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HP1 Kara Hajimeru Isekai Musou - Chapter 2


When I at last reach the other world, it's an black company.

If you examine it this different world has the appearance of Europe in the middle ages.

This is the audience room of the King.

The room has a thick red carpet running down the middle of it and chic furniture on the sides. Light passing through the stain glass windows cast iridescent designs upon the carpet.

Before him is an attractive middle-aged man with a beard. Upon his brow is a huge over the top crown and on his face is a serious expression.

And next to him is a oneesan in black robes. She is the courtmagician.She has such a mysterious feel about her. Why because of the black robes.

According to their explanation a short while ago, we were summon to this world to defeat the Demon King.

(Well then please show us your statuses.)

The self-important bearded man decreed.

Then Mr. Adonis reports his status. However, though Igarashi explained it the magicians eyes do not exude any interest and looked at Yuuki then for some reason and she averts her eyes from him.

(One, what these are the stats of a level one... they are indeed very good.)

The king nods in contentment, next was Momo's turn to tell her status.

( a hero your somewhat lacking. To put it plainly it's below the status required of a knight....and for a hero they would be consideredgarbage.At this rate you will not be able to contribute to the extermination of the Demon King...)

Even though this was our first meeting, his remarks were considerable insulting.

Momo show an awkward expression at the kings remarks. So Igarashi came to the rescue.

(Your Majesty, Even though Momo Yama's Stats are not impressive she has a skill which increases the chance of rare drops ten times the normal rate.)

The king's expression changed with a 'Paa' it was if the blooming of flowers could be seen.

(Why did you not say so before?!I was discouraged and jumped to the wrong conclusion!)

(Because your majesty did not ask.)

(Fufufu, please rest assured that this skill is good, these two have quite the talent. I believe these heroes will be able to defeat the Demon King.)

Once again, completely left out of the conversation, but the court magician in black robes was unable to take her eyes off of Yuuki.

Since a while ago, sweat has been dripping from her forehead and her complexion had become pale as well.

So the king opened his mouth and began to talk.

(Then, the next candidate. What are your stats... )

With the gesture of her palm the magician controlled the king.

(Majesty.. this one is probably unusual. Common sense does not apply...he seems to have impossible power...)

(Outside of normal...?)

(I was once an adventurer. During my trip I prefered to travel alone.... I had to avoid all battles which did not have a 100% chance of success....This caused me to develop an inherent unique skill to sense danger. )

(Fumu.In other words you developed the ability to judge how powerful others are.... does the ability of yours measure the 'status' of others? )

Bowing the magician nodded.

(Though I can;t accurately measure the numerical value of the stats perfectly...rather it gives me something akin to the sum of all the numeric values added together, but with this much can be understood,)

Therefore, wearing a pleasant expression the king asked Saitou Yuuki.

(Then I can anticipate a lot...! Then can I hear your stats good sir? )

Igarashi makes a sour face as Yuuki explains

(Certainly...the total numerical is outrageous...)

(Igarashi is an Incompetent hero....)

(Incompetent hero!?)

(I do not need an incompetent hero, I have a true hero who can surpass the Demon King. I am asking Saitou. )

There was a terrible change in attitude.

Igarashi and Momo both desired to hit the king right now.

However, it would have been a waste. As word like ’’decapitation’’ came to mind if you hit the king.

(Now, please quickly tell me the numerical values of your stats. )

Yuuki wore a fearless smile.

(Fufu, King? You will be quite surprised to hear it right? My status is....)

HP 1

MP 1

Attack 1

Defense 65535

Agility 65535

Skills: Nonexistent

The King and Magician are stunned into silence by what Yuuki said.

Silence. Then the King and Magician screamed in chorus.


(Stray Me*ruku you!!!)

{TL: no idea who they are referencing what this line means}

Triumphantly Yuuki bows his head in assent.

He earnestly relays the values of his status

[※excluding defense and agility :all other values are extremely large numbers. Though this is what is written as Yuuki is not all there does not understand and took the 1s at their face values.]

(Aaa, even though you possess the strongest defense and agility, with only a single scratch you will die, it will be a death-blow-the most fragile constitution. )

With a smile the king laughs and issues orders to the guards at his side.

