ Happily I pulled his sleeping robe.

Kang Yu knew that he could not pretended to deaf mute, took a deep breathe, said, ’’I am going to make phone call?’’

’’Who will you call?’’

He said sternly, ’’I am going to call Osama Bin Laden.’’


’’I want to ask him, does he still want to hit something alike Pentagon building?’’


He heave a sighed, continuing, ’’Miao Miao, rest assured, I will ask him to give me more family allowance, guarantee it will be satisfied your requirement.’’

I forced my mouth twitched.

He was talking so enthusiastically about the matter, and then hold my shoulder, with sorrow tone he said, ’’There will be 12 Alaskan Malamute and also group of maid taking care of you, I think you may live happily, but you must remember, remember about our unborn baby and also the one in your stomach, their father is someone great.’’

He made fist with his hand, put it in his chest, his tear flowing down.

Twitched, twitched, I could feel my skin twitching, my head nerve were appearing.

Kang Yu lifted his head up still with his tearing face, ’’But, Miao Miao, before I hit pentagon building, I want to enjoy the process of my children birth as much as possible, I hope you will be agreed.’’

Finally, my nerve in my head going to explode, I took the sofa cushion and hit it to Kang Yu's face.

Since that day, I never brought the topic wanting to be Captain's wife.

At least within 30 years I won't, because I don't want to be widow.


When my pregnancy entered 8 months, I had watched a recorded about a man who cheated on his pregnant wife, I was bit depressed, perhaps I had pressured before labor, perhaps I was too nervous, whatever I was over thought, I didn't know whether this also a sickness of pregnant woman, but I had been started to suspicious.

I had suspicious Kang Yu had mistress!

But I didn't clearly told him, but I used suspicious eyesight to see him, but he always good tempered to comfort me, but it didn't make me feel at ease, whatever I always think he treated me good because he had reason.

This performance, It made Kang Yu had drunk beer, once he drinking he would drunk, I didn't know his real reason why he gone out to have drink, always think that he gone off with woman.

It angered me until smashed things in house.

Seeing he lying down at bed, I was flaring up asking him to wake up, but he drunk alike death, still wearing his pilot uniform snoring and fell asleep, thought that he might not comfortable wearing uniform while sleep so I helped to change his dress.

When I took off his pants, I just touched his belt, suddenly he awake, with his drunken eyes, he looked at me so fiercely, looking at me as if I was stranger, he used so much strength to sway away my hand, my hand's back red.

He never hit me before, he also never so fierce to me.

I wanted to cry.

Kang Yu said, ’’Get lost, I am the person who already have wife!!’’

After he said, he faint and slept back.

I was standing beside the bed, dumbfounded stood up, that word, 'Get lost, I am the person who already have wife!' it kept playing at my ears.

My tears we flowing down and kneeling beside the bed, crying out loud.

I cried because I felt touched.

In this world, the person who shouldn't doubt about him, must be me!!

No medicine to cure my suspicion.


When my pregnancy entered 9 months, Kang Yu had accompanied me to do check up and screening (USG), I had met my old classmate during my first year in Senior high, she also came to do check up, her husband is so handsome alike foreigners, handsome alike Apollo.

As the saying goes, as long as woman there is always a little vanity heart, especially living in Shanghai, the desire for materialism is so strong in this big city, the vanity heart will be more inflating, regarding to this point, I don't have any excuse to make denial, because I am born under Virgo star, from 12 zodiacs, Virgo is perfectionism among of 12 zodiac sign. Although I have little of it, this vanity heart isn't something shameless because it is state of mind comparison between one's self with others who own better, but most of time, it won't showing up, the most only make a complain to husband.

When I knew my old classmate married to one super handsome man who is Swiss, this is kind of life and death state of mind.

One word, after had dinner, nothing to do so looking for amusement.

After went home, I started to show women' starry eyed infatuation expression.

’’Yu, that man is so handsome, he is also Switzerland people!!!

Kang Yu lifted his head up from computer, glancing at me, replied me with, ’’En...’’

’’So good, can marry to foreigner, really envy.’’

’’En...’’ Kang Yu rolled his eyes, answered me.

’’I heard he is Viking descendant, a viking, really so handsome, really wanted to marry someone like that man.’’

Sailor, this such dreamie, really makes one's drunken.

Finally Kang Yu reacted.

’’Humph, Blonde devil!!!

’’He is handsome man!’’

He cannot stay still, stood up, dashed into my in front, his face already darken, got closer to me, glaring at me.

I was feeling cold sweat and flesh creep, but I won't back off, I glared him back.

After sometime, he exploded, ’’The great thing about him, he is only a sailor.’’


’’Sky is broader than sea.’’


He chest out, ’’I am the person who flight airplane, so that I am better than him, humph humph...’’

I got cold sweat....

But -

’’Yu, actually being able to flight airplane isn't really something extraordinary.’’

’’I know.’’

’’So why you still said it.’’

Kang Yu sneered, ’’HaHa, because from all the men you have known, it's only me who can flight the airplane!!!’’

Cold sweat!!!

He... He was right!!!


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