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Hitomishiri Onna Ga Isekai De Seitenka Shita Kekka - Chapter 20


Hitomishiri Onna Chapter 20

Invoking Unease

I had a dream. In that dream I was Saitou Yoshiko, and it was a dream where I was surrounded by the loving family of this world. And there was also the dream of the time that I met Foruna. Anyhow, in the dream when I was Saitou Yoshiko, I was smiling while surrounded by Foruna and my loving family. That's because I was truly happy. Yet my family slipped away from me. I ran after them but I couldn't catch up and I was upset so I turned to ask Foruna for help.

But Foruna disappeared. He was by my side but then he just disappeared without a trace. I tried to follow him using magic, only to wake up shortly after. This was the room that Foruna had let me stay in. Why, how come? I thought hard, but it's hard to think after just waking up.

Then I suddenly remembered something. What about Foruna? Where is Foruna? Although I don't recall the exact moment, I had a feeling that Foruna was still with me after I had lost consciousness. Currently I am all alone in my room. Though there should be nothing to worry about, I felt like crying. Even though I am in my 30s, counting the years from my previous life, I felt tears forming due to feelings of anxiety. The tears do not stay put and I don't know how to stop them. I just want to see Foruna. I want to feel relief. That's all it was.

Even if I decide to cry in this room, Foruna will not come. This thought hazily crosses my mind. I have to go see Foruna right away. If I don't see him, my anxiety will get even worse. Surely Foruna is also worried. I don't think I'm wrong. Carrying a strange air of confidence, I got off the bed and opened the door to my room.

Foruna's voice could be heard coming from the living room from the end of the corridor.

[What should I do? I may not be able to see Al anymore.]

It's this sort of talk that makes the blood drain from my face. The hand that had been reaching for the living room door stops halfway in midair.

[Aa, that would be best. Young children need a proper guardian... If you're thinking about an orphanage at the royal capital, I'll help write a letter of introduction for you.]

Who? I can hear a voice other than Foruna's. It's a masculine and low-key voice. We have lived together for a long time and I've never had to greet any visitors, which has made my life a little easier. However, when an unknown person suddenly appears, the personality from my past life will manifest. *PotaPota* Tears begins to overflow like a waterfall.

People who I do not know are scary. Scary. Scary. I don't know what they're thinking. No, no, no. Do not come into the house, do not come near!

I crouched down and covered my ears so that I could not hear the other person's voice. My teeth were chattering fiercely and then, Kii ~iin, a ringing sound began. My whole body begins to shake.

Suddenly, I return to myself. Eh, why am I (Ore/Watashi) being apprehensive about this? Thinking about such as a thing, I felt a sharp pain as if my head was splitting apart.


I hear the door open and Foruna calling out to me.

[Waa a, Waa a, Waa a] (crying/yelling sounds)

[Al! Get ahold of yourself!]

[Oi! Young Forunardto! Hurry and get him to the bed!]

From behind Foruna, I saw a shadow approach. The trembling of my body instantly gets worse.

[Al?! Ban, don't come here!]

Due to the stinging voice I've never heard from Foruna before, the man called Ban stopped where he stood and did not advance. I felt a little relieved by that.

[Al, everything will be okay. I'm here. Relax, slowly exhale.]

My back was being supported and gently stroked. Foruna's usual gentle way of speaking made me feel safe and at ease. His smiling blue eyes are pleasant and makes me feel happy. Aa, I somehow realize that the place where I belong is definitely here.

That's why, Foruna, please don't say you want to live away from me.


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