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Hitomishiri Onna Ga Isekai De Seitenka Shita Kekka - Chapter 19


Author's note:

Happy New Year!!

I apologize for leaving the story for such a long period of time. I have no excuses... (smiles)

It's my fault. Let's make up for lost time!

This time it will be from Foruna's perspective.

The story does not progress very much. My apologies.

I Absolutely do not want to let go of this Hand

That I was there, was entirely a coincidence. On that day I had been given an assignment. I was on my way home, walking by myself through the alleyways and that's when I heard it.

[Found ya....., you....,]

I heard bits and pieces of some man's voice;it didn't have a very good feeling to it. Normally I would have pretended not to have heard it and continue walking home, but that day I happened to be walking in the same direction as where the voice was coming from.

There, two men surrounded what looked to be an angel. Though dirty, from the tears in the clothing, white, clear translucent skin could be seen. Lips were pink and a little dry and hair was a brilliant golden color coupled with violet eyes that seemed to have lost its light. I honestly believed that the eyes that I was staring into were that of an angel's. A strange feeling, one that I've never felt before, began to well up in my chest as my nose grew warm and tears began to fall. However, while I was reveling in this sensation, those vulgar men laid their filthy hands on the angel. Unforgivable. These men, shall I kill them..., no, I will save the child first. In that short span of time I decided to use dark magic to put the men to sleep.

[What the hell! Y-you wanna fight?]

[Oi! W-what is t-that!?]

The men were shouting something at me, but I did not want to hear it. Anyhow, I was in a desperate state. I have to quickly protect this child.

I gently clutched the small body in my arms and wrapped it within my cloak.


Unfocused violet eyes settled on my face. I smile.

[My name is Foruna. Why don't you come with me?]

The moment I said that, this young child, as if relieved, fainted. It has been a long time since I've felt the warmth of another human being, and holding this angel in my arms made me happy. Thinking that I should return quickly, I left using transition magic.

It's been six years since then. The angel... Al has taken good care of me. I believe he is a honest and sincere child so it may not have been in his best interest to stay in this house. As much as possible, I wanted to raise Al away from danger. However, my work... serving generations of kings, I silence traitors and perform various other tasks that cannot even be whispered. Nevertheless, I continued, despite the fact that one day Al may be put at risk. At the time I thought that I could protect everything, and I kept thinking how it would be dealt with if that time should come. However, when that time had finally come, I realized all I could do was stroke Al's back, even though Al was desperately clinging onto my cloak. I thought about hugging him and had my arms stretched out, but seeing his shoulders trembling, I stopped. For a long time, I've been trying to hide the filth, the garbage, away from Al. Because of the kind of work that I do, I am not qualified to hug Al. My hands will only pollute him. I realized that I did not want to let go of Al, even though I knew in my mind that it would have been better to do so.

[Al, Al, sorry, so sorry.]

It will difficult for me to let go of Al at this point. I'm sorry, but, I wonder if I can still stay by your side?

[I'm sorry, I'm sorry.]

Feeling choked inside, I had apologized to Al whose face was buried in my chest. But I wondered why Al is also apologizing? I'm the one at fault. Or is it because we can't stay together anymore?

A metallic taste was spreading in my mouth. It seems I had been unconsciously biting down on my lower lip. Though something like this could be cured in an instant with my magic, at the moment I did not feel like doing that.


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