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Hone No Aru Yatsu - Chapter 24


Hone No Aru Yatsu - Chapter 24: Hone Vs Corrosion Dragon Arc

While I was putting on the new armor, I was thinking of a new plan. It was exactly as the Count said, even if I do go again and do the same thing it wouldn't change anything.

But one thing will change, I have fought the dragon once, thus I do have some information about how to fight the battle itself.

I have learned that when guarding with a shield, guard with your entire body and take a firm stance. This way it will be more effective and my arm won't fling off.

The dragon is not that fast and if I look properly to see it's movement, I will be able to dodge it. Either way, I will have a better idea of dodging and guarding than before.

But the main problem is the damage. A blow from a sword is not effective on the scales and just bounces right off.

I want to pierce the scales and strike the meat underneath but I do not know how. Emily, while putting the cotton and clothes in my armor said when I tried asking her:

’’Why don't you use a bow?’’ (Emily)


’’Yep, a bow and arrow could allow ranged attacks.’’ (Emily)

A bow.....

Hmm, that may actually be a good idea, an arrow may have the penetrating power I need. I can also attack from far away to avoid the blow from the dragon.

I can hit various places too. I like this idea....I feel like it may give me an advantage. But, I do have one problem.....

I don't know how to use a bow.

Well... I might as well give it a shot.

Today when I came back to the city, Misery cried a lot from seeing me like that. She fell asleep after crying and was sleeping soundly in bed.

I saw that tears were still coming down from her face and tried to wipe them off, but I felt like this would wake her up so I stopped.

Emily and I left her in the room and went to talk to the Count about the bow. We entered the room where the Count and Marga were still holding their heads with a pale faces.

I asked about getting a bow and if they have some place where I could practice shooting one. They told me there was a place like that in the garden and I was welcome to try.

We went to the garden to try shooting a bow along with the Count and Marga for some reason, also came along.

’’Dammit, no good.’’ (Hone)


I was taught how to shoot a bow but the arrows did not fly quite well and ended up missing the target.

Even if I know how to shoot, if I can't hold the arrow properly then it's pretty much useless.

The Count and Marga were probably expecting something from me but ended up sighing in disappointment.

Hey! That's rude...but I guess even I would do that. I guess I have to give this idea up since I don't have fingers to properly hold it

While I was thinking this, the Count got an idea and ordered a servant to bring out something.

It was a crossbow.

’’I think you should use this.’’ (Count)

I thanked the count for it and tryed it out.

I hit the target and the arrow pierces even further and hits the tree behind.


The arrow was stuck in the tree and wouldn't come out. All of us started to cheer a bit after seeing that.

However, the Count returns his composure and says ’’So...that's it huh?’’ and then finally leaves.

I try to reload the bow and found it incredibly hard to do so. I can only do one shot with this in the battle

It took me forever to reload it. Oh well, it is better than nothing. I will carry on my back for the time being.

Well then, it is time to fight the dragon again.

I came into town in the morning, I received treatment and am leaving in the evening.

I am going now because if I go when Misery wakes up, she'll end up crying and I don't think I could bear it and leave.

I guess I am running away myself, I have nothing I can say to the Count about this.

I have leave now while she is still asleep, Emily will explain to her. I have the castle call a carriage.

Emily and Marga see me off like before but the Count wasn't here this time.

I looked around and saw that the Count was looking at me from a window in the castle. I waved good bye to his form and seeing this, he quickly leaves the window.

I say the same farewell I said before.

’’Well then, I am off.’’ (Hone)

Both of them, this time did not say anything and just had anxious face. I got on the carriage and saw that it was same person as before.

’’Mister, I did not expect to see you again.’’ (Coachman)

While going down the road, the coachman comments on me.

I said true I never thought I would see you again either, as we were going down the city road I got some uncomfortable gazes.

People in the city were looking at me. Seeing that I was watching the people the coachman told me the reason.

’’The city is uncomfortable and anxious because of a rumor.’’ (Coachman)


’’Apparently someone fought a dragon and came back to the city briefly?’’ (Coachman)

’’Hmm,so there are other besides me who fought a dragon?’’ (Hone)

The man laughs hearing what I said. ’’No, no mister they are talking about you.’’ (Coachman)

’’Oh, true, I am the only back from that fight.’’ (Hone)

True, only I can survive the miasma that comes from the dragon. Unless someone could hold their breath or not breath at all only then can they fight it.

But there was no one but I who could do that. Perhaps that is why Marga and the Count were so sadden by this.

I hope I can do better this time.

The coachman spoke to me as we left Lambert. ’’Mister?’’ (Coachman)

’’What is it?’’ (Hone)

’’I am gonna ask the same question as before.’’(Coachman)


’’I got the money for a round trip so would you like for me to stay?’’ (Coachman)

’’No, just like before, after dropping me off, just go back home to your family.’’ (Hone)

We arrived at the mountain late at night.

But since I didn't have any eyes and was a creature of the night, I could see perfectly fine....ok that ’’creature of the night’’ is wrong but I could still see perfectly fine.

I was back in front of the cave of the dragon, I confirmed my equipment, checking the state of my armor, ok it is good.

’’I am back for a second round.’’(Hone)

Let's start!


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