(Umm,you are determined to be useless. With your status it would be impossible to fight.For the time being, you are dismissed from being ahero.Throw him out of the country.)

The hero party has someone removed.


The king with an excessive degree of coldness blows Yuuki away... is he a ghastly black manage like Wa*mi.

{TL: no idea who they are referencing}

The 3 drew away as they noticed the poor atmosphere, seeing this the Female Magician laughed with a smile.

(Igarashi Sama, Momoyama Sama. I shall now begin to explain. From now on you will be part of this country's chivalric order of the knights.)

(Surely Momo and I...with the rank of hero...Such as this likely to happen, right? Could you... please explain the purpose of the hero.)

(Once, the king conversed with a sage about the details. I think seeing it would be easier to understand)

Then, placing a crystal ball on the ground a hologram was displayed.


(It's stereoscopic image magic.)

Within the image the Bearded King was talking to a sage with long grey hair.

(Sage. The statement of a hero who says that it is impossible to defeat the Demon King, are the words of a false hero.)

(King, what do you mean by this?)

(To surrender halfway with dead eyes is unreasonable, because it is impossible to die en route.)

(Wait, your majesty... because it is impossible, to defeat the demon is not possible.)

(No, because it is impossible to die permanently)


(It is not possible to let die.Even if their organs are ripped out by a huge wolf or dragon's flame burn them to the ashen bone, they will be revived within the church.Within 10 years they have been revived 2000 times.)

(10 years...?2000 times...By forced resurrection...?)

(If you do so, even if these heroes are torn to bits it can not be said that it is impossible for them to defeat the Demon King. This fact is due to that they can't die. Since they can't be considered defeated if you can't kill them, you can't say that defeating the Demon King is impossible )

(...Nn? So, in 10 years they have not died, but isn't it more like they have died but have not been allowed to stay die?)

(It's more like they haven't died in reality. Already the word ’’Impossible’’ is not worth saying)

(....incidentally your majesty. Since they are receiving pain on the level of dying on a routine basis....the mind breaks. What happened to the 100 heroes that have so far been summoned from another world? )

(50 people were discarded from the castle due to going mad. 40 people were thrown out of the castle after being summoned due to being useless. There are still 10 people continuing the expedition to exterminate the Demon King...that being said,revival is so painful that it brings you to the brink of insanity.)

(...Your Majesty, I have nothing left to say)

(Everything is all done to exterminate the Demon King. As a nation...consequently sacrefices must me made. )

Momo and Igarashi were at a loss for words.


-It was finished, Wa*mi theory was expressed. {Closest I could come as I don't get this reference. But the line was not important so meh}

The working conditions are appalling, this is a nightmare.When a hero dies they are revived by force...


Exclaimed Yuuki taking a victory pose as he realized that he was being expelled as a good-for-nothing.{TL;So would I in this situation that king is such a self-important ass, and the heroes are basically his slaves...}

Thereupon, The tyrant mercilessly declared.

(The summoning is not free, too... Soldiers, Strip him of all his possessions and through him outside the border of the castle! )

Hey are serious?, thought Yuuki.

Even if you say my possessions, all I have is clothes. All I have to take is a white Jersey suit.

(The material clothes are made of in the other world is quite good... it sells at high cost.)

The magician added with a sneer.

Thus Yuuki was surrounded by soldiers and stripped bare.

(Wait! Since I am useless to you I can accept being expelled but... at least, at least.... Leave me my boxers-)

While hiding his shame in the palm of his hands Yuuki pleased.

The soldiers also felt it was pitiful turning their eyes to the king.

(This can not be. You will live the life of a stray dog from now on and I will not waste them on you.I command you to it outside the country naked.)

Yuuki was carried upon the shoulders of the soldiers.

(At least...if nothing else the trunks...! )

Igarashi feeling that this was too pitiful spoke.

(Your magesty...This person is a resident of our world... even if it's just trunks... please show you benevolence.... )

Pondering this for a short period, the King decreed.

(Hero Idarashi...I loan one. Allow that garbage hero to keep only his underwear! )

-Thus began Yuuki's adventure.


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