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Hitomishiri Onna Ga Isekai De Seitenka Shita Kekka - Chapter 22


Chapter 22

Baby's Play

Just as I had realized my true feelings for Foruna, I heard a conspicuous knock at the door.

Foruna's acquaintance, the one named Ban, immediately came to mind. Iyada na, I realized that his presence would destroy this time I have with Foruna. I am afraid that Foruna will leave me. I know, I know. What I'm feeling right now is not just some simple kind of love, rather, it feels like the accumulation of a sort of sugary, sweet and cute sort of love that's been locked away for a long time. However, given my mental age as a 30-something year old woman, I can't just go ~kyun<3 ~kyun<3 over this. If it's my beloved person, I would like to stay together and always be bound to one another. Ufufufu, hahaha, what am I saying? This love is not possible.

[Oi, me. Are you okay?]

[Aa, I think so. Thank you.]

I felt relieved as soon as I found that the sounds of the footsteps belonging to the owner of that low voice who was talking to Foruna was slowly dissipating. Immediately I come to realize that I'm distracted. It was so unexpected that it surprised me. Now that I think about it, I don't even understand why my body shook so much. Although I was shy, it should not have been to the point where it hindered my ability regarding interpersonal relationships. How strange...

[Al, Ban has somewhere he needs to go, so in the meantime why don't we eat our meal in the room? You must be hungry, right?]

And so...


[Then, come here.]

Towards Foruna, who held both his arms out, prompting me to hug him, I do not hesitate as he held me up. I like him, I like him. Realizing these feelings, I became overwhelmed. I didn't know if it was just me, but just from touching Foruna, just from looking into his eyes, my heart was throbbing out of control.

But, there wasn't a good way to tell Foruna about my feelings. The reason for that being is that I, Altis, am a male. The love between two males is a contradiction. However, even if I were to meet him as Saitou Yoshiko, it was still something I wouldn't be able to say. Since that's the case, I am content with the current situation with just watching Foruna. This is the most I can do for the Foruna that I've fallen in love with.

I wonder what Foruna would think about these feelings I have for him? Would it creep him out? Perhaps the arms that has held me all this time will no longer support me. I hold onto Foruna tightly. My ears, close to his chest, can hear his heartbeat. Smelling Foruna's scent, I close my eyes. It's a strange smell similar to that of medicinal herbs.

[What's wrong? Do you feel bad somewhere?]

As I shook my head, Foruna, with one hand, patted my head with a *pon pon*. The way he acted was somewhat different.

[That's good.]

Encouraged by Foruna, I sat down at the table. Before I realized it, we had arrived in the dining room where we usually ate our meals.

[Pan porridge, there's some already made. Want to eat?]


How nostalgic, Pan Porridge. What are you doing right now, Mother? My beautiful, blonde, fluffy-haired, careless Mother. Whenever I was not doing very well because of my magic powers, you made Pan Porridge for me. It always had such a gentle taste. I would like to eat it again if I could.

[Al? Here you go. My specialty, Pan Porridge.]

Seeing Foruna smile was rather suffocating. Still, trying not to show too much emotion, I accepted the Pan Porridge and not knowing how hot it was, brought a spoonful of it to my mouth.

[-ot! (hot)]

[Wa! Daijobu?!]

It was both cold and hot. It wasn't very good for the mouth. As I was wiping away the physiologic tears that had developed, I noticed that the Pan Porridge, that had originally been placed in front of me, was moving. Looking at Foruna, it seemed like he was blowing on the Pan Porridge. I thought that Foruna was going to eat it. I was wrong.

[Here, ahh.]


[Hey, it should be okay because I've cooled it down properly, right?]


[Here, it's not too hot, is it?]


Eh, what kind of play is this?


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