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Hitomishiri Onna Ga Isekai De Seitenka Shita Kekka - Chapter 16


Hitomishiri Onna Chapter 16

Author's note:

The story of how Al and Foruna met.

That Day, That Time, That Place

In a narrow alley, in an unknown place..., I had no idea where I was. Large drops of rain fell from the sky onto me, as if it had been hunting me down.

I noticed that this was a familiar place. This was in my dream that time. That day..., right now I'm dreaming of that day when I met Foruna. Realizing that, my body began remembering the events of that day.

After I left home, every single day was worse than the last. The inns wouldn't allow for the occupation of a single child, thus I had to camp out every night. I had been selling some of the clothes that I had brought with me, but I still did not have enough money and had to settle on cheap, hard bread while chewing it for the longest time before swallowing. At night, I no longer had to take my medicine since the overflowing magic in my body had ceased, which meant I no longer needed mother or the rest to be there for me. But even so, eventually I will have nothing left to sell. I will not be able to afford to go the bath house or buy food... I won't be able to remain like this.

That day, unfortunately I had been caught by some bad people and so I fled, running desperately through the narrow alleyways. As I continued my escape, I no longer knew where I was as I grew more and more disoriented, so I sat down by the side of the road. My bare feet entered my field of vision. I don't know when I got hurt but there was blood. My body was filthy and smelly since I had not taken a bath for awhile. I was so hungry I could not move even one more step.

Somehow, I thought I was going to die here. Memories from my previous life up to the memories I have now were clicking through my head like an old film strip.

[Found ya, bozu... Hrm? You... Now that I got a better look at ya, your face ain't bad. Looks like you gonna fetch a pretty penny.]

[Oi, before that, let me play with him for a little bit. I've been backed up for a while, y'know.]

[Hah?! To think you could do it with a little kid. For me, it's impossible! Unthinkable!]

[Who cares, shut up.]

I was made aware, from their conversation and motives, that the men standing before my eyes were considerably dangerous. However, my body already cannot move. My clothes, that had become saturated with rain water, felt heavy. While senseless, I was suddenly thrown to the ground. I hit my head, leaving my body numb. From the gap in my clothing, I felt someone's hand crawling up my body. Iyada, it feels gross. What I thought was the sound of air was a voice, hiyu hiyu, being let out. Tears naturally began to overflow.

At that time, he appeared. He was dressed in the same black clothes as Mädquila. It was almost like a Shinigami.

[What the hell! Y-you wanna fight?]

[Oi! W-what is t-that!?]

The hand that had been crawling on my body was no longer there and, instead, had been replaced with a warm hand that wrapped around my body.


[My name is Foruna. Why don't you come with me?]

At that moment, being in such an extreme condition, I lost consciousness in Foruna's arms. I was in a state where it felt like I had been watching a play, then there was the sensation as if my body was being drawn away somewhere. From far away, a gentle voice could be heard. I follow the sound of the voice towards the light.

[Al? Wake up Al. You're going to catch a cold sleeping in a place like this.]

My eyes flew towards Foruna's face peering at me as soon as I opened them. Remembering the tremendous sense of relief I had felt, I jumped onto Foruna.

[Uwa, that's scared me. What's wrong? Did you have a scary dream?]

[...It was a dream when Foruna and I met.]

[Aa, that time. How nostalgic. You've grown a lot since that time.]

As he was saying something while patting my back, I hug Foruna a little bit tighter.

[Al liked the time we ventured out ne. By staying here, Al's worldview is not as broad as it should be. Well, for the time-being we'll see what happens in the near future.]

[Un. I like Foruna the most. That's why, I never want to leave.]

[I see, I see. I'm kind of embarrassed, because I also like Al very much.]

At that day, at that time, at that place, if I had not met Foruna... It was something I've considered before. So every time I think about it that I am grateful to have met Foruna. Because, right now, I'm very very happy.


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