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HP1 Kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou - Chapter 5


Once again, the scene changes to Yuuki confronting a slime.

[Damn.....I can't escape......I never thought that I would be killed by a slime]

Thought Yuuki at that time with a mood halfway in resignation.

Suddenly, the whole area was wrapped in scorching heat.

To be described as just scorching heat was incorrect, for it was the same as being hit directly by a hydrogen bomb. In theory, this magic could equal a nuclear weapon.

[Scorching Demon Eye: Darkness Flare. Well, judging by that abnormal strength from earlier........I don't think this is enough to completely kill him.]

A gigantic explosion.

If you were to look from a distance, you could clearly see a mushroom cloud rising into the sky, but from inside ground zero, you wouldn't be able to tell.

Simply, light and heat -if you were directly met with the blast.

After several seconds, in the ground, was a crater with a radius of 200 meters. All trees within a range of several kilometers were mowed down completely.

The Demon Lord confirmed the whereabouts of Yuuki and was completely surprised.

[Wha........what? Although I knew that it wouldn't be enough to fully kill how is he completely undamaged?]

Yuuki confirmed the sudden appearance of the Demon Lord.

Black haired and wearing a mantle going down as far as the waist was an Onee-san type character with scarlet red eyes dressed in bondage type clothes.

'This is...I think, the fantasy Onee-san I saw in my dreams.'

'And, I think, this Onee-san appears to be something like a sorcerer. Given that she's in a place where slimes appear, with all do respect, I believe she is a sorcerer of the lowest rank on the demon side.'

'However, the whole entire area looks like a disaster zone. It's such a terrible sight that frankly, I would consider that something similar to a nuclear bomb was dropped.'

'Uwaaaa,' Yuuki thought.

This was a sorcerer of the lowest level.

’’This world is way too ridiculous!’’ was what I wanted to shout out, but I frantically suppressed my voice.

Yuuki then noticed a certain thing.

The slime had been swallowed up in Onee-san's magic and died.

And, this was a basic attack a sorcerer normally used. I should just use magic.

In conclusion, in this place, at this point in time, there was nobody that was a threat to Yuuki's life.

Yuuki was very confident. After such a large explosion, to be completely undamaged, expected, his own resistance was high.

-Similarly, magic didn't work on metal slimes either.

........Actually, what he didn't notice was that his HP had decreased by 50,000.

And, an even bigger mystery was why Yuuki's underwear didn't burn.(TL Note:......0.o)

As a grin began to surface on Yuuki's face, the Demon Lord asked.

[You bastard...what's so funny?]

[He-he, you seem quite surprised that I wasn't hurt. It's unfortunate, but your power doesn't work on me.]

[My power...doesn't work!?]

[Ah, would you like to try?]

There was her pride as the Demon Lord she had to keep.

And then, the limits of her magic was completely released. The air started trembling, and the sound of the ground rumbling could be heard.

[Twelfth Muraji -Darkness Flare!]

If World War III were to suddenly occur, it would look like a hell similar to this.

It was an explosion that warped the very dimensions of Heaven and Earth. Destruction to the extent of having to remake the map of the earth. A large scale explosion that could still be clearly seen past this solar system.

After twenty seconds, the nightmare of the Twelfth Muraji came to an end, and a strong wind blew over the entire area.

Clouds of dust drifted up and were carried away by the wind Still, Yuuki was standing at the same place completely undamaged.

[ you...still intact!?]

Actually his HP was reduced by 1 million. And, because of his HP stat being higher than 100 million, Yuuki only felt pain to the degree of a mosquito bite.

Then, Yuuki began to think.

'I wonder how high my own offensive ability is.'

'Let's say my attack power is 1......and if the opponent is the same level as the slime and demon, then it should be possible to shave off a degree of 2~3 hp points.'

'In the future, I should run away from any monster except for the sorcerer.'

'And, it seems this is a rare chance to learn of my attack power in this world.'

Yuuki slowly walked up to the Demon Lord and held up his fist.

The Demon Lord who saw that attack movement floated a smile of relief.

[If my attack didn't work on you, why would yours work on me?]

Apparently, Yuuki's fist didn't seem to appear to be loaded with magic.

The Demon Lord had a spiritual body, so simple physical attacks were ineffective against her.

Therefore, the Demon Lord didn't feel the need to avoid Yuuki's fist.

An upper right was released at mach speed, making it impossible to see.

[Pu~~be~~ra!](TL Note:I don't know what this sound is)

The Demon Lord was then launched into the air with a tremendous force.


And......with a manga like sound effect, disappeared into the sky becoming a star.

Second Cosmic Velocity(escape velocity)

It was a speed capable of escaping Earth's (or the other world) gravitational pull. With the initial launch velocity, one could travel around space.

Specifically, 11.2 kilometers per second.

That was the speed at which Yuuki's uppercut launched the Demon Lord.

Being a spiritual level entity seemed to have paid off, as the Demon Lord had yet to die.

However, in this situation, there was a chance she might wander through space for an eternity. With a resolution prepared for death, she released her magic and started generating wind on the upper part of her body.

Somehow her speed slowed, and she started falling.


When the fantasy Onee-san had suddenly disappeared from sight, Yuuki began to make a puzzled facial expression.

However, he came to an understanding and nodded.

[I this what they call transparency magic?]

Yuuki didn't release his battle stance.

Magic itself wasn't scary, but direct attacks were -this was pretty bad.

-After all, I'd die with just a scratch........

However, the fantasy Onee-san didn't appear no matter how much time passed, and so, several minutes went by.

After thinking it was soon time to aim for the next town, at that moment,

The Demon Lord fell.

Along with a tremendous roar, the Demon Lord's body made a crater on the surface of the earth.

The Demon Lord had already shot out 13 Darkness Flares. And now, this crater was the 14th one.

It wouldn't be dragon ball........It is annoying people.(I don't quite think this is right >ド〇ゴンボールでもあるまいし......迷惑な連中である.)

Yuuki observed the Demon Lord's situation. The Demon Lord convulsed over and over and occasionally vomited blood.

In the state of being at death's door, the Demon Lord cried out weakly while being upset.

[.......I, who has a spiritual body.....was able to receive damage?]

The attack she had received earlier was a super, physical attack powered by more than 100 million horsepower.

Every single defense, in theory, could be broken with just physical strength, making it an indisputable fist.

After the Demon Lord's skill: Auto Recovery (HP is recovered by 25 percent at regular intervals) activated, she recovered thanks to that cheat ability.

When Demon Lord suddenly stood up, Yuuki made a wry face.

Even against a demon at the lowest level of sorcerer attacks don't work.

He began to shed tears at that fact. Then at that moment, the Demon Lord opened her mouth.

[I know this is sudden.....but there is something I must say to you.]

[What is it?]

Cheeks blushed, the Demon Lord said:

[.....I think......I have somehow fallen in love with you.]


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