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Hone No Aru Yatsu - Chapter 25


Hone No Aru Yatsu - 25: Hone vs Corrosion Dragon

It was the same wide open space cave as before, I walked deeper into the cave until I see the dragon.

The dragon was curled up like a cat and was resting his chin on his foot. Like before it is asleep.

Now, what is my plan of attack. I have a sword like before and arrows.

These arrows have a good range and I can attack outside the range of the dragon's feet. But the reload time for the bow is too long.

Should I shoot one, run away, shoot again and run away again? I felt like this would work.

I tried last time with a sword, and that failed horribly so this time let's start with the bow.

The problem is that I do not have that many arrows, only ten of them.

I could not move if I have too much baggage so I limited the amount arrow. Ok, let's attack and try to pierce a scale then attack with my sword.

I counted the range of the arrow to be 12-16 meters. I have to get a little closer to hit him with the bow.

I put the sword away for now and prepare the crossbow.

I first load the arrow then start moving towards the dragon. I approach slowly and carefully like last time.

The dragon somehow felt me and woke up again. He gazed at me and then looked a little angry like he was saying: 'oh not him again.'

I felt my spine get cold again, but I should not feel anything since I am all bones.

I gradually approach the dragon.

But where do I aim for. Should I aim for the eyes, the nose, or the heart....where is the heart on a dragon?

Ok I decided let's go for the eyes.

I should be able to fight more freely if the eyesight is gone. I entered the range of the bow and took a stance.

But the dragon lifted his neck up to look at me. The distance got farther than before. I have to get a little more closer now, but I have make sure that thing does not start to move. is fine, I get a little closer, but with it like that I can't get in the range.

Should I shoot or go closer. Should I shoot? Ok, Shooting.

I pulled the trigger. The arrow goes in a straight line to the face of the dragon.

But the arrow only hits the dragon cheek and then bounced off somewhere.


Well, this is bad. I think I made it angry now.

I am pretty sure it is like getting a stabbing wake up in the morning. He stood up again, man no matter what, it just looks like I am fighting a castle.

Is he getting serious now?

The dragon was huge and looked like it could cover me 100 times over.

I am completely overwhelmed by its size and couldn't formulate a plan in my skull. The dragon starts to walk over to me with it two hind legs.

It feels like a earthquake every time that thing steps.


The vibration from the ground goes right to my backbone. The last time it didn't walk since I was attacking with a sword in front of it legs. It just stood there and did not move back then.

But this time it is coming closer to me. The overwhelming weight and size is coming closer slowly.

Shit....what should I do....!

Right, get out of here and reload the bow.

That was the plan. I turn around and ran for the exit.

The dragon stopped chasing me after I crossed a certain distance. I still went until I reached the entrance and then tried to reload the bow.

Then, I try to enter the cave one more time. I see that the dragon is still standing and looking at me.

I maybe had the expectations that it would lie down again, but no the dragon did not feel the same way. I look for a place to aim and shoot. I thought maybe I should aim for eyes but it is too high now.

Ok then the chest maybe? It stood up so the chest was in full exposure.

It is a big target so I try to aim for it. I try to aim for the heart. Where the heart for a dragon is, I do not know, so I just try to aim for the chest left side.

I pull the trigger and the arrow and scales on the chest hit each other to make a metal hitting metal sound.

Ok... so this did not work either.As I thought this, the dragon started to slightly stagger.

Was it effective? Then quickly run.....


Why is my body in the air? The ground is so far away.

Ok it did not hit me with it's feet so what was it?!?

I did not see or feel anything.

But the ground was getting closer. I have to protect my head quickly.


I hit the ground hard. What was that!!!? I try to get up right away.

Getting fine I should be fine, I check my body quickly.

My chest armor has big dent it. The ribs I think are broken again.

Ok! This not the time for that!

Look for the dragon...ok... it is the same distance away from me.

But what hit me.....

As if to answer my question the dragon turns around and shows me the tip of his tail

Tail...ok, so it was the tail.

Thank you.....why is it showing off to me. It twisted it body and attacked me with it tail. Even though there is such a big distance between us....


So even with the arrow, the dragon's tail will hit me....

The power of that hit is nothing to joke about either. My armor felt like it was going to come off in a second from it.

I was in the air for so long that I could've done octuple flips. The chest part of my armor is dented so much too, and it's the thickest part.

I wonder if I took another blow will it go into my stomach... not that I have one that is...

Ok, seriously... what should I do? Do I attack with the bow or the sword now? But in reality I wonder if I can even fight that thing.


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