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Hitomishiri Onna Ga Isekai De Seitenka Shita Kekka - Chapter 17


Foruna's Secret, Investigation

[Al, help me with this job.]

Since living with Foruna, there were often moments like this one. He would ask me to help him with some work that's rather trivial, which is not really a big deal. That's why even now, I don't know what Foruna's real work is like. It's a mystery.

[Eto, today the dirt needs to be washed off from these herbs.]

[That's all?]

[Un, that's all.]

Foruna, with his gentle, drooping double eye lids, smiled at me. I'm grateful, but this body is indebted, so I want to be a little bit more useful. Foruna always leaves me with these small chores to do, but he should entrust some of the dangerous work for me to do too, is what I think. And there's a reason to think so. I wonder if Foruna hasn't realized, but I know that sometimes at night he will go out and then return early in the morning. And when he comes home, he returns with his cloak soaked in blood. Since doing the laundry was my responsibility, I wonder if Foruna hadn't noticed the blood on his black cloak.

[I finished.]

[Oh. As always you finish your work quite fast. That saves me the trouble.]

*Ponpon* It's not that I hate being patted on the head, it's just that there's this weird mismatched feeling as if I haven't earned it. That's why I decided. Tonight, if Foruna should go out, I will follow him. Since Foruna does not say anything about it, then there must be a very compelling reason for it. But, I'm currently 12. When combined with the age from my previous life, I'm already an old auntie with a mental age of more than 30 years. With that said, it shouldn't be surprising that this will turn out to be an easy task. That's why, tonight I will definitely find out what kind of work Foruna actually does.

[Al, it's almost time. Go to bed.]

[Un. With Foruna..., together.]

[Nn, what was that?]

[Un, nothing. Oyasuminasai.]

I shouldn't keep wanting to sleep together with Foruna, it's rather questionable so let's stop. Also, it's something to be ashamed about.

Foruna turned away from me and quickly headed towards his room.

[(I wonder if Al is lonely...)]

I felt embarrassed as I could feel Foruna's warm back as I gazed on.

Late at night. Creak... Bang! The sound of the entrance way door could be heard opening and closing. It was Foruna. Foruna had gone out. Feeling confident, I rushed out of bed and secretly left through the front door. However, though I can feel his magic, Foruna was nowhere to be found. Surely, Foruna had used some sort of transfer magic. From the remnants of Foruna's magic I tried tracing its destination. It was actually pretty tiring to do as it required an enormous amount of magic. But, at times like these I was grateful to be able to use magic. If my magic was only about average, then I would not have been able to do this. Because I had such a great amount of magic power at my disposal, it would be possible for me to track down Foruna who had used transfer magic.

After a good amount of sweat had accumulated on the ground, the site where Foruna had transferred to was located. Okay, I can finally go. I visualize the square-shaped transfer magic aria that I had seen in Foruna's room before. From the ground underneath me emerged the quadratic aria and I, in no time at all, was quickly enveloped in the light. And so, finally, as the light disappeared, with my own eyes I was able to witness my first success at transfer magic.

On this side there are trees, trees and more trees. The location I arrived at was densely packed and surrounded by trees. However, only in the space that I currently occupy is it empty. It was a deliberate open, square-shaped space.

Foruna, where is Foruna? Normally I would have been dumbfounded by my surroundings for a moment, but this was currently not the case. Foruna is supposed to be nearby. I look around restlessly, but visibility is very poor. It's the dead of the night and it's pitch black. This immediately becomes rather discouraging. I have to quickly find Foruna so that I can be of some help...

From behind as I heard the deafening cries of a beast being cornered I began to move.


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