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Hone No Aru Yatsu - Chapter 23


Chapter 23: Hone vs The Corrosion Dragon Arc

Emily, Marga and even the Count, helped me take off the armor on my body and removed the belt and other things on me as well.

After removing the armor you could see the cloth, which was torn and bruised. Those were removed and you could now see my bones.

When everyone saw my bones, I heard some gasps and saw some worried expressions.

There were cracks on my bones and even some ribs were broken in the process.

The battle was quite intense, so I actually quite glad that I ended up with just these kind of injuries.

How long I have battled the dragon was something I didn't know. It felt really long but at the same time I don't think it took so long either.

But whether I fought for long time or not, the result was a failure.

I broke my arms, back, ribs and a lot of other bones. I lost my arm and ran away from there.

Wearing the full body armor was a good choice.

My bones work in this way;as long as I have all the pieces, I can always recover completely. But if I lost a bone or it gets crushed and I am unable to find all the pieces then I can't recover.

Thanks to the full body armor, if I lost any bones they would get stuck in the cloth or the armor so I don't can't lose any bones.

Everyone helped me gather my bones and put them back in the proper place.

Even though I am alive, the mood was completely dark. While waiting to recover naturally, I told them about my battle with the dragon.

I told them, I could not even scratch it, and that when it tore off my arm I ran.

My body was able to move now, so I got up and started to walk out of the room.

I looked around and saw the Count holding his head while sitting down saying something.

’’What should I do....’’ (Count)

Marga apologies to the count for not being of more help but he does not answer.

’’What should I tell the king and the people?’’ (Count)

The air in the room was cold and damp, it was a gloomy mood.

Failure. This operation and plan if one can call it that has failed.

I cannot beat the dragon, I can only leave this to fate and let what happens, happen.

I know many people will die from starvation during these times. Also as the dragon stays there and keeps breathing out the miasma, the plight will not stop.

Famine will continue and spread throughout the country. It will stay dark and will continue this way forever until someone who can beat the dragon arrives.

The crops will not grow in this region of the land which will lead the country down the path of ruin.

I know that Marga and the Count were expecting me to defeat the dragon. Marga herself thought I was special or something

When she said that, I thought maybe I could be destined for greatness, maybe I could actually do something amazing.

But it was a all delusion.

In the end, no matter how you look at me, I am only bones and nothing else. I am the kind of bones you could find anywhere.

Everyone thought I could defeat the dragon, I think that even Emily, who knows me very well, hoped that I could perform some kind of miracle.

But reality was different, I think that is why everyone has such a gloomy expression. I was the hope for everyone and when I came back like this it was shattered.

I can't stand something like this. I knew that the result would be like this and I know what I have to do next.

’’Well, I know everyone is kinda of tired but could you get me a new armor and a new sword?’’ (Hone)

My words caused the Count to raise his face. The Count for some reason, had an expression of anger.

’’I am sorry but please, I now know that you cannot beat the dragon. There is no need to fight anymore. Please everyone, you can return to your village, please don't talk of this like it's joke! Please...I beg of you.....’’ (Count)

I think I have just heard the Count say something that a Noble should never say.

It was not the Count who I met when I first came to Lambert, all the composure was gone and he looked cornered.

I wonder if the king had said something to him? Did the situation get that much worse in the 3 days I was gone?

I do not know all the circumstances surrounding because I am not him. But I know that I am serious when I am saying this.

’’I will go face the dragon again.’’ (Hone)

This time the Count kicked a chair and started to yell at me.

’’I thought you said that you couldn't even scratch it, so what is the point in going again?!’’ (Count)

That was true. I could not refute. But I will go again.

’’I am going.’’ (Hone)

’’And I am saying it is pointless even if you go again.’’ (Count)

’’Yes, you may be right, it may be pointless but it also may not be pointless.’’ (Hone)

You do not understand do you, I heard the count whisper something like this.

’’No please don't, there is no need anymore, no one can help, no one can stop that thing.’’ (Count)

The count crumbles down into a chair. He looks like a prey who has reached the end and is now completely cornered.

I do not know the troubles and problems of a lord. In fact I cannot even understand what normal people feel.

That is why I do not understand why the count is like this.


’’Then, what is your plan now?’’ (Hone)

’’Plan? What kind plan do I have haha...’’ (Count)

There was no power in that laughter just anger and despair. But he cannot escape this problem.

It is the job of the lord to decide the policy, and it the job of the people to work with that policy. But this time that kind of thing does not matter.

There is no policy or person who can do anything right now. But does that mean you shouldn't do anything?

’’Can you bring a new set of armor and a sword?’’ (Hone)

’’Stop it, you failed.’’ (Count)

’’I have not given up though.’’ (Hone)

’’Failed.’’ (Count)

’’No, as long as I keep working on the problem, I will succeed someday. My injuries are something that would take a normal human months but I have already recovered thus

I can fight.’’ (Hone)

I will keep hacking and slashing until I kill that thing.

’’I know that I can't scratch it right now but in the midst of battle I may get some fortune or discover some weakness in the dragon that I did not see before. Another thing that may occur is that I discover a way to keep the miasma off. But this will only happen if I keep fighting, not if I do nothing.’’ (Hone)

I will keep doing it forever if required.

’’I understand what you mean, but I am also thinking of your safety, why do you want to go so much? I know that you are not immortal. You even hated me at first, so why?Please tell me.’’ (Count)

’’Because I have my own things I have to protect.’’ (Hone)

He did not seem pleased at my answer. I asked him a question in reverse.

’’Hey what is that you can do?’’ (Hone)

’’I....I can only cheer for you....’’ (Count)

Do what you do, was the last thing he said before walking out. Marga followed him and left.

Shortly after, a new armor and a sword was delivered.


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