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Humans Are The Strongest Race~Starting A Slow Life With An Elf Wife In A Different World - Chapter 19


Chapter 19: A Traitor's Fate


The capital Misgard where Rosetta's knight corps is located.

「Damn it! Why has it come to this!」

Inside the capital's sewers Dex is cursing.

Dex's body has turned to skin and bones having lost a lot of weight, his eyes began to darken.

His wounds and scars have become inflamed and festered as the stress throughout his body ravaged him, it is a miserable and terrible spectacle.

「Damn!!! Holy Relics! If I had more Holy Relics....!」

Though the Holy Relic contained great magical power, as the freshness and quality of it dropped, it became more like a malignant addiction.

「How unsightly....! How disappointing for the one among the knight corps called 『Master Swordsman』 」

Within the sewers an eerie voice echoed.

「.......who is it!?」

Dex turned his head to look, and there he saw a man with an ominous mask.

「My name is Grace. A humble demonic being.」

「Ehe. For a demon to come chasing looks like my goose is cooked.」

「Well well, please put your weapon aside. I came here to conduct a peaceful deal.」


There was something strange and wild to the man's voice that made Dex calm down.

「First, please take a look at this. I'm sure you will like it.」


The black robed man took out something from his breast pocket, it was a glass case with a pill inside of it.

「A Holy Relic....!? Why on earth....!?」

Dex doubted his eyes.

The reason why is -

The pill within the case seemed to hide within it the same magic that a Holy Relic did.

I want it.

Even just a second faster, I want to get that pill within that case.

「We demons have studied the Human Race for many years. We have been able to develop a medicine with the same effects as a Holy Relic through our technological advancements.」


The masked man's explanation went in one ear and out the other.

「Kill the man Amazaki Youji. If you do so, then we will give you as many of these pills as you desire.」

「Anything's fine! Anyone's fine! Just give me that Holy Relic! The details can wait till later!」

Without listening carefully to the man's conditions, Dex started raising a fuss.

There is no longer any reason to be found within the man who now clutches at the Holy Relic within the darkness.

Now an unfathomable new darkness has spread itself before Dex's eyes.


